100+ Caption About My Niece

Have you been looking for captions that say something nice about your niece or talk about your time with her? You are in the right place. Here are a few samples of interesting and catchy captions about my niece.

Caption About My Niece

  1. This is my niece, she’s the coolest little girl ever!
  2. My niece is so beautiful!
  3. My niece is the light of my life! ❤️????
  4. It’s never too early to pamper your niece!
  5. I adore this selfie my niece took! She is so beautiful. I just love her eyes and smile.
  6. There’s nothing better than a niece who can make you laugh. This one takes after her mother and aunties with her love of fashion, makeup and Instagram.
  7. I am so thankful for my niece. She is always there for me and I couldn’t be happier having her in my life.
  8. My neice is a sweet and loving little girl who lights up the room. She loves to laugh and sing.
  9. My niece is a sweetheart. She’s so funny, and she’s always in high spirits. She loves to smile and make people laugh, and she never stops making people feel loved.
  10. She’s my sunshine! ❤️ #myNiece
  11. My niece is an inspiration to me. She makes me laugh and smile, she has the biggest heart, and she’s just so damn smart! I love you girl!
  12. My nieces are the best! She always knows how to make me smile with her little giggles ????????
  13. What a beautiful girl, who’s smarter than me and has more confidence than me too! #myNiece
  14. My niece is the sweetest child. She has always made me smile, whether it be a giggle or a laugh, she can bring me to my knees. I love you to the moon and back ????????
  15. Her life is full of love, laughter, and everything I’ve always wanted for her. #MyNiece
  16. She’s so pretty, she makes me feel beautiful. #myniece
  17. I’m so lucky to have a niece who is so beautiful and smart. I love you so much, sweetheart ❤️
  18. She has this big, beautiful smile that lights up the room ❤️
  19. I’m so happy for the two of you! Thanks for taking care of my niece like a rockstar. ❤️
  20. My niece is turning 8 years old today! Feeling so blessed to have her in my life. ????
  21. I love this little girl so much. She is adventurous and bold, just like I was at her age!
  22. I love my niece, she’s awesome.
  23. Here is a picture of my niece and me. She’s beautiful!
  24. I love my niece, she’s so beautiful and sweet ❣️
  25. Little niece is growing up so fast.
  26. My niece is the cutest thing ever. I think she’s got my eyes ????
  27. My niece is so dang cute. I love that she has an attitude that’s just like her aunt’s.
  28. I’m so excited for this trip! Here’s a little update of my niece on the way. ☺️
  29. This cute little niece has the sweetest smile and very big eyes, but is also very smart! She’s a great addition to our family.
  30. I love this little girl. A good friend of mine turned her into a professional model and she’s the most adorable thing!
  31. This little doll is my niece who, at the tender age of 1, has more personality and confidence than I do. ????
  32. My niece is so precious! And this is how she says “hi” to me. Good morning, sunshine ????????
  33. My niece is obsessed with @marshmallowfluff, but I’m not sure she’d like these. ????
  34. Siblings are meant to be a source of comfort and support, especially for their young nieces. ????
  35. Every time I look at this sweet little girl, I realize how lucky we are to be her family. ❤️????
  36. I love you more than I could ever describe. #myniece
  37. Happy Birthday to my niece! May this day be filled with the joy, love and laughter you deserve.
  38. This is the best picture ever of my niece, who just turned 3 weeks old today.
  39. She is a sweetheart and loves peanut butter ????❤
  40. My niece is a ball of energy, a tough little cookie and an absolute joy to watch grow up. ❤️
  41. She’s a little bit of sunshine in our lives ????
  42. This sweet little girl is my niece. She has been in my life for the past 3 years and I just can’t imagine my life without her. She has been a bright spot in it all!
  43. My niece is not only a beautiful young woman, but she’s a great friend. We had fun together at the family picnic.
  44. She’s always been my “sweet niece” and this Instagram story is a reminder of that. ❤️
  45. Hey niece! This is me taking you on a hike to celebrate your first birthday. Let’s go!
  46. You are the best niece a brother could have asked for. You make us proud every day and you make us laugh when we need it most. Happy 12th birthday my girl!
  47. This little girl is my niece, and we love her to pieces. ❤️
  48. My niece is such a little ladybug ????
  49. I love this picture of my niece. She’s so funny and cute ????
  50. My niece is so sweet and we love spending time with her. #family
  51. My niece is so cute, I could eat her up.
  52. Every niece deserves a special surprise, and I’ve got one for you ????
  53. A niece I’ve never met but am so thankful we share this world. ❤️????
  54. She’s as cute as a button. ????❤
  55. This is my niece. She’s four and she’s the cutest, most adorable little thing ever. Can’t wait to meet her this summer! ????
  56. She’s bringing so much joy to our family ????
  57. My niece is the most relaxed, confident, and happy person I’ve ever met. She has an amazing life and an even better personality.
