100+ Caption About Missing Long Hair

Have you ever wanted to grow your long hair out and realized that it’s gone missing? If you’re a girl who grew up with long hair, it can be hard to accept that it’s gone. But if you’ve ever felt this way, we understand how much getting a haircut can make your day with the lists of caption in the article below. 

Caption About Missing Long Hair

  1. I’m missing long hair. ????
  2. I’ve been missing my long hair for the longest time.
  3. When you miss long hair like I miss long walks on the beach.
  4. When your hair is long and healthy, life is good.
  5. I miss my long hair. It’s so easy to style and just looks great on me!
  6. I miss having long hair. I love how it feels and looks when it’s down.
  7. What’s your favorite thing about long hair? The freedom it gives you is so amazing.
  8. If you’re missing long hair, we got your back.
  9. This can’t be real life. I need to get my long hair back!
  10. I miss my long hair so much.
  11. Long hair is always better.
  12. When you go a little too long between haircuts and then forget you have long hair. ????????
  13. I hope you won’t miss long hair too much ????????
  14. My hair is long and it’s always nice to have it back to its normal length.
  15. It’s a shame that I don’t have long hair like my boyfriend.
  16. Glorious long hair, what does it feel like to grow? ❤️
  17. Don’t let your hair be one of the things that holds you back from being who you want to be.
  18. Hey there, long-hair lovers! We’re here to bring you some good news: new styles are coming your way. Stay tuned for more details.
  19. It’s hard to be a girl sometimes when you want to grow your hair out, but it’s even harder when you don’t feel like it’s long enough. #shortgirls #shortcuts
  20. When your hair is long and you have short on the side, it’s like a game of hair ping pong. You can never get a good score.
  21. I miss my long hair, but I’m thankful for my short hair ????
  22. I miss my long hair. I don’t know if I can do this anymore.
  23. I miss having long hair. It’s been a while since I had to cut it ????
  24. I’m missing you, my long hair. I miss the memories we made together, and all the fun we had together. I can’t wait to have you back in my life.
  25. I just got my hair cut and don’t feel so great about it. I miss long hair.
  26. I’ve been missing that long hair, but I’m thinking about growing it out again. What do you think?
  27. We’ve all been there. You’re driving to work and you drive by a cute barista wondering if you should make a stop to see if they need any help, but then you remember how long your hair is and how it never seems to grow past your neck.
  28. That feeling when you miss long hair.
  29. Missing long hair, here’s why and what I’ve learned about growing it.
  30. When you’re growing out your hair and missing long locks, here’s how to style it #Winning
  31. I’m long overdue for a haircut and I’ve been looking for a stylist that knows what they’re doing.
  32. Don’t worry! There’s no need to cut your hair short. Here’s how to grow it long, naturally and healthy.
  33. When your hair is long, you don’t have to compromise on style or comfort.
  34. It’s the best feeling in the world when your hair grows back!
  35. I miss my long hair. I don’t want to cut it off, but I also hate how it feels when it’s short.
  36. I miss having long hair and I also miss the feeling of a full head of hair. I would like to know what you all do when it’s been a while since you had long hair?
  37. Hair is a very important part of our appearance, so when it is at its best and healthy, we’re always happy.
  38. There’s no better feeling than getting your hair cut for the first time in a while ????????☕
  39. This week I’m missing my long hair:
  40. Got a little overzealous on the clippers and now I need to find some long hair????
  41. If we compare our hair to other people’s, it can be hard to show off the long length we do have. And that’s ok. So we made this little video about what it feels like to be missing long hair.
  42. When you’ve been blessed with long hair, and no one simply wants to braid it.
  43. ???????????????????????? I’m loving my new look. My long hair has been missing, and I’m so happy that it’s back!
  44. When you don’t have long hair, it can be hard to recognize the importance of having long hair. When your hair is up, it’s all about the length!
  45. Who said it’s time to give up on your long locks? I’ve been growing out my hair for a little over a year now and the results are amazing!
  46. I look at my hair in the mirror and it’s long. I can’t believe that it took me so long to get here.
  47. If you’re missing long hair, here’s something to keep your mind off it:
  48. This girl needs her long hair back.
  49. Don’t know where all the hair went? We do.
  50. I’ve been missing long hair lately and this is the best time to get it back.
  51. The perfect hairstyle for you might be a messy one ????
  52. can’t have long hair and still manage to be a good mommy.
  53. Anyone else feel like the long hair days are gone?
  54. I want to grow my long hair back but I feel like there’s no way.
  55. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find.
  56. There’s a good chance you’ve never seen yourself without long hair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to love your natural hair the way it is! And we’re here to help. ????
  57. So, you’re trying to grow your hair out and it’s been a while since you’ve had a trim. But what do you do?
