130+ Crazy Friends Captions For Instagram

So in the spirit of friendship, We’ll show you some of the craziest friends captions for Instagram. They are a little different than other captions as they are meant to be used with selfie photos. Your friends will love them and so will your followers.

Crazy Friends Captions For Instagram

  1. The best are always our Crazy Friends.
  2. Crazy Friends: Best friends who love to get together and laugh at everything. ☺️
  3. Crazy friends are the best friends.
  4. The craziest, bestest friends you could ever have.
  5. Going to the movies with my crazy friends.
  6. Our friends are the best, but we get the most from them.
  7. High fives for friendship goals.????
  8. I had a crazy friend who said he could make me a star. He did. ????
  9. It’s crazy, but our friendship feels more real than any relationship I’ve ever had.
  10. Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.
  11. Crazy friends are the best kind of friends.
  12. Crazy friends, right? We have some crazy friends who are the best.
  13. Crazy friends who always have your back.
  14. Do you have a group of crazy friends? I do. A group of super-friendship, who are always there for one another. They are my family, my best friends and all around amazing people that I adore and look up to!
  15. These are the best of friends.
  16. When you have friends like these, who needs enemies? ????
  17. To enjoy a good laugh, you need to be around people who can make you laugh.
  18. Always remember the people who make you laugh, no matter what happens.
  19. Friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re there.
  20. A good friend will listen when you need to talk, and a great friend will listen even if you don’t need to talk.
  21. Can’t believe it’s been a year since I met the most amazing person. What a ride. My crazy friends, thank you for always being there.
  22. We’re all about these crazy friends we have. ????
  23. Let’s all agree that our crazy friends are the most fun! #friends
  24. Crazy good times with the best of friends. #mycraziefamily
  25. My crazy friends captured this moment, one of many times we laughed so hard we fell over. #CozyFriends
  26. The best moments are the ones where you have crazy friends to do crazy things with you. ????????????
  27. I have the best friends, they keep me laughing even when I’m crying.
  28. Our Crazy Friends are the ones who inspire us to be better, to do more, and be happier.
  29. We’re all crazy friends. And we love each other! ????
  30. It’s so much fun to have crazy friends like these. ????
  31. Crazy friends. They’re always up for an adventure, whether it be at the coffee shop adn late night in your room.
  32. Because if you’re going to get crazy together, might as well take some pics. ????
  33. Friends who aren’t afraid of a challenge, a little adventure or the unknown.
  34. If you like your friends, keep them close. And if you don’t, don’t waste time trying to change them.
  35. We’re all just a little bit weird, but that’s what makes us so great.
  36. It’s the people you meet on your adventures who teach you most about yourself.
  37. Crazy Friends. They’re not just friends, they’re an entire community who love to laugh and celebrate life together.
  38. Crazy friends are the best kind of friends.
  39. Crazy friends, always there for you. ❤
  40. Crazy friends make the best memories.
  41. We’re all about making friends, even if it means we have to be a little crazy.
  42. Sometimes you’re the crazy one, and sometimes you’re the friend that’s always there when you need them.
  43. Bring out your best pics and share them with the world!
  44. When your besties are the best friends you’ll ever have.
  45. You are the best friend anyone could ever have.
  46. Gotta love the people who make your day a little more fun
  47. A group of friends that get along, laugh together and often do crazy things together. #crazysfriends
  48. When you have crazy friends that turn your ordinary life into something special.
  49. Crazy, Unladylike, and Fun! I’m pretty sure everyone’s found a friend like this.
  50. Life is more fun when you have crazy friends.
  51. Crazy friends. The ones you know you can always count on, even if they go above & beyond the call of duty.
  52. Some of my best friends are crazy and every day I’m reminded that I am, too. What about you?
  53. The best girlfriends are the ones who tell it like it is and help you out when times get tough. ❤️
  54. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone…
  55. Crazy friends are the best kind of friends.
  56. We’ve got a lot of crazy friends and all we can say is, you’re one of them, too. ????????
  57. Crazy friends are the best kind. Even when they’re plotting your demise ????
  58. There’s nothing better than hanging out with your crazy friends.
  59. I love crazy friends. They are always willing to try new things, and even if it doesn’t work out they’ll still be there for you #comedy
  60. A lot of people have those crazy friends that you can never predict what they’re going to do next. But they’re the best!
  61. It’s not a crazy friendship when you do random things with your bestie even if it seems silly at the time.
  62. When your friend is so cool, you can’t stand her.
  63. When your good memories with friends are better than anything. ????????
  64. Who needs bedtime stories? We have crazy friend and they’re no surprise. ????
  65. They may be crazy, but they’re our friends.
  66. When your friends get a little crazy, it’s cool to be able to share their craziness with the world.
  67. Crazy friends you meet sometimes, they make all the difference in your life.
  68. Crazy friends are the kind of people who make you feel great about yourself!
  69. Who does this with their friends?  ????
  70. If you have friends like these, they’re probably your favorite people in the whole world.
  71. Nothing like a good old friend to brighten your day ????????