  58. My niece is so fun and full of energy. She loves making friends and sharing her love for music and dance. She is naturally gifted, a talented musician and dancer.
  59. I’m So glad to have a niece like you. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life.
  60. Niece born three days ago. She’s already smiling, eating, and sleeping! Can’t wait to see what she has planned for the rest of her life.
  61. We took a trip to California and got our niece’s portrait done by the beach. I can’t wait to see these when they get back and she can put them over her bed!
  62. I’m so proud of my niece!
  63. This is my niece. She’s a lot like me except she’s a lot younger and prettier ????????
  64. Just a little post to share this cute pic of my niece! She is so precious and always brightens up our day.
  65. This is what happens when you get in the kitchen with your niece.
  66. This precious pic is from Auntie’s vacation in Las Vegas, who took this amazing photo of my niece that I’d like to share with you all.
  67. This is my niece, Ethan. She’s a little ball of energy who loves to run around and play with her sister and cousins.
  68. My niece is a pretty little thing with a smile that lights up the world. She makes me laugh every day and I couldn’t be any more proud of her.
  69. I have a special niece who has been a joy to watch grow and develop into a beautiful, independent woman. She is and will be #1 in my heart!
  70. My niece who is so sweet and cuddly, with a heart of gold. I am so blessed to have you as my family ????
  71. She has a big heart and is always thinking of others. She’s my hero!
  72. I am so lucky to have this little angel in my life. She is so sweet and loving!
  73. This is the kind of smile that lights up my world.
  74. Here’s to all the little girls who think their name is too long, and their legs are too short. You can do it girl!!
  75. You’re the best! I love you so much and am so glad that you are in my life. Happy birthday, sweet girl.
  76. Proud auntie to an adorable niece ????????
  77. My niece is so cute I cannot stand it ????
  78. This is my niece and she’s a sweet girl. I hope you enjoy her photo. #niece
  79. She’s my favorite little niece and I love her to death.
  80. Niece is so loved and admired. She is the light of my life!
  81. An amazing niece with an amazing heart and the ability to make even the loneliest person smile.
  82. Our niece is a joy, a blessing and the most precious gift that we’ve ever received. #Niece
  83. If you haven’t met her yet, you will. She is truly the sweetest, funniest, most loving niece in the world. I love my niece!☺
  84. My Niece is a dream. She’s full of energy, loves to sing and dance, and always makes me laugh. I love her so much.
  85. This is my niece, with her friends at a birthday party. She’s so loved and has so many good people in her life! ????
  86. I love being at the park, but I love watching my niece play even more.
  87. I love when my niece comes to visit. She is so sweet and she loves to help me with the cooking. ????
  88. My Niece Is So Kind, She Always Has A Smile On Her Face.
  89. My niece is so sweet and so precious. I love her so much!
  90. For my niece who is not that into makeup and fashion, but loves to have fun and enjoy life. You’re a beautiful person inside and out!
  91. My niece’s face when I told her that we were going on a trip to San Diego!
  92. My niece is so beautiful and makes me so proud. I love watching her grow into this amazing young woman.
  93. I love my niece so much. She is so fun, energetic, and always comes up with the best ideas. She’s growing up to be just like her mommy.
  94. She’s going to be just as sweet as her mom. ❤️
  95. I love my niece so much. She’s a bundle of joy and her smile lights up our whole house ????
  96. My niece is the perfect person to be my summer. She’s an adorable girl, has a kind heart and knows how to have a good time????
  97. My beautiful niece, at the ripe age of four, likes to wear this iconic t-shirt so much that she now wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. ????????
  98. She’s my niece but I love her like a daughter.
  99. My niece is the best. Even my parents say so! ????
  100. It’s a special day for my niece. She’s getting married to her high school sweetheart today!
  101. I love this photo of my niece because she’s all grown up and I get to be her uncle. ????
  102. This is what it looks like when your niece and nephews enjoy a day together.
  103. This is my niece, she’s growing up so fast. She’s fun, smart and kind. I love her to pieces ????
  104. My niece is the sweetest little thing. She loves to tell jokes and sing songs! I love every minute I get to spend with her ☺
  105. I love watching my niece grow. She’s so smart and has learned so much! I’m so proud of her.
  106. Niece’s favorite part of the trip: being able to have a sleepover with me.
  107. I love this shot of my niece holding her new puppy. She has the most beautiful smile and such joy in her eye when she’s holding her new pet ????
  108. I love this photo of my niece. What a beautiful smile! Thanks for being such a great big sister to me, Linda ????????????
  109. I love my nieces. They are like my second daughters and they bring joy to my life every single day ????

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