130+ Green Plant Captions For Instagram

If you are looking for the perfect caption to your Green Plant photos, this is here for you. We provide a wide range of captions.

Green Plant Captions For Instagram

  1. Green plants are soooo pretty ????☀
  2. Taking little steps in the right direction to your green future.
  3. Need a little help bringing nature inside? Try these lush and vibrant living accents made from recycled plastic bottles.
  4. You don’t have to be a master gardener to appreciate these stunning plants.
  5. Loving the green rush of Spring is our favorite time of year! Keep your eyes peeled for more plant-filled posts this spring.
  6. These plants are so cute, you could just about eat them. ????
  7. Green plants are the ultimate creative inspiration. Their rich color, texture and shape is something every artist should study.
  8. We’re all about plants and trees, even if it’s only for a moment in our busy lives. Take a break to reflect ???? ???? ???? ????
  9. It’s time to get a little more nature in your life.
  10. In the garden, there are no mistakes. #greenplant
  11. We’re all about growing our green thumbs with some of the most popular plant foods on Instagram.
  12. When you want to feel healthy, like your plants are doing something for you. #greenplant
  13. Do you like plants? Well, we do. And these are some of our favorite green plants. ????
  14. Have you ever wished for a little greenery in your life? Green Plant captures the essence of nature and brings it indoors, just for you.
  15. The green plant is succulent. It has fleshy leaves that are covered in tiny bumps called “spines.” Green plants are excellent for poor drainage soil and low light areas.
  16. These little green plants are the ones that keep me going. ☕
  17. A little greenery never hurt anyone ????
  18. Nothing beats the feeling of a lush green plant in your home.
  19. What a wonderful day to be outside and plant some seeds of love. ☀????
  20. Plants are our friends, they’ll always be there for us. They’re all around us and they can do so much.
  21. Say it with a pretty caption! Our new green plant collection will make you look at our phone screen like never before.
  22. A photo that makes you smile, just because it’s so green ????
  23. A plant that would grow in any climate is a plant that can grow anywhere. #GreenPlant
  24. Celebrate Mother Nature and all of the beauty that’s around us with these beautiful green plants.
  25. Green plants and trees make everything look better. ????????
  26. A green plant is a sign of a healthy ecosystem.
  27. We all need a little green in our lives.
  28. The key to a healthy plant is lots of sunlight, fresh air and water.
  29. A plant-based diet is good for your body and the environment.
  30. Looking for a unique backdrop to take your photos? Check out this green plant!
  31. Looking for a fresh new way to display your plants? The Plant Grid is an Instagram-friendly way to show off the greenery of your indoor garden ???? ???? ????
  32. There’s nothing like a good green plant ????. ???? ???? ????
  33. Let us dream with you. Let us be your green plant ????
  34. Greens are a part of life. They’re good for you, and they smell so good. #green #plant
  35. Green plants are the future. They’re the next big thing in houseplants.
  36. Green plants are so cool. They’re the new blue, right? ????
  37. A green plant is one of the most beautiful things in nature. It’s hard to capture its beauty in a picture, but you can find it in your life everyday. ???? ???? ????
  38. A little bit of greenery goes a long way.
  39. When life gives you green plants, make a healthy smoothie.
  40. When the sun shines, green is in! We’re celebrating the season with our new green plant collection. Click to shop now:(LINK)
  41. Green plants are alive with magic. ????
  42. Take a little green plant with you as you head out to work. ????
  43. Always remember to have fun with green plants. Brighten up your indoor space with these gorgeous photos.
  44. When you’re looking for a little green goodness in your life, we’ve got you covered.
  45. Let plants be the star of your story. Capture the beauty, texture and color of the plants you admire.
  46. The power of plants to improve the quality of your life and add greenery to your home is undeniable.
  47. A beautiful sight that’s hard to capture but so worth it when you do. #greenplant
  48. Big thumbs up for this #greenplant on my desk ????
  49. Green plants are the most amazing things on this planet. ????
  50. Celebrating the green life ???? ????
  51. Green plants are the perfect backdrop for a wonderful weekend.
  52. A little greenery never goes out of style.
  53. This plant is not just a cute decoration, it’s also a great way to clean the air!
  54. Green plants make life better. They’re the ultimate mood lifters, so if you find yourself in a down moment, just take a leaf or two out of their book and make yourself smile.
  55. We’ve been busy planting seeds of change in our lives. #greenplant
  56. Green plants are good for your skin, and a perfect source of calcium.
  57. Here’s to all the plants who make our lives brighter. ????????
  58. Life is a garden plant your dreams in the world, cultivate your passions and watch them grow. ???? ???? ????
  59. Green plants are the super hero of your home. They add so much life and vibrancy to your space and give off a cool vibe.
  60. Planting a seed and watching it grow. #greenplant
  61. It’s time to start your plants on this sunny day and make sure they get there, wait for it….sunshine!
  62. It’s a beautiful day to see the world differently. #greenplant
  63. Get your day off to a great start with these green plants. ????
  64. Green plants are beautiful and so are you. ????
  65. Our best friends are the green plants; they make our lives easy, beautiful and green!
  66. A beautiful, clean green plant that’s always smiling is something to be grateful for.
