130+ Caption For Wearing Boyfriend’s Clothes

Whether you’re doing some fashion re-styling or just feel like wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, and you need the latest Caption for Wearing Boyfriend’s Clothes then you’ve come to the right place. Check this article for more captions.

Caption For Wearing Boyfriend’s Clothes

  1. She’s wearing the shirt, and he’s wearing the pants.
  2. Always a good idea to wear your guy’s clothes. ????
  3. I just gave my boyfriend the best gift ever: wearing my clothes.
  4. When you wear your boyfriend’s clothes, he looks better than ever.
  5. #Relationship goals: wearing your boyfriend’s clothes and making him look better than he does in the morning.
  6. My boyfriend gave me this shirt. What can I say? It’s kind of my favorite one.
  7. When you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes and he’s wearing his, it’s such a comfortable way to spend the day.
  8. Because I like it when my boyfriend wears my clothes, and it makes me feel more comfortable.
  9. I don’t know how I got so lucky but the clothes in my closet have me feeling like a boyfriend.
  10. Going for the blend as my boyfriend would say.
  11. To know what I mean, just look in the mirror. You will be hooked right away.
  12. We all love to wear our boyfriend’s clothes. No judgment here!
  13. When you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, you know it was an epic makeover.????‍♂️☔
  14. Sometimes you just wanna wear his clothes.
  15. Hey, we all like to wear each other’s clothes. And sometimes it’s nice to let the tension out by putting on my boyfriend’s shirt. ????
  16. If you’re going to wear my clothes, at least try to wear them well.
  17. It’s okay to wear his clothes. He’ll keep it in a special place ????
  18. It’s been too long since I wore my boyfriend’s clothes. My closet needs to be shaken up!
  19. Be bold, wear the pants and feel beautiful everyday.
  20. It may not be as flattering to your face, but it’s perfect for the night.
  21. If you’re looking for something to do with your boyfriend tonight, try our new item: Wearing My Boyfriend’s Clothes.
  22. Feeling like a badass in my boyfriend’s clothes.
  23. Sometimes you just want to wear your boyfriend’s clothes, like a little girl in her mom’s hand-me-downs or a dog in its owner’s jacket. #BoyfriendStyle
  24. If you’ve ever done this, you know it’s a pretty good feeling to wear your bf’s clothes.
  25. Let’s be honest. You like his clothes.
  26. Feeling all dolled up in my boyfrien’s clothes ???? ???? ????
  27. When you wear your boyfriend’s clothes and get compliments from strangers.
  28. You’re my boy, always have been, always will be. So wear your boyfriend’s clothes and I’ll wear mine.
  29. When you wear your boyfriend’s clothes, he knows how much you love him…and that’s all that matters. ????
  30. Hey you. You look fucking hot in that shirt. I’m gonna borrow some of my boyfriend’s clothes when he isn’t looking and do the same thing.
  31. I love this shirt, but I think it looks better on you.
  32. Sometimes you just need to wear the boyfriend’s clothes because it feels so good.
  33. I am wearing my boyfriend’s clothes. I’m not being weird, I just like the way they fit.
  34. When you put on your boyfriend’s clothes and feel happier than ever.
  35. Our new boyfriend’s sweater is so soft and cozy. Now you can wear it all day long.
  36. I know what you’re thinking: “Why on earth would I want to wear his clothes?”. It’s a good question! But I promise it’s not as weird as you think.
  37. I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but I think it’s time to get started on your new wardrobe. ????
  38. I’ve worn this adorable outfit a few times, but it still hasn’t lost its appeal ????
  39. Can’t get enough of these little borrowed things!
  40. When you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes and he isn’t around.
  41. I love wearing my boyfriend’s clothes. It’s so comfortable and feels like I’m wearing his skin ????
  42. It’s not that you’re wearing his clothes, it’s just that they look so good on you.
  43. Hey, I’m wearing your clothes and loving them.
  44. It’s a new day, and I’m wearing my boyfriend’s clothes.
  45. You know the feeling, when you wear your boyfriend’s clothes and don’t feel like a girl? You know what I mean.
  46. I’m not gonna lie. I kind of love wearing my boyfriend’s clothes every once in a while. It makes me feel like I belong to him and that he wants me to be by his side.
