100+ Caption About My Favorite Person

Everyone has a favorite person in their life. A person that always cheers you up when you are sad and makes you happy when you are sad. Find a caption about the best person in your life.

Caption About My Favorite Person

  1. My favorite person is always the one who makes me smile. ❤️
  2. This is my favorite person, who makes me feel special when I am sad and happy when I am happy.
  3. When you find someone who makes your heart smile, even when it hurts…That’s my favorite person.
  4. My Favorite Person is the person who makes me laugh until I cry, who gets excited about simple things, and who always sees the good in people. They’re probably my best friends.
  5. My favorite person is the one who can make me laugh out loud even when I’m not in the mood to ????
  6. My favorite person is the one who makes my day better with a smile, who knows how to make me happy even when things are going wrong and who has the courage to be themselves in spite of the criticism they might receive.
  7. The greatest gift you can give a friend is the gift of friendship.
  8. The person who will always be by my side, who I can trust and count on.
  9. I’ve been smiling a lot lately because my favorite person is back. ☀????‍????
  10. I could spend all day looking at you. I just love the way you smile.
  11. my favorite person is you ????
  12. My favorite person is the one who has the biggest heart, smile and laugh.
  13. The most amazing person I know.
  14. Everyone deserves a favorite person in their life. My Favorite Person is the one who makes me laugh and smile more than anyone else.
  15. My favorite person is the one that keeps my head in check and reminds me to be grateful for all things.
  16. A person who is your best friend and you can be totally honest with them
  17. My favorite person is my wife, she makes me the happiest I’ve ever been in life.
  18. When someone makes you smile, and your heart feels full.
  19. I love spending time with this person, I can’t put into words why but it always feels right. If you are reading this, I’d like to spend some time with you.
  20. There’s something about a girl who is able to brighten any day with her smile. ????
  21. If you’re thinking about someone right now, this is for you.
  22. The best kind of friend is the kind who makes you feel like the only one in the world. #MyFavoritePerson
  23. Here’s to the memories that I’ll never forget and here’s to my favorite person. ❤️????
  24. Hey, you. My favorite person. You always make this life of mine just a little bit better. ????
  25. My favorite person is always more than just a friend. They are someone who makes me feel like I belong, like I have a place in the world.
  26. You’re the kind of person that makes my heart skip a beat.
  27. No matter who’s around, I’m always happiest when I’m with someone special.
  28. I love that my favorite person is smart, funny and talented.
  29. My favorite person is… the one who makes me laugh.
  30. Naming the person who makes your life better.
  31. ❤❤❤ My Favorite Person: The One who showed me the way back to you ❤
  32. When I think of my favorite person, I think of you. Thank you for making me laugh, for making me happy and for always being there.
  33. There is a certain person I always turn to when I need a boost. Let us know who they are!
  34. My favorite person is a person who can make me laugh until I fart. A person I can call anytime and not worry about what they are doing, because you know that no matter how late it gets, I’m always with them.
  35. My favorite person is my mom. She always makes me laugh & I love that she’s so soft-hearted.
  36. It’s all about the people you know, the ones who make your life better, happier, or more exciting.
  37. There’s no one happy in the world like me! I am the most beautiful, fun, happy and smart girl you will ever meet!????????
  38. My mom is my favorite person. She understands me even when I don’t understand myself… she makes me feel wanted, loved and needed. ❤️????????‍????
  39. A person who you can trust and they trust you back. That’s my favorite person.
  40. My favorite person has a name. She’s the one who makes me laugh and brings out the best in me.
  41. I love the person who makes me smile, who makes me laugh and who makes me happy. That’s my favorite person.
  42. My favorite person is my best friend, who also happens to be my wife. ❤️
  43. I’d like to introduce you to my favorite person. This is who I’ve always been, and still am.
  44. Hey, you! You’re my favorite person. I don’t know how you do it, but we’re going to be best friends forever.
  45. I meet a lot of people but only a few have the ability to bring a smile to my face. My favorite person is you.
  46. I’ve been blessed with my beautiful family, great friends and wonderful co-workers. These are the people that make every day great. #MyFavoritePerson
  47. The person I’ve been waiting for my whole life. The one who makes me laugh, who can listen to all my problems and even remember them when I forget… She’s always there to cheer me up.
  48. Life is better when it’s shared with the people who make you smile.
  49. People are the ones who love you when no one else does. They’re the ones who find beauty in your flaws, who find hope amid the darkness. They’re the reason you get up in the morning.
  50. I have a special way of showing my love to you. My Favorite Person…You
  51. My favorite person is the one who makes me smile throughout my day, who cheers me up when I’m down and who never lets me down.
  52. I’ll always choose to spend my time around people who make me laugh, cry and feel better about life in general. #MyFavoritePerson
