140 Caption About Bubble Gum

Just wanted to share a list of captions I wrote about bubble gum. It’s a great way to get people excited about your brand. Come check it out!

Caption About Bubble Gum

  1. This is what Bubble Gum tastes like.
  2. Bubble Gum…it’s good for your brain.
  3. You can’t beat the sweet, sweet taste of bubble gum!
  4. It’s time to get your bubble on.
  5. Say hello to the gum that’s so sweet, you’ll want to chew it until your teeth fall out.
  6. There’s nothing like the sweet aroma of a fresh box of gum.
  7. Bubble gum is back, and we can’t stop eating it. It’s a favorite of ours and we hope you enjoy it as well.
  8. If you’re a bubble gum lover, get ready to fall in love with it all over again ???? ????
  9. If you’re a fan of the chewy and gooey, then you’ll die for this new flavor.
  10. There’s nothing like a classic with a twist.
  11. Lips are made for gum, not touching them is a sin.
  12. The sweetest way to get your day started ????
  13. What’s better than a fresh piece of bubble gum? One that’s free!
  14. Nothing makes my mouth happy like a fresh piece of bubble gum.
  15. What’s your favorite form of gum?
  16. Let’s be honest, what’s better than a sweet, chewy piece of bubble gum? ????
  17. A taste of nostalgia that never gets old.
  18. Bubble gum treats that aren’t just for kids. And no one is better at chewing than millennials which makes us the perfect partner for this new category.
  19. So many reasons to love this candy but the fact that it’s chewy and soft makes it a total win!
  20. The sweetest way to start your day!
  21. It’s all about the flavor, but we know you all wanna know more about the ingredients so we made this handy chart to show you what’s in it!
  22. Bubble gum! A favorite in more ways than one.
  23. Bubble gum, the key to happiness
  24. Bubble gum, the true and original sweetener ????
  25. Bubble gum is candy for the soul.
  26. Bubble gum. The best thing to happen to your smile ever.
  27. We don’t just chew on bubble gum, we actually use it.
  28. You’ll be hooked on this sweet, creamy bubble gum and it’s easy to do.
  29. Your bubbles are here, come and get them ????????
  30. Bubble gum and coffee, two things that make your day a little brighter.
  31. The scent of bubble gum is so much more than the scent of a mouthful of chewing gum. It brings back memories of childhood and makes us feel like kids again.
  32. Bubble gum is always fun, but when you’re a kid and it’s first tried, it’s even better.
  33. There’s nothing quite like a stick of gum that promises to transport you to a world of sweet, sweet nostalgia. ????
  34. This year is going to be different. We’re bubbles (and gum and candy) all the way through.
  35. It’s one of the most classic flavors in the world, but we’re still addicted to it. ????????????
  36. i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything more fun than this… ????????????
  37. Bubble gum you can taste. ????
  38. Smell the gum. Taste the flavor.
  39. Yum! What’s your favorite flavor of bubble gum?
  40. The best way to get everyone talking? Put a little bubble gum in your mouth.
  41. Summer is the best time to indulge in the sweet, sugary goodness of bubble gum. ????
  42. You can’t eat the flavor, but you can chew on it!
  43. Sometimes when life gets you down, all you need is a little bubble gum to make it better.
  44. Nothing says summer like bubble gum. This year, you can enjoy the sweet taste without breaking your bank.
  45. The sweetest thing you can do for your body is to eat healthy, natural and nutritious food. That goes double for bubble gum.
  46. We’re all grown up, but we still have that urge to pucker our lips and blow bubbles. ????
  47. Get the taste of summer in your mouth, wherever you are.
  48. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Bubble Gum .
  49. Make your day sweeter with bubble gum ????
  50. Need a little pick-me-up? Bubble gum is the answer to all your cravings. ????
  51. We’re not just bubble gum, we’re a lifestyle. And we have bubbles for your happiness.
  52. You’ll never know the taste of bubble gum unless you try it.
  53. Bubble gum is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. It’s got a slight tinge of alcohol, it’s chewy, and it sounds like fun.
  54. Bubble gum is like a badge of pride. So let us know what your favorite bubblegum flavor is.
  55. Bubble gum has a place in every kid’s heart. It’s that magical flavor that reminds you of being a child again and makes your spirit soar.
  56. A slice of bubblegum is so much better than a whole one.
  57. What’s a better way to celebrate the end of school than with some #bubblegum?
  58. The best flavors are just around the corner. Enjoy these new classics! ????
  59. Bubble Gum. The one that started it all. All your sweet bubbles are waiting for you!
  60. It’s a fact, you can never have too much bubble gum.
  61. Who doesn’t love the sweet, sweet taste of bubble gum? ????
  62. Here is a photo of bubble gum. It’s pink, just like my mood today.
  63. It was a gum that spoke to me. It made me smile, it made my day.
  64. We don’t just blow bubbles, we blow them big and strong.
  65. It’s not just for chewing, it also makes your lips look bigger.
  66. The best part about bubble gum is that it’s chewy, sweet and fun. It tastes just like sugary goodness. It’s so good, you can chew it all day long! ????????
  67. You can’t stop us from popping. We’re on a mission to create the ultimate bubble gum experience for our fans. So let’s get some serious bubblegum on this BAPE x Bubble Gum capsule collection!
  68. A sweet temptation is always close at hand.
  69. It’s an addiction, we all have one. And you know what else? Life is better with a bubble gum smile ????
  70. A little bubble gum never hurt anybody. So let’s keep it clean and have a good time ☺☺