  47. I’m going to wear my boyfriend’s clothes, they are so cute.
  48. All I have to say is that my boyfriend looks pretty good in these clothes.
  49. Who says you can’t wear your boyfriend’s clothes?
  50. This is one of my favorite shirts to wear when I want to be fashionable but still feel comfortable.
  51. It’s not just your boyfriend’s shirt. It’s a statement.
  52. What’s more fun than wearing the clothes of your boo? Nothing, honestly!
  53. How nice is it to wear clothes that make you feel good? #TGIF
  54. I’m so excited about wearing my boyfriend’s shirt to work! ????????‍♀️
  55. Feeling like a girl, but in my boyfriend’s clothes.
  56. Wear my boyfriend’s clothes, that’s how you make me feel special.
  57. If you’re wearing something your boyfriend gave you, you might as well just wear it everywhere.
  58. You know when you’re feeling extra sexy, and someone compliments you on your outfit? That’s how it feels to wear your boyfriend’s clothes.
  59. I’m all about wearing the boy. ????????
  60. It’s okay to wear his clothes, but be sure to make them your own. ????
  61. I love wearing my boyfriend’s clothes & it feels so great to look at him every morning in his sharp suits.
  62. Sometimes it’s what we love most that makes us who we are.
  63. There’s nothing I like more than wearing my boyfriend’s clothes ???? ????
  64. Nothing feels better than wearing my boyfriend’s clothes.
  65. I love wearing his clothes, knowing that he thinks I look good. ????
  66. I need to be able to wear your clothes, they’re just so cute. #boyfriendclothes
  67. No matter if you wear them or not, they’ll look great on you ❤
  68. This is what life’s all about: making memories with my boyfriend.
  69. I’m wearing Boyfriend’s Clothes today. And I am not ashamed of it ????
  70. It’s always fun when a girl wears your boyfriend’s clothes, right? ????
  71. Wearing my boyfriend’s clothes is just like wearing him.
  72. I’m wearing my boyfriend’s clothes as we speak. He’s so clean, I don’t think I need to wash them today. ☺️
  73. I’m so lucky to have a man who’s so into me, I can wear his clothes. ????????
  74. I’m wearing your clothes, not because they make me look good but because you make me feel good.
  75. When your boyfriend is kind of hot and you have some cute clothes.????
  76. The best boyfriends are always willing to let you dress them up in their clothes #boyfriendoftheday
  77. Turn up the fun level with boyfriend’s clothes.
  78. Borrowing my boyfriend’s clothes so I can have a little more confidence in myself. ☺???? #imnavy
  79. This is the part where we say “change is good” and tell you to wear all your boyfriend’s clothes. We don’t really care about the style or the fit. Just get comfortable.
  80. It’s been a tough week. Next time you’re feeling down, put on your boyfriend’s clothes and remember, he’ll always be there for you.
  81. I am so happy now that I have these clothes to wear. I feel like a new person ???? #boyfriendclothes
  82. Your boyfriend’s clothes are a true sign of affection; always good to know where his heart is. ????
  83. Hanging out in my boyfriend’s shirt feeling like a badass ????
  84. I’m wearing my boyfriend’s clothes this morning, he’s been so nice to let me try on his stuff.
  85. The only thing I love more than a great pair of boyfriend jeans is the feeling of wearing them with my boyfriend.
  86. I’m wearing guys clothes because I feel pretty when I wear them. Also, it feels like a treat whenever I get to wear these clothes that my boyfriend got for me. It’s the best feeling ever!
