120+ Caption About Sitting Alone

Sitting alone is a great time to reflect on your life. Here are simple captions to help you express your feelings about sitting alone.

Caption About Sitting Alone

  1. When you’re sitting alone in the dark, and by yourself.
  2. You know that feeling of sitting alone and wishing someone was there to share it with you.
  3. Sometimes you just need to sit back and relax.
  4. It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to sit alone and think.
  5. When you’re stuck in a rut and no one is asking you out on a date.
  6. I fell on hard times a few years back, and was left with nothing but time. I no longer have the luxury of watching my favorite TV shows or sitting on my couch. Instead, I sit alone.
  7. It’s hard to realize that you’re not alone.
  8. The only thing better than sitting in the dark, is sitting with a friend ☕️ ????
  9. Not always easy, but I’m thankful for the quiet time alone.
  10. Don’t let your loneliness be a comfort to you. Be strong and go out.
  11. When you’re sitting alone, waiting for something to happen.
  12. I sit alone, wondering why I’m still here.
  13. If you’re sitting alone and it feels like no one cares, then someone is missing from your life.
  14. All alone? No worries! You can always count on these cozy places to sit back and relax.
  15. Say it with me: It’s always better to be alone.
  16. When you feel like no one understands you, but no one will ever understand you.
  17. I don’t mind being alone. I love being alone in the evening when it’s quiet and I’m in my studio and it doesn’t matter what time it is, I can spend all day just thinking, feeling and making art.
  18. Sometimes you just need to sit alone and reflect on your day.
  19. The best moments are when you and I are sitting alone, just us hanging out.
  20. Sometimes you just need a friend to sit with.
  21. Everyone needs a friend to sit with…and we’re here to make that happen. #3minuteselfcare
  22. When you feel like there’s no one around that can understand your pain.
  23. You can’t sit alone. And even if you do, that doesn’t mean you’re not surrounded by people who care about you. Sometimes, we feel more alone than actually are. But really all this means is that we need to get out of the house and make some new friends!
  24. It’s hard to feel alone when your best friends are right next to you.
  25. The best and brightest lights fall on you.
  26. That feeling when you’re just sitting alone, feeling completely alone.
  27. i just sit down, stand up and turn around to find that i’m alone.
  28. It’s nice to sit alone and think about things.
  29. When you’re sitting alone, it’s easy to forget that you are loved and supported.
  30. Sometimes the best way to get over something is just to sit with it.
  31. All I want to do is sit in my room and be by myself. Can’t people understand?
  32. Always remember, you are sitting alone. It’s up to you to be the best version of yourself today. Be present and make the most out of your day!
  33. You know what they say. Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes you need to sit alone in order to gain clarity, perspective and understanding of your life.
  34. I know the feeling of sitting alone watching the world go by. But I know the feeling of being with friends and family, too.
  35. It’s good to be alone sometimes. It forces you to be introspective, and it also makes your heart grow in ways that having people around can’t.
  36. Sitting alone in a room with only my thoughts.
  37. When you’re sitting alone, and you know it.
  38. Just because you’re sitting alone doesn’t mean you’re not surrounded by friends.
  39. What’s the best way to build confidence? by sitting alone and listening to your favorite song.
  40. There are a lot of things that can make you feel alone, but don’t worry. You’re not alone.
  41. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Sometimes there aren’t enough words in the world to express how you feel.
  42. Sometimes, it’s good to grab your favorite beverage and settle in on the couch for a long-awaited fictional binge.
  43. It’s not easy to make friends, but it’s even harder not to notice them.
  44. A big part of growing up is learning how to be alone. But if you don’t know how to embrace it, it can feel overwhelming and difficult. Here are some tips for taking your first steps into the wide world.
  45. When you’re so tired that you sit alone at a table and stare at the wall.
  46. I’m sitting alone, wondering why I fear being happy.
  47. Sitting here, In my empty room. No one to talk to, No one to love. Just me.
  48. Always be sitting alone. It’s in the company of yourself that you strengthen your courage to face your fear.
  49. Some days you just wanna sit.
  50. When you’re feeling lonely, don’t think about it. Just sit and wait for someone to show up in your life.
  51. Sitting alone again this weekend, feeling both overwhelmed and lost. But always remember: no one is alone. You are not alone.
  52. Feeling like you’re not good enough. A million reasons to keep sitting alone. But don’t. Get up and go out there, chase your dreams, and make something of yourself.
  53. I’m sitting alone, watching my hopes and dreams disappear.
  54. Sitting alone at a table, I’m searching for a way to make sense of this life.
  55. Feeling forlorn and sad? Put down the phone and go out for a walk. #SittingAlone
  56. Sitting alone in an empty room for too long is never a good feeling. There’s always something you can get up and do. Always.
  57. Sitting alone at the table, watching people go by. The sun is shining, but I feel like a stranger in this town.
  58. A place to sit and think, with the sounds of nature, and sometimes the silence of a pond.
  59. No matter how much we try to deny it, the truth is that being alone is not always bad. It’s all about finding the right people and friends.