  53. Nothing is better than the person who causes me to be a better person.
  54. My favorite person is a woman with an infectious smile, who loves life and embraces every opportunity. She is kind, giving and generous with her time.
  55. My favorite person? They are always there for me when I need them most. Special thanks to these people who make my life worth living.
  56. I wish I had more room to share with the people who mean the most to me, but they all fit in one tiny sentence: “I love you.”
  57. I never get tired of watching her make those big smiles happen.
  58. The best kind of friend is the one who helps you move.
  59. The best thing about my life is my family. They are always there for me and the support I get from them just makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. I am really blessed.
  60. When you’re the best person in a friend’s life…
  61. When you’re in a good mood, there’s only one place to be: My favorite person.
  62. My favorite person is the one who makes me smile when things are down and frowns when they’re up.
  63. My favorite person is the one who lifts me up when I am down and cheers me on when I am sad.
  64. My favorite person is anyone who lifts up those around them, who gives more than they take and makes the world a better place.
  65. I love all my friends, but I think my favorite is a sweet and charming little girl. Don’t you?
  66. When you’re with the right person, everything is possible.
  67. My favorite person: the one who makes me laugh, cheers me up and loves me for who I am.
  68. I don’t know if I can pick just one favorite person…but if I had to choose, I think it would be you.
  69. My Favorite Person is so much more than a superhero; she’s my best friend and they’re both simply the greatest. ????????
  70. There couldn’t be a person in this world that I love more than you
  71. My favorite person is anyone who can enjoy a walk in the park with me. ????
  72. I’m always happier when I’m around someone who makes me laugh.
  73. I love people for many reasons, but mostly because I love to see them happy. (Even when they’re not!)
  74. She’s always there to listen and she finds the good in everything. Her smile is contagious.
  75. My favorite person is the one who loves me for who I am.
  76. My favorite person is you. That’s why I give you my best.
  77. My favorite person is the one who tries to understand me and my goals, even when she doesn’t agree.
  78. My favorite person is Roger, who wears a lot of hats.
  79. This is who I’ll be cheering for all night long.
  80. My favorite person is my mom, who I hope one day to be just like.
  81. My favorite person is my husband. He’s the best father, best friend and most wonderful husband. We’ve been married for over 10 years now and we’re still crazy about one another!
  82. I’ve been the person that everyone turns to when they need a friend, a shoulder to lean on, or just someone to be there for.
  83. I don’t have a favorite color. I have a favorite person who wears the color purple.
  84. My favorite person is always right here next to me.
  85. My Favorite Person is the one who makes me laugh when I am down, keeps me company in times of loneliness, and lifts up my mood in tough days.
  86. There are so many reasons why I love this person. But my favorite is that they show me the way.
  87. I don’t know about you but there’s a favorite person in the world that I’d like to meet. And it’s not even someone from your past. It’s someone from your future.
  88. My favorite person is me. I am the person I have wanted to be all my life. I am proud of what I have accomplished, and I am looking forward to more amazing adventures in the future.
  89. I love the people who are selfless and make time to give back.
  90. No one does it better than you, Mom.
  91. Don’t be someone’s favorite person. Be the best version of yourself and never settle for anything less than that.
  92. My favorite person is anybody who enjoys life and is open to new experiences.
  93. A person who is always smiling, always happy and never frowning.
  94. My favorite person is the one who wakes up, smiles and says, “Let’s do it.”
  95. When everyone else has gone home, my favorite person is still there.
  96. There’s a friend who’s always there to listen. There’s a person who thinks you’re brilliant. And there’s the one who gives you a great big hug when they see you. That’s my favorite person.
  97. When you’re around someone who makes you smile, even if you don’t know why.
  98. I don’t know about you, but I really like this person. They’re a good friend, and always up for a laugh. And sometimes they make me feel better about myself too ????
  99. It’s hard to be perfect. But when you find someone who is, it makes everything better.
  100. My favorite person is my family and friends. I truly thank all of you for supporting me through this journey. ????????
  101. I love my friend, she’s full of life and laughter. She’s always there for me too when I need her most.
  102. Best person in the world, best friend, and partner in crime.
  103. I can’t live without my favorite person in the world. ☺
  104. My favorite person is the one who makes time for me, even when they have so much to do.
  105. My favorite person is always with me, in every good moment and bad.
  106. My favorite person is the one that makes me smile the most. He has a great sense of humor and always says what’s on his mind. We both think we are always right, but he is definitely my favorite person!

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