100+ Caption About  Ignoring Someone

Are you ignoring someone? If you are, don’t worry. The chances are it’s just me. But let’s dissect the issue with these supporting captions. In the article below, find captions about ignoring someone. 

Caption About  Ignoring Someone

  1. Ignore someone once and you’ll have to do it forever.
  2. If you ignore someone, it means that you don’t care about what they have to say and you don’t want them to know you’re ignoring them.
  3. Ignoring someone isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you just need to turn around and give them the attention they deserve.
  4. If you ignore somebody, they will eventually turn around and bite you.
  5. Don’t beIgnored. Be heard. Be seen. Be Loved!
  6. How do you feel when someone ignores you?
  7. Ignoring someone… like your boss who asks for a raise again. #happyhour
  8. If you don’t want to be in someone’s life, leave them a text message and never return their calls or messages.
  9. You can’t change them all, but you can change this.
  10. Don’t be afraid to feel the world around you, but don’t ignore what your heart is telling you; it will always be there if you listen.
  11. You don’t have to be popular or cool to show people who you are. You just have to be yourself and call it a day.
  12. When you ignore someone, they increase their chances of stalking you. Ignore!
  13. Sometimes ignoring someone is the best strategy to deal with them.
  14. When you’re talking to someone and you don’t respond, that’s called ignoring. Don’t be rude!
  15. You know they’re there, you can either ignore them or talk to them.
  16. You don’t have to like someone. That’s not why they are here. But you can ignore them, and that’s what I do.
  17. If you are ignoring someone and it’s clear that they need a conversation, here’s a simple #TurnUpDontTurnOff way to have it:
  18. Ignoring doesn’t help you, nor will it make the person go away. You can choose to ignore someone but that doesn’t mean they’ll disappear; it just means that you’re choosing to not deal with the issue at all.
  19. Don’t ignore a friend in need. They may be right when they tell you something is broken or wrong.
  20. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
  21. Don’t ignore a person who cares about you. People who love you will never stop loving you, even if you don’t show them.
  22. You are the only one who can make a difference.
  23. It’s a bad idea to ignore someone who is asking for help and support.
  24. Ignoring someone, doesn’t mean they won’t get to you. But it also means they’re not worth your time and energy.
  25. Ignore that person who’s been a little pushy. They’ll get the hint eventually!
  26. You can’t ignore someone who is trying to talk to you. Reach out and talk with them!
  27. It’s okay to ignore someone. It’s okay to let them go and move on. You don’t owe them anything but your attention.
  28. Ignoring someone is the easiest way to get yourself in trouble. Don’t be afraid to talk to him or her, no matter how you feel.
  29. Don’t ignore the person in your life that you care about. Obviously it’s not good to ignore them, but try to find a balance of both positive and negative attention.
  30. Don’t give people the power to make you feel bad about yourself ????????
  31. When you’re busy, it can be easy to overlook friends and family. But the way you treat someone is just as important as the person themselves. ????
  32. Ignoring someone isn’t the same as shutting them out. Not letting them know what’s going on, is a way of coping with your own insecurities, so they don’t have to invalidate you or make you feel defective in some way. It is actually how we were meant to heal from our own pain.
  33. Don’t let someone’s bad day get you down. You have to keep smiling and going forward, otherwise you’ll fail.
  34. Ignoring people is a form of insult, so try not to do that.
  35. We all do it, ignore the obvious.
  36. Ignore people who want to tell you that your dreams are out of reach.
  37. It’s funny how people act when you’re not looking. ????
  38. When someone needs a hug, but you’re too busy to give it to them.
  39. If you want to be successful, then you need to ignore everyone who thinks they know better. It is only through hard work and dedication that you will be able to achieve your goals.
  40. We may not be able to stop the rain, but if we ignore it, we’ll look like fools.
  41. Ignoring someone is a form of not caring. Hoping they get it and move on.
  42. Ignoring someone is the best way to get rid of your anger and frustration.
  43. Ignoring someone is the fastest way to make them want to talk to you again.
  44. Don’t ignore them. Smile, nod and start a conversation.
  45. What do you do when you don’t want to interact with someone? When they’re not fun to be around? When you really don’t want to be bothered? #Ignore
  46. Don’t get stuck in a feedback loop of ignoring someone. It’s better to seek them out and let them know what they are doing right as well as what they need to work on.
  47. We all do things that irritates or bothers people, but it’s important to remember that actions have consequences.
  48. Don’t ignore someone, give them the attention they need.
  49. When you ignore someone, what you’re really doing is passing judgement on them.
  50. Sometimes ignoring someone is the right thing to do, because they’re no longer willing to listen.
  51. There’s no point in ignoring someone who is trying to help you.
  52. Sometimes, ignoring your friends is the best way to put an end to an argument.
  53. If you can’t be bothered to get your friends’ attention, then don’t ask them to be your friend.
  54. If someone says something mean to you, don’t let it affect you. Even if the other person is your friend. Just ignore them and move on.
  55. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is not say anything at all.