  87. It’s no secret that the most important piece of clothing you own is the one that makes you look like you belong to someone else. #boyfriendclothes
  88. That feeling when you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes and it just feels so natural ????
  89. The only thing hotter than my boyfriend is me in his clothes.
  90. Given how much love I get in my everyday life, it’s pretty funny to wear my boyfriend’s shirts.
  91. This weekend I’m wearing a shirt my boyfriend smelt me in and it’s making him so happy! AWW #love
  92. Wearing my boyfriend’s clothes today because it feels so good to be wrapped in his scent and comforted by these memories.
  93. Looks like he washes his shirt for me. ????
  94. You know what they say: when you find the perfect pair of your boyfriend’s jeans, everything else is easy.
  95. What’s better than wearing boyfriend’s clothes? Wearing them, of course!
  96. He’s so sweet. It makes me want to give him a hug. #wearinghisclothes
  97. Male attire that definitely makes you feel like a boy again.
  98. Sometimes it feels good to wear the clothes that make your man smile. ????
  99. You feel like a million bucks in his clothes.
  100. Feeling a bit more like your old self tonight with these comfy clothes ???????? #boyfriendclothes
  101. My boyfriend’s shirts are the softest. ???? #boyfriendsclothes
  102. When your boyfriend’s clothes are just too nice to wear.
  103. My boyfriend’s clothes are the best for this winter season and I love wearing them!
  104. It’s not the fact that I’m wearing his clothes, it’s that he is wearing mine????
  105. You are a good girlfriend. You’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes because you love him and want to show him how much.
  106. I’m wearing my boyfriend’s t-shirt because I feel better than him today.
  107. I’d rather be wearing your clothes than wearing my clothes. ???? #boyfriendclothes
  108. When you’re with your boyfriend and you wear his clothes, it feels so intimate.
  109. I don’t know about you but I like wearing boyfriend’s clothes especially when I’m feeling saucy ☺????
  110. Wearing the clothes he love, because he loves you. #boyfriendclothes
  111. Wearing my boyfriend’s shirt is the perfect thing to do when you’re feeling extra cozy.
  112. Can’t get enough of my boyfriend’s clothes. I love to wear them all the time, even though they are not just mine anymore
  113. This was a very special day. I wore my boyfriend’s clothes for a few hours and it felt so good to feel like this!
  114. That feeling when you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes. ????
  115. Always a good time when you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes ????
  116. Turn up the heat in your wardrobe with these new pieces that you know your boyfriend will love. #wearingboyfriendclothes
  117. The only thing better than wearing my boyfriend’s clothes is being lucky enough to be his girlfriend.
  118. I’m not sure if you care but I love wearing my boyfriend’s shirt ???? #fashionblogger
  119. When you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes but he’s not there to see it ????
  120. I had to post this for all of you who feel like this with your boyfriend’s clothes.
  121. I love wearing my boyfriend’s clothes because they always look so good on me. ????
  122. It’s not just the clothes that make it boyfriend-approved, it’s the way they fit your body, too! ????
  123. Can’t decide what to wear? Always feel like you have too much on your plate? Then give me a shout and let me help you out. #wearingboyfriendclothes
  124. When your boyfriend’s clothes are comfortable enough to wear all day.
  125. We know it’s a cliché, but we don’t care. We love wearing boyfriend’s clothes. #effortlessluxury
  126. I love wearing my boyfriend’s shirts. So soft and comfortable!
  127. My boyfriend’s clothes fit so well on me. I wish he wore them more often.
  128. Just because I’m wearing his clothes doesn’t mean we don’t love each other.
  129. No matter how much you love the way your boyfriend looks in his clothes, it’s always nice to wear them yourself for a change!
  130. Sometimes it’s just nice to wear someone else’s clothes. #wearingboyfriendclothes
  131. We’re not sure if you’re trying to pull a fast one on us or if you genuinely forgot what you were wearing, but either way we just love this outfit. #wearingboyfriendclothes

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