  67. A green plant sits in your window. The sun hits it and it reflects back to you. This is life!
  68. We’ve been dreaming of these green plants since we were kids.
  69. These plants are so cool, I wish I had the time to keep them alive for a bit longer
  70. Growing your own #greenplant is the best way to create a beautiful green home. Care for them like you would care for your best friends.
  71. A green plant is the embodiment of life, ever changing and growing.
  72. A green plant that is easy to grow and care for.
  73. Today’s green plant is an easy way to add a pop of green to your decor.
  74. If green is your color, then these plants are your new best friends. ????????
  75. Light up your world with this bright and beautiful plant.
  76. The green plant is a symbol of growth and health, which brings joy to the heart.
  77. Giving you a plant that blooms as beautifully as you.
  78. Green plants are great at taking up space.
  79. Your house is a little bit greener because of these guys! #greenplant
  80. The green plant, a color that makes you feel happy.
  81. To me, this is a green plant that could be in an English garden or on a deck.
  82. You don’t have to be a plant whisperer to appreciate the green leaves on this succulent. ☀????
  83. An easy way to bring more greenery into your life is with this portable planter.
  84. Green plants! They’re not just for looks. They’re for the environment. Enjoy a #green thing today!
  85. Bringing out the green in your life.
  86. Green plants are the best. They’re all around us and they make the world a lot greener and more colorful.
  87. This particular plant is full of life and energy. It’s a great reminder that all branches, even those that seem to have lost their leaves, are still an essential part of our green world ????????
  88. You can never have too many plants.
  89. Green plants are not just beautiful, they’re also good for you. ????
  90. Green plant is the most beautiful thing in our life; it’s as important as air, water and food ????
  91. Growing green plants is like getting a free energy boost.
  92. Plants are green because they’re alive. Plants are beautiful because they’re plants. Plants are important because they help us live in a healthier world. #greenplant
  93. The life of a plant is very special, because it’s always trying to grow. You might not see the green grass, but you can see the green shoots of life! #greenplant
  94. A plant that can survive anywhere, grow in any conditions and bring joy to your home. #greenplant
  95. Green plants are so refreshing!
  96. The color of spring and summer #greenplant
  97. It’s time for a fresh start. #greenplant
  98. A green plant for a green world.
  99. A plant, or any living thing, that is green.
  100. Plants are beautiful, green and always growing.
  101. The beauty of green plants is their ability to adapt and survive under a wide range of conditions. ???? ???? ????
  102. We love how cheerful our green plants are. Green is the new…well, it’s definitely not red but it’s a great color!
  103. Something green in every room! #greenplant
  104. When life gives you a green plant, make green margaritas.
  105. There is a green plant in my garden that I love to watch grow and bloom.
  106. Green plants are the perfect way to brighten up space.
  107. Green plants are living proof that anything is possible.
  108. We’re all about our plants and green living and we love how you garden!
  109. Green plants give us so much joy in the spring. ❤️????
  110. Nothing can beat a green plant! It always makes me feel good, especially when it’s growing in the dark, making it almost look like a forest. ????
  111. Bringing the outdoors indoors! Green plants are the ultimate cool-cat accessories.
  112. It’s been a long day, but #green plants brighten up the summer. ????
  113. Green plants are so active, so vibrant and so easy to grow!
  114. A plant with a lot of energy and vitality.
  115. You can’t go wrong with a green plant. They should be in every home and office.
  116. It’s important to feel the green vibes ???? ???? ????
  117. Plants are a beautiful thing to grow and nurture.
  118. Green plants are the perfect addition to any room or space. They give it a bit of greenery and freshness, making it feel more cheerful.
  119. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or out and about, our green plants will always bring a smile to your face.
  120. The cheerful, fresh and easy to look after.
  121. A new kind of beauty.
  122. Give your plants a little extra TLC with our green plant series.
  123. It’s not about the green plant, it’s about the green light of your future.
  124. Something as small as a green plant can remind you to appreciate the beauty of nature.
  125. These plants may be small, but they’re full of life. #greenplant
  126. A plant that grows in abundance and spreads love, peace and happiness.
  127. This plant is what dreams are made of. ????☀
  128. It’s not only having a green thumb that makes this plant grow, but it’s also personality.
  129. Green plants are the perfect plant for a beautiful office or home. They’re green, lush, and can be used as decorations. And if you’re looking for a new addition to your home or office, check out our selection of green plants at [link]
  130. Looking great in your new garden seat. ❤️???? #greenplant
  131. Looking for the perfect plant for your desk? Get a green one.
  132. Green Plants are beautiful, lush and full of life.
  133. Don’t miss out on the greenest plants around!
  134. Green plants are so big, so alive, they breathe and they feel. A photo of a green plant just makes us happy
  135. For me, #GreenPlant is a way to inspire others to feel good about the plants that surround them and make their world a little greener.
  136. A little bit of green to brighten your day ☘????
  137. The beauty of a plant is in the way it grows. The beauty of a plant is in the way it lives. #greenplant

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