  56. Ignoring someone might seem like the easy way out, but it’s not. It leads to feelings of anxiety and insecurities. Be kind to yourself and show your loved ones that you care by trying what we suggested above.
  57. Don’t let that one negative person get you down. Focus on the positive people around you and when they turn their back on you, climb up your own ladder of success.
  58. The best advice when you’re ignoring a friend is to ignore it back.
  59. Let’s face it, ignoring someone can be really annoying and rude. But instead of making them feel bad, try to make them feel better and let them know you’re there for them.
  60. You know you’ve been ignoring someone forever when you don’t remember their name anymore ????????
  61. Ignoring someone is hard to do but it’s a healthy thing to do in life. Ignore them, be yourself, and all good things will happen, like a great breakup.
  62. It’s very easy to ignore someone, but it’s a pointless waste of time. It’s impossible to forget someone once you’ve given them a chance.
  63. Don’t let your life be consumed by negative people. Focus on what really matters, and ignore them.
  64. Sometimes your best intentions aren’t enough. You can’t always control another person’s actions, and they don’t always listen to what you say. But there are other ways to make them respect you or feel better. Find the right way to deal with those who try to be rude to you, or simply ignore them.
  65. Don’t let someone else’s bad behavior define who you are. Rise above and be the better person!
  66. Ignoring someone means telling them to stop talking, look at you, or stop whatever they’re doing.
  67. Ignoring someone isn’t easy, but it can be done.
  68. Ignoring someone is like a hug from a black hole.
  69. There are times when we just need to ignore someone. And there are even better times when we ought to let them know they aren’t getting the message.
  70. It’s not that we don’t care, it’s just that we’re too busy trying to pay attention to ourselves.
  71. Sometimes you got to let a person be who they are and not try to change them.
  72. We all have our good days and bad days, but I think it’s important to show people that you’re not always ignoring them. You can say hi when you see them ????✨
  73. Don’t let someone’s actions take you off your path. Be strong, be confident and don’t let them stop you from achieving your goals.
  74. Sometimes we can feel like an invisible bystander in a situation where we feel uncomfortable or that others may take advantage of. We need to make sure we are being our authentic selves and not worrying too much about what others think of us.
  75. Ignoring someone is one of the worst things you can do.
  76. Ignoring someone is the easiest way to get a reaction out of them!
  77. Sometimes the best way to ignore someone is with a smile.
  78. An attitude of “I don’t care about you” can be a terrible and hurtful thing.
  79. Ignoring someone is like ignoring the sun. It’s always there, but you just don’t seem to notice its heat until it’s too late.
  80. You can’t ignore a good thing. You can only realize it or not see it.
  81. Life’s too short to ignore everyone you know.
  82. Let’s not ignore each other, we’re all trying to make this little part of the world a better place.
  83. You know what’s a great way to ignore someone? Ignoring them in their own language. #ItIsHowYouCommunicate
  84. When you ignore someone, they don’t get to just forget about you. They’re not just going to stop caring and neither are you.
  85. Ignoring someone’s problems won’t make them go away. But it will make you feel good about yourself.
  86. Ignoring someone is like ignoring the sun when you’re thirsty. You can’t ignore forever, and it only causes you more pain in the long run.
  87. Be so busy, that you forget to notice the people who are always there for you.
  88. Ignore them and they’ll forget you. Ignore them some more and they’ve moved on. Ignore them forever and you might get lucky. Always remember to ignore people, because then you don’t have to feel bad about it later.
  89. Ignoring someone who is being overbearing isn’t always easy, but it’s something that every friend will have to do at times.
  90. You can’t just ignore someone, you have to understand them. I want to be closer with you.
  91. It’s important to remember that we all have a story to tell, but even more important is telling yours. When you ignore someone, they aren’t just ignored they can also miss out on a chance to develop their own story and be heard loudly and clearly.
  92. Don’t let someone’s bad behavior define you or your situation.
  93. You gotta ignore someone to make them notice you.
  94. Ignoring someone doesn’t make them disappear. It makes you more alone.
  95. Doesn’t matter who you are, or who you’re with, if you’re ignoring someone it says something about your character.
  96. Are you ignoring someone? It’s better to let them know they are being ignored than to have an awkward conversation. #thetruthhurts
  97. Don’t let someone ignore you, it will make them mad that you care, and it’s probably not a good move.
  98. Why ignore someone? Ignoring people does not make them go away, ignoring someone does not mean you are without feelings, it just means that you are choosing to ignore them and allowing them to do the same thing to you.
  99. Sometimes you just have to ignore someone. More often than not, it will make them feel better and you’ll feel better too.
  100. Don’t ignore someone. It’s like ignoring water. It doesn’t disappear, it just flows around you
  101. Don’t ignore someone because they make you feel insecure. Talk to them and get to know them!
  102. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I ignore people when they need help, but it’s only because I love them and care about them.

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