  58. Sometimes we like to live with short hair. Other times, we want long hair. In between, though, there’s that tricky place where your long hair can feel long enough and then be too short (or never long enough) at the same time.
  59. I’m missing my beautiful long hair. It’s just not the same without it!
  60. Who said long hair is out of style? Keep your locks longer with these products.
  61. What’s that? You’re missing long hair? No problem. We have you covered with some great options to try out.
  62. Loving my long hair, but missing the days of having short hair. ????
  63. We’re missing long hair at the moment, but we’ll be back in time for fall.
  64. I’m missing my long hair. I just don’t feel it anymore. People used to comment on my hair all the time. Now, no one even notices.
  65. Your hair is a gift from the universe, so don’t be afraid to wear it long.
  66. Don’t you miss the days when your hair was long, lush and flowing? We do. That’s why we’re bringing back the #LongHairLove movement! Share your looks with us on Instagram and tag us in your selfies. #LongHairLove
  67. There’s always been a part of me that longs to grow my hair out again. To feel the breeze across my bare scalp, the soft touch of my fingertips on my skin, and the comfort of having something on top of my head.
  68. I’m missing my long hair! I wonder when it will be back?
  69. This post is about how long hair makes me feel extra.
  70. In lieu of a haircut, try this easy way to get long hair without breaking the bank.
  71. It’s hard to be a short-hair girl, but a little bit of long hair never hurt anyone.
  72. I have long hair and I need to find a haircut that looks good with my face shape, but can’t find the right one.
  73. What’s your life style? You can have long hair in a short time.
  74. Most of us want our long hair back. But it’s not as simple as clipping away some hair and growing it back ????
  75. Long hair is a ‘thing’ of the past now. But sometimes, it feels like we’re missing out on something. Let’s not worry about it and keep rocking our short cuts.
  76. Always remember that your hair is not defined by the amount of time it takes to grow. Find what cuts to make, and when you can embrace your new look.
  77. It’s the thing that makes you the most confident in your own skin and is the part of your look that can change at any moment.
  78. Looking for a way to express your individuality and stand out from the crowd? Then your hair may be missing.
  79. I’m missing long hair, but I haven’t been this happy in a long time.
  80. This hair is just not right. It isn’t long enough and it’s a bit on the thin side #missinglonghair
  81. Does your hair fall into the “long” category? We have you covered with our collection of haircuts for fine, medium and long hair.
  82. If you’re growing out your hair, we have an awesome new way to style it!
  83. Waiting for the perfect moment to get a haircut? We’re here for you.
  84. It’s time to get your hair back before the summer ends!
  85. It’s pretty hard to find a hairstyle that fits your personality, but this particular cut is just right! ????
  86. You know that feeling when you have long hair, but it’s just not long enough and you keep wanting to put it up?
  87. Everyone needs a little extra confidence boost sometimes, so we’re saying yes to longer hair.
  88. As much as we love our hair, sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of extra space to stretch out or just relax. When you get the chance, love your hair by letting it grow and be free.
  89. I feel so empty without my long hair. How do I get it back?
  90. Our sweet and sassy new long hair is looking great today.
  91. Life is too short to wear your hair short. ????
  92. Long hair is back in style, whether you’re rocking a pixie or full-on curly. We know what it’s like to struggle with your tresses. Whether you want to grow longer hair or are going for something new and bold, we have a style that will match your personal preference.
  93. I wish I could grow my hair out long, but I don’t have the patience.
  94. Congratulations on your new hair! Here’s a little tip to help you style it: you’re going to need a mirror, an elastic band, and some hair pins.
  95. For a woman, long hair is so much more than just the length of her locks. It’s a sign that she’s confident, comfortable in her own skin and truly herself.
  96. It’s been a minute since I got the chop, but it’s finally time for a comeback. ????
  97. Life is short, so make the most of yours.
  98. Missing long hair? We’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for.
  99. The search continues for my long hair.
  100. Missing long hair, who can relate! We want to help you find the perfect solution. If you’re looking for a solution but don’t know where to start, let us help you.
  101. This is what happens when you don’t trim your long hair…
  102. Hair doesn’t grow long but it does grow stronger.
  103. I miss my long hair so much, I just can’t wait to have it back!
  104. Sometimes I wish my hair was long enough to cover my ears.
  105. There’s nothing better than a full head of hair. But, if you’re not careful, hair can turn into a nightmare literally. Here’s what you should know about long hair & how to take care of it!
  106. Don’t let your hair go to waste. This is what I do with mine and I have a lot! ????
  107. When you have long hair and then it gets cut off (because of a haircut), it can take a while to get used to the feeling.
  108. If you have long hair and would like to see it back, please reach out to us.

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