  60. Sometimes it’s just so necessary to sit alone.
  61. I just wanna be sitting alone, in my room all day
  62. Everyone should have time to sit alone, reflect, and think.
  63. Sitting alone is not the end of the world. Just give it a minute to pass.
  64. Sometimes it’s just so quiet. And lonely.
  65. When you’re just sitting alone, thinking about things that you want to do but don’t want to start. It’s hard not to feel a little lonely. ????
  66. Sometimes loneliness is the best company. ????
  67. For those moments in life when you feel like the only one who understands.
  68. Sometimes all we need is a little space and time to do what we really need.
  69. It’s always nice to be comfortable with yourself. And who doesn’t appreciate good company?
  70. Sitting alone with your thoughts and trying to find comfort.
  71. Always sit alone when you need to reflect and be still.
  72. Just sit back and enjoy the silence.
  73. Sometimes it feels like the world is full of people who want to be alone with their thoughts.
  74. There are days you wish you could just sit alone, face your demons and write.
  75. Being alone is not scary. We are not defined by others’ opinions, but our own.
  76. #SittingAlone
  77. Sometimes, it’s okay to sit alone. The world won’t end if you do.
  78. The more I sit alone, the more I’m in touch with my inner self.
  79. When you’re waiting for a train and it’s cold outside, sitting alone on the bench is what you need to do.
  80. It’s a beautiful Sunday! Sit alone with your thoughts and make your own happenings.
  81. I feel like I’m sitting alone in a room, not sure where to go or what to do next. But somehow I keep finding myself back here, hoping you’ll join me. ????
  82. You know that feeling you get when you’re sitting alone at your desk, scrolling through your phone and dreading the idea of having to get up soon? That’s how I feel right now.
  83. Sometimes you just need to sit down and be by yourself.
  84. It’s okay to sit alone and make yourself perfect.
  85. A shot of a lonesome table, with a cup of coffee and a book.
  86. The feeling of being alone can be difficult to bare, but there is room to be self-compassionate.
  87. Sometimes when you’re alone and don’t have anyone to talk to, looking out the window can feel like being a part of something.
  88. You deserve a break. Let someone take care of you for a while.
  89. Even small moments can be beautiful, if you’re in the right frame of mind.
  90. Sometimes the best thing to do is to sit alone.
  91. Sitting alone isn’t as bad as it seems. You’re not alone in the world.
  92. Sitting alone is a bittersweet feeling. There’s no better time to be with yourself than when you’re by yourself.
  93. Sometimes you just need to chill out in the middle of the day.
  94. There’s no better feeling than the one after sitting alone, staring out the window and taking in an amazing sunset.
  95. It’s ok to sit alone at times. No one is waiting on you, the world isn’t collapsing and there is no deadline. Take your time, enjoy the moment and remember that you’re worth more than everything else.
  96. The best thing about being alone is that you get to write the story and make it your own.
  97. Do you miss being alone? I do. It’s not easy being lonely at times, especially when there are people around me but I can’t connect with them.
  98. I’m sitting alone, but I’m not lonely.
  99. Sitting alone in a room can be uncomfortable, but it should never be lonely.
  100. The times I sit alone are the best.
  101. I’m sitting alone, but I’m not really alone. There is someone watching over me.
  102. No matter how crowded, or loud your day might be, when you’re sitting alone, it’s always time for a little slice of quiet.
  103. It’s hard to stay positive when you’re sitting alone. But it’s even harder when you’re surrounded by people who are not in a good mood or who can’t make themselves smile.
  104. Sitting alone in a room, but feeling so much better.
  105. A time to be alone, and a time to be together.
  106. Sometimes it’s nice to sit alone, just you and the moon.
  107. Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax.
  108. Feeling a little lonely tonight, but not for long.
  109. I’m sitting here, with my thoughts and I feel so alone.
  110. Feeling all #bemindful today, even though I’m sitting alone at my desk.
  111. No one wants to be alone, but sometimes you just have to be.
  112. Sometimes it’s good to just sit back and relax.
  113. I’ve been sitting alone again. The world is so much brighter when someone else is here with me.
  114. For some people, a good book is the perfect way to pass time by yourself. ☀
  115. I don’t like to think about myself all the time. I like to live as if I’m sitting alone with my cat.
  116. Looking for the perfect place to let your mind wander? Look no further.
  117. Feeling lonely and blue this weekend? Try not to think about it. You’ll feel better if you do something positive, like sit on your couch and binge-watch Netflix.
  118. It’s the little moments that make the big moments even better.
  119. The perfect key to happiness: #SittingAlone
  120. You will always find a reason to sit alone.
  121. It’s okay to sit alone. It’s okay to feel alone.
  122. The moon is high, it’s a good time to sit alone with your thoughts.
  123. Sometimes the best thing to do is just sit and think about the simple things.
  124. I need to sit alone with myself, because when I do, I can hear my own voice saying “I am beautiful.”
  125. A seat is the perfect place to relax with a good book or catch up on work.
  126. No one’s here to talk to you. It’s okay: take some time to just sit and think. Don’t feel rushed to get up again.

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