140+ Caption About Kisses

There’s nothing like a good kiss to remind you that someone still cares. Love is in the air. But what if you could spread this love all over your posts? Here are some captions about kisses.

Caption About Kisses

  1. Love is in the air and so are these kisses.
  2. You can never have too many kisses.
  3. A kiss is just a kiss, but it feels like the world ???? ???? #kisses
  4. It’s nothing but a kiss to you, but it might as well be my world.
  5. The best way to start the day? With a big, soft kiss ????????
  6. I love kissing you, because it makes me feel loved.
  7. Because loving you is better than breathing.
  8. Just a touch of lips, a little more tongue, how can you not fall in love?
  9. Fall in love with kisses every day and you’ll fall harder when it’s your last.
  10. You are the reason why I smile. You make me feel so loved! ????
  11. No matter what happens, I know that our love will never fade. ????
  12. Warm kisses are the best kind of kisses.
  13. Kisses are the sweetest way to say, I love you.
  14. We all need a little kiss every now and again.
  15. Every kiss is a celebration of love and friendship.
  16. We all know a kiss is worth more than a thousand words, but let’s just go ahead and put that into a caption
  17. We’re not here to judge you. But we do want to kiss you. ????
  18. We’re about to go outside and kiss some sunshine.
  19. You can’t give the gift of love without giving ourselves the gift of kisses. ????
  20. These little kisses are the best way to wake up after a long night. ????
  21. It’s better to give than receive, especially when it comes to kisses. ????
  22. Life brings us so many tough lessons. But we can always count on kisses to remind us how sweet life can be.
  23. Kisses for every situation.. ????
  24. Spread love in your world. Let’s kiss!
  25. Capturing the sweetest moments is what my #kisses do best ????
  26. What would your kiss look like if this was the universe?
  27. A million kisses and a billion hugs to all the lovebirds out there. ????????
  28. Love is a feeling of positivity, joy and happiness. It’s about the positive feelings that come from being around someone you care about. It’s about touching, kissing and holding hands. #Kisses
  29. You can’t buy the feeling of someone’s lips on yours. ????
  30. You’re going to get kisses from your crush. But you’ll want to make them last, so take a breath and make that first touch count.
  31. No matter the distance between you, we’re always close enough to give you a kiss.
  32. You’re the best when you’re together. These kisses make me feel that way, too.
  33. These kisses are full of love and warmth ????????
  34. A kiss is a greeting. An embrace is a pledge of peace.
  35. Sometimes, a kiss is all you need to feel better.
  36. Nothing feels more sweet than a little kiss on the cheek.
  37. Love is when you’re giving a kiss, but not getting one back.
  38. Kisses are free, but they’re not just for the ones you love. They’re for all the people you care about. #kisses
  39. That feeling when you give a stranger a kiss and they say, “oh my God, I love you too!”
  40. If you want to feel one hundred percent better, then go ahead and kiss this guy.
  41. The way to a woman’s heart is through her kisses. Make sure you give them a lot this Valentine’s Day ????
  42. Kisses are like that first sip of a cappuccino every morning.
  43. Blanket kisses are the best kind. And the only kind you need. ????
  44. The best cuddles are the ones that last a lifetime.
  45. A warm kiss on your lips ❤
  46. Kisses and kisses for you. We’re all about the kisses ????
  47. We’re always here to give you a little kiss.
  48. You two are so adorable with your kisses.
  49. Kisses are always welcome…right? ????
  50. A kiss is a small gift that says, I thought of you today.
  51. What’s better than a good kiss? ????
  52. All you need is a little bit of sugar, a lot of love, and some kisses.
  53. Here’s to all the kisses we shared this weekend #love
  54. We all need a break from work. Try these quick and easy kisses for a little pick-me-up! ????????
  55. Kisses…they’re small things you can do to make someone smile, just a little. So why not start doing the little things? ????????
  56. Romances are built in such a way that when you kiss someone for the first time, you feel like you’ve known the person your whole life.
  57. Settle in for a sweet moment with your favorite person.
  58. Watering a plant, kissing your boo and feeding the kitties are all things that deserve some love from us. ????
  59. Kisses are the sweetest form of flattery.
  60. When the only thing you need is some kisses.
  61. We can’t get enough of the #KISSES
  62. You got kisses, I got kisses and we’re both on the market for a date.
  63. When you find your perfect match, it’s all about the kisses
  64. Start this week off on a sweet note with our kisses.
  65. Sometimes you just need a kiss. With that in mind, here’s to all the kisses in our lives.❤️
  66. Be sure to say a big kiss to someone you love today.
  67. The best way to spread love.
  68. I never thought I’d be the type of girl who kisses on a first date, but I’m glad it happened.
  69. A kiss is never a bad idea. ????????
  70. A kiss is a flower, a poem and a promise of forever.
  71. Give your boo a kiss for keeping you warm this fall…
  72. It’s never too early to start practicing your kissing skills.
  73. When summer is just a memory and fall has arrived, look back at all of the kisses.
  74. It’s a good time to be falling in love.
  75. When it comes to kisses, there is no one right way. Everyone has their own favorite.
  76. Life is about love, everyone deserves to feel the warmth of another person’s heart ????????