  71. You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck chewing gum ever again. ????????
  72. Bubble Gum: sweet, sassy and totally addicting.
  73. Bubble gum? Yes! All the ingredients are here! Let’s go!
  74. Bubble gum? It’s the flavor that never goes out of style.
  75. The best part of summer? The sweet embrace of bubble gum. ????
  76. Whenever you want to surprise your family, grab them a pack of our classic bubble gum.
  77. There’s nothing like chewing on a fresh piece of Bazooka bubble gum!  ✔
  78. A classic combination of sweet and tart.
  79. You can’t always say that you have a bubble gum flavor and claim to be authentic. But we’ll take it.
  80. ???? U can’t say no to this mouth-watering, chewy, delicious and oh-so-fun candy. ????
  81. No, you don’t have to chew gum to get the flavor in. Just take a bite!
  82. You know you want some.
  83. The good old days, when everything was simple and sweet.
  84. That’s bubble gum. And it will make you feel so, so good.
  85. Don’t have time to chew? Pop a bubble! #BubbleGum
  86. Got a sweet tooth? Enjoy our bubble gum. It’s not just for chewing.
  87. There’s a new flavor of bubble gum. You can’t buy it yet, but you can make your own.
  88. The best part about bubble gum? It’s always there.
  89. Bubble gum is a sticky, sweet treat that can bring you back to those carefree days of childhood all over again. ????
  90. Bubble gum is the perfect treat for any occasion. The sweet, chewy texture perfectly complements the fruity and delicious flavors of our chewing gum so you can enjoy all your favorite treats from work to school or parties!
  91. When you need a quick pick-me-up, reach for this classic treat.
  92. If you’re looking for something sweet, we’ve got you covered with a wide variety of our famous chewy gum. ????
  93. It’s the little things that make life sweet.
  94. There’s a reason bubblegum is the best.
  95. You’re all set! Bubble gum is here and ready to go.
  96. Nothing beats the taste of a fresh piece of bubble gum.
  97. It’s like a yummy bubble gum in your mouth, but it’s so much better!
  98. It’s never a bad time to get gum.
  99. Round up your friends, break out the bubble gum, and join in the fun!????
  100. When life gives you bubble gum, make friends with it. And that’s exactly what I did! ????
  101. I’m addicted to this fruity flavor. It’s so easy to love, but it’s also full of fun.
  102. The greatest thing about bubble gum is that you can eat it anytime and anywhere. Who says you have to wait until you’re at the dentist’s office? #bubblegum
  103. The only thing better than a sweet treat is a sweet treat that will make you smile ????
  104. It’s the little things that matter. Just like how we make sure your gum is fresh, we pay close attention to all the details that make a smile bigger.
  105. Bubble gum, the happiest snack to ever exist????
  106. What’s your favorite flavor? We’re guessing bubble gum.
  107. Bubble gum, a sweet, chewy, and tasty treat for both kids and adults alike.
  108. It’s not just for chewing anymore. It’s a way of life. #BubbleGum
  109. Bubbling with excitement, the chewy gum is sweet, spicy and totally irresistible.
  110. It’s that time of year again…time to get your hands on our limited edition Bubble Gum flavor ????????
  111. The flavor you can’t get enough of.
  112. You can never have too many flavors.
  113. Bubble Gum. The best part of a stick is its wrapper.
  114. It’s gum, but it’s also so much more. It’s the world’s first bubble gum with collagen.
  115. We’re all about the chewy, sugary, deliciousness that is bubble gum. ????
  116. Bubble gum is the only thing that makes me feel like a kid again.
  117. Bubble gum is a whole lot of fun in mouth or anywhere else.????
  118. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about bubble gum that makes me smile.
  119. Bubble gum is a classic treat that never gets old. And now you can always have the best bubble gum with us!
  120. Bubble Gum is the perfect gift for those who love to eat the sweet stuff. It’s a classic, and we never get tired of it.
  121. Did you know that bubble gum is made from sugar? It’s true. Learn a little more about the candy we grew up with ????
  122. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy some friends and family, with a little bit of bubble gum. #TBT
  123. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy bubble gum.
  124. When you can’t decide what flavor to try, bubble gum is the answer.
  125. You can’t have bubble gum without a cup to chew in.
  126. Smell the sweet smell of bubble gum that is waiting to make your day better
  127. The best thing about bubble gum? It brings people together.
  128. With a sweet, sugary smell and a chewy texture, Bubble Gum is a great treat to enjoy anytime!
  129. Bubble gum is more than just a sweet tooth; it’s a social ritual.
  130. Nothing tastes as good as it looks. ????
  131. When you’re craving something sweet without the sugar.
  132. It’s a bit of a paradox. The chewy, fruity taste of bubblegum clashes with that slightly metallic tangy flavor of mint. To everyone else, it just tastes like the sweet and sour flavors combine to make a mouthwatering treat.
  133. You can never go wrong with bubble gum.
  134. The words to a bubble gum song that describes your life right now.
  135. When you’re ready for a little extra flavor, add some bubble gum to the mix. ????
  136. Who doesn’t love the sweet, chewy flavor of bubble gum? ????
  137. Chewing on a piece of bubble gum is the best way to unwind.
  138. We know you’ll always have a piece of bubble gum ready. ????
  139. Bubble gum is the most amazing thing to happen to your mouth.
  140. We know you’re a little bit obsessed with the sweet and sour flavor of bubble gum, so we’ve made a special edition pack just for you.

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