  72. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you lemons, make friends
  73. The best kind of friends are those who can make you laugh when you’re down and cheer when you’re up.
  74. It’s a good day when you can spend it with the people that matter to you. ????
  75. It’s a crazy, wonderful world. And it’s made possible by friends like you.
  76. If you’ve got friends like this, count your lucky stars.
  77. We’re all about having a crazy good time.
  78. I’m so lucky to have these crazy friends. We’re together through thick and thin, and they always know how to make me laugh. ????
  79. The only friends you need are the ones who make you a better version of yourself.
  80. It’s not just a pretty face. It’s a crazy one! #supportyourfriends
  81. Crazy Friends. The best kind of friends are the ones who say it like it is, even when you’re not listening.
  82. There’s nothing like crazy friends to make your life better. ????????
  83. Crazy Friends: they’re the perfect pill to take when you’re running late, need motivation or want a laugh.
  84. No matter how long you’ve been friends, there are always new things to talk about.
  85. We all have crazy friends, right? Well, we’ve got our own. #crazymoods
  86. Crazy friends are the best friends. The ones who remind you to be cool, fun and free. ????
  87. When you have #CrazyFriends, you don’t need a cage to keep them in. ????
  88. Crazy friends are the best kind, who make you feel good about yourself.
  89. Getting crazy with the people we love.
  90. We’ve got a crazy crew of friends. Good ones, bad ones, hopeful ones and hopeless ones…if we could all get together in one place we’d have a full on party!
  91. We’ve got the best of both worlds. Our friends are great and we have a lot of them.
  92. When your best friends are your family, and you have a better relationship with them than most of your real ones.
  93. We’re a group of crazy friends who love taking photos together and enjoying our city.
  94. Crazy friends, crazy times. Let’s share #crazytime with the most fun and nice people in the world!
  95. Crazy friends make life worth living. ❤️
  96. Crazy friends, that’s what we call you. There’s nothing better than having a bunch of people who like to have fun.
  97. Our crazy friends are always up for a good time.
  98. Crazy friends never let you down, always there for you when you need them. ???? ???? ????
  99. These two were like cats and dogs. But we’re glad they made it work! ????
  100. You and your crazy friends are the best. Tag a friend who you know gets it to show them some love!
  101. I’ve got some crazy friends, and they’ve got me.
  102. Some people call us crazy, but we know the truth. We’re just friends with a good sense of humor!
  103. These crazy friends are always there for you.
  104. Crazy friends, best friends and sisters in everything.
  105. My crazy friends inspire me every day. We’ll keep it that way ☺️
  106. Because you can never have too many #friends
  107. Our best friends will be the ones who always have our back, are down for anything and make us laugh. #BFFs
  108. We are crazy friends. We’re always there for each other, and help each other out when needed. We appreciate each other so much!
  109. Just when you thought your friendships couldn’t get any better, they do. ????????
  110. @thepowerofpositivevibes always makes me feel like we are a family.
  111. It’s not always easy to find that one friend who understands you the way they do. But when you do, it’s such a blessing.
  112. Our crazy friends, who we love to have around. ????
  113. Crazy friends are the ones who you know would go to the ends of the Earth for you.
  114. Feels like being in a room full of my crazy friends
  115. Crazy friends are good friends that you can go out to a bar with, drink too much and come back home safely. ????
  116. The best friends you never knew you needed
  117. I’m a crazy friend because I am always up for adventure, no matter how far.
  118. The best things come in threes or maybe it’s just me and my crazy friends. #tbt
  119. Crazy Friends are the people you have when you don’t have anyone else. ????
  120. Crazy Friends are the people you have when nobody else is there for you.
  121. Crazy Friends are the friends you have when you need someone to talk to, let them know you’re thinking of them.
  122. Friends are the most important relationship you have. True friends will never leave you when times are tough and they will always do what they can to help you out.
  123. You might know them as work friends. They are the people you eat lunch with, laugh at your jokes, and tell your secrets. Call them if you need a listening ear.
  124. A long weekend of hiking and getting lost. The kind of spontaneous adventure you don’t come back from unchanged. With your best friend, you never have to worry if they’ll be there for you next time.
  125. A modern-day spin on the classic friendship bracelet is the perfect holiday gift for that someone super special in your life. What makes these bracelets even more unique is that they are handmade by refugees. Your purchase supports amazing women, children, and families all around the world who have survived war and experienced unimaginable horrors and are now looking to a bright future.
  126. When a friend gets crazy, you get more crazy. #CrazyFriends
  127. These are the crazy friends that make it all worth it. ❤️
  128. No matter where you go, no matter who you meet, there are always crazy friends.
  129. It’s always nice to have crazy friends, who love you no matter what. ????
  130. Fall in love with the best of friends. Like a crazy friend, they will always put you first.
  131. You know you have good friends when you can laugh with them no matter what’s going on.
  132. The only friends that are really yours are the ones that you don’t let go.
  133. Where the two of you are your best selves.
  134. Friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but they’re always there.

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