  77. Fall in love with someone who has the same romantic and adventurous spirit as you do.
  78. When life happens, we’re reminded of how sweet and wonderful it is. Keep on loving each other. ☺️ #kisses
  79. When you’re in a good mood and you know someone else is, too.❤️ We’re here for the kisses.????
  80. A kiss is just a kiss, but that kiss is magic.
  81. Don’t kiss and tell. Share your lips with each other
  82. ❤️ life is sweet, treat yourself to some kisses ????????
  83. There’s nothing like a little kiss to make you feel better. ????
  84. One of the most beautiful things in life is sharing a kiss. ????
  85. Life is all about kisses. I like to think of them as the keys to happiness and success.
  86. The kind of kisses that make you want to lick your lips. The kind of kisses that make you want to show off to the world.
  87. Summer is for kisses, and it’s about time we make it happen. ☀️????
  88. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. Thanks for always being there and being the best kisser ever ❤
  89. Don’t underestimate the power of a good kiss. ????
  90. The best way to cheer someone up is with a simple kiss.
  91. A little kiss goes a long way. ????
  92. Little kisses mean the world to me.
  93. Life’s too short to spend it without kissing.
  94. Who doesn’t need a little kiss in their day? ????
  95. If a kiss is a hello, good-bye and thank you all in one, then kisses are the answer to a life well lived.
  96. This is the kind of kiss you save for your best friend.
  97. Cute and simple, the ideal way to express yourself.
  98. Let’s kiss and make up. Even if you’re fighting with me! ????
  99. When you’re ready to kiss someone goodnight, show them how much they mean to you with a romantic gesture.
  100. You can’t be on a date without kissing.
  101. Kisses are the little things that make our day, big or small.
  102. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the simplest things in life: kisses. ????
  103. There’s no such thing as bad kisses unless it’s the kiss of death.
  104. Kisses are always worth smiling at, because they make life sweeter.
  105. Share a kiss with someone you love today.
  106. You can never have too many kisses, whether you’re a kid or an adult.
  107. Here’s to the little things that make happy kisses happen! ????
  108. What happens when you mix coffee and kisses? A good start to your day.
  109. The best kisses are the ones you get when you least expect them.
  110. Little kisses make the world go round.
  111. Get the light, fluffy kiss of summer.
  112. When you kiss someone, you know you are making a connection with them.
  113. I’m sending these kisses your way because you are worth it ????
  114. It was only a kiss, but it felt like the beginning of something new.
  115. Don’t forget to always kiss when you say goodbye. A little tenderness can go a long way.
  116. What’s your favorite way to share a cheeky kiss? ????????
  117. Our kisses are sweet and true. Thank you for your support ❤❤
  118. life’s sweetest thing… #Kisses
  119. Kisses don’t cost a thing but giving them can transform your day.
  120. It’s not about the kisses. It’s about being happy and smiling together.
  121. For the most romantic kisses, there’s no better place than here.
  122. A sweet, calming feeling. The kiss that you give yourself, to help soothe your soul.
  123. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful. #Kisses
  124. There’s nothing better than a good kiss.
  125. A kiss is a small thing, but it can mean the world to someone. #kisses
  126. The best things in life are free like kisses from your man ☺️
  127. May your life be as full of kisses as these strawberries ????
  128. There’s a reason why kisses are the most contagious form of affection; they contain the most memories.
  129. When someone sends you a kiss, you’re not just celebrating their presence. You’re celebrating us as a species. ❤️
  130. When life gives you kisses
  131. I can’t get enough of these kisses.
  132. Just like you and me, some people like to kiss.
  133. I love kisses, I like kisses and I’ll tell you a secret: I’d give you a kiss if you asked for one.
  134. Kisses everywhere, some love is like a kiss from a rose, it means so much more than words could ever say.
  135. Give a peck on the cheek, or more? ????☀
  136. By far the best thing that has happened in this world this week is knowing what a kiss feels like ???????? . . . . . #single
  137. We love kissing, we love kisses on our cheeks, and we love kisses in the rain. A kiss is so much more than a kiss.
  138. When you feel like nothing can cheer you up, but then your lips meet a lover’s. ☺️
  139. A kiss is a promise that something good can happen.
  140. When you catch a glance of each other and share a smile, a kiss is born.
  141. Nothing makes me happier than when you give me a kiss ????
  142. There’s nothing like a little kiss to cheer up your day and give a boost of energy.
  143. To all the kisses that have been shared and will be shared. To all the loves that keep us warm on cold days and make us smile on dark ones. To every memory we create together, today and tomorrow.
  144. What’s better than a morning kiss? A morning kiss that lasts all day, every day. ????????
  145. There is no greater feeling than kissing someone you love. Just make sure they’re the right person first ????
  146. There are no words that can accurately describe the happiness you send me every time I kiss you. ????
  147. The best part of the day is when you get to kiss your girl without a care in the world.
  148. When you’re in love, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. When you’re not in love, it’s still pretty great too.
  149. A little kiss goes a long way.

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