150+ Caption About Happy Baby

Do you love babies?  Here’s a caption about a happy baby picture with positive words that will make you nostalgic and smile.

Caption About Happy Baby

  1. A happy baby is a smiling baby ???? ????
  2. A happy baby is a good baby. ????
  3. Born a happy baby????
  4. Baby’s first smile is a happy moment indeed.
  5. Babies make everything better.
  6. Baby smiles are the best, especially when you’re happy too.
  7. Who knew a baby could have so much fun?
  8. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a baby. #HappyBaby
  9. We love all the giggles, smiles and moments captured by our happy baby.
  10. Don’t you just love those moments when you have a baby and they start smiling at you? ❤️
  11. Laughing at the little things, the way he squeals when you tickle him. The way his little hand reaches for your finger and grips it tight so he can pull you towards him.
  12. Happy baby, happy little world!
  13. The happiest baby is always smiling. ????
  14. This baby’s got a smile that can light up the room.
  15. Happy Baby is a daily reminder to make every moment as happy as possible.
  16. When your baby is happy, you’re happy too. ????
  17. There’s nothing that makes me happier than this little guy ????
  18. We’re dreaming baby-friendly dreams. ????
  19. You’ll never forget the first time you saw this precious little baby smile.
  20. We love babies and we love what they do for our families. What’s your happy baby?
  21. When babies are happy, the whole world is a better place.
  22. Happy baby, happy life! We know that you’ll make your parents, friends, and family extremely happy.
  23. Happy baby is like a smile; it spreads all the way to your heart. We love you, baby!
  24. Their happy faces are the best!
  25. You know what makes a baby smile? When the world smiles back.
  26. Baby’s first smile. Baby’s first laugh. The stages of happiness ????
  27. Here’s to the joyous, happy babies who are born into this world every second of every day. We love you!
  28. The best way to see what happens is to take a look in your baby’s eyes. What do you see?
  29. Baby’s first smile: a big milestone for sure, but what a treat to watch him grow and develop in so many ways. Can’t wait for more milestones!
  30. Waking up to see your smile gives me a reason to get out of bed.
  31. Happy baby, who’s no longer a newborn but still makes us smile!
  32. Baby’s first smile is brand new. Happy baby indeed.
  33. You can’t help but be happy when you see a baby smile. #HappyBaby
  34. That’s the face of a baby who knows what he wants and goes for it.
  35. The happiest baby on Earth can’t be contained in a bottle.
  36. When you have a very happy baby, it’s hard to stay sad in the world.
  37. Baby is happy because she gets to nap in this cute little burp and bib collection ????????
  38. Here’s to the little ones who remind us why we love being parents.
  39. Raising a happy baby feels like a full time job. But somewhere along the way, you made it happen. Savor these moments with your little one and let them know how thankful you are!
  40. Happy baby, smiling through it all. ???? ????
  41. She’s the happiest baby ever.
  42. When your baby’s happy, the world is a better place.
  43. Just a little bit of peace and joy for this happy baby.
  44. What a precious little bundle of joy ????
  45. When you see a happy baby, you know it’s time for a walk.
  46. Everyone needs a baby to be happy and add some laughs and smiles to their lives ????
  47. Baby’s first smile, baby’s first steps. And all the milestones in between.
  48. Baby’s first smile is a moment you’ll never forget. ????
  49. They’re just so happy, they can’t even keep it in. The happiness radiates from the smile on their faces…
  50. The happiest baby in the world just got even happier.
  51. Every baby deserves a mommy who is happy.
  52. There’s something about a baby that makes us all feel like celebrating. Happy Baby ????
  53. The cutest, most precious little couple.
  54. A baby’s smile is the sweetest thing in the world and it’s never out of style.
  55. This little guy can’t stop smiling! He’s full of joy and happiness, even during nap time. ????
  56. There’s no better feeling than the promise of a baby in your arms.
  57. Baby’s first smile is very special and its contagious. You’ll have a whole lot of smiles on your baby from this moment on
  58. You’ll never get sick of the cuteness of this little guy ????
  59. This little guy is as cute as can be. What’s your favorite thing about him?
  60. A happy baby is a smiley baby!
  61. Happy baby is the light of our lives.
  62. Happy baby’s first smile and laughter.
  63. This little guy is just so happy.
  64. A happy baby has one thing on their mind: sleeping. But they can’t quite do it alone ????
  65. A big smile and a big heart is what makes this little one so happy.
  66. When your little one is happy and healthy, life is good.
  67. Every day, we’re reminded that babies are pure happiness. We all need a little baby in our lives to remind us of that and bring a smile to our face.
  68. A happy baby is a sweet baby, and our soft fabric and organic cotton makes it easy to snuggle in with your little one!
  69. Happy baby is smiling from ear to ear ????
  70. This little girl’s face is saying it all: happy baby
  71. Happy baby is a little girl or boy who loves to smile and make you smile too.
  72. The world is a better place when you have a happy baby.
  73. When you get what you want and it turns out to be a happy baby ????????
  74. What a happy baby, smiling and laughing as she’s watched by her mom.
  75. This little bundle of joy will be so happy!
  76. This little guy is so cute and happy!
  77. This happy baby is smiling from ear to ear, because she knows the only thing that’s better than a good day is a good night’s sleep.
  78. A happy baby is an adorable baby.
  79. Baby is smiling and people are happy.
  80. Baby is happier than you think.
  81. Happy baby. Life is insanely beautiful.
  82. There’s nothing more adorable than a baby. And there’s nothing better than a happy baby!
  83. Let your little one enjoy the sweetest, richest experience of their life. #HappyBaby
  84. The cutest thing on earth. #happybaby
  85. If you’re feeling down and your baby is happy, everything is going to be okay.
  86. Happy Baby, with a smiley face this is an adorable way!
  87. It’s a happy baby. Just like you! ????
  88. Every baby deserves a colorfully happy birthday ???? ????
  89. You’ll never see a happier baby. ????
  90. Our little angel was so happy to have a video of her!
  91. Baby’s first smile is a million dollar smile, and ours just got even bigger…
  92. A little bit of baby happiness is always better than a lot of sadness.
  93. You’re so cute I want to pinch your cheeks. ????
  94. A happy baby is a healthy baby.
  95. Baby’s are the cutest of all.????
  96. Life doesn’t get better than this and neither does a happy baby.
  97. We’re here for you when you need it most. Happy baby!
  98. Every baby is beautiful, but this one is extra bright. ????
  99. This sweet baby you see in the picture is happy as can be on this beautiful day.
  100. Bringing a smile to mama’s face is easy when you have a happy baby. ????
  101. On the lookout for new parents? This baby is the cutest in the room at any event.
  102. Life’s a ball of energy, and babies are having fun all over the world!
  103. Meet your new happy baby. It’s a great time to be a mom, or at least it is if you have the right brand of sleepwear ????
  104. Our newest little bundle of joy is here! Our first kid, no matter how you look at it, he’s a baby. We’re totally beyond thrilled to welcome him into our family and can’t wait to watch him grow up. Enjoy the season.
  105. Remember when you had a baby and everything was better because of his smile?
  106. A good life is never simple. So when you have a baby, be extra careful about the things that you love.
  107. Happy Baby, who’s just a little bit happier than you!
  108. A happy baby. A smile that says it all. #HappyBaby
  109. Happy Baby, who is always smiling and lovable. ❤
  110. This little baby girl is smiling because she’s happy. Happy Baby
  111. Bringing smiles to the faces of babies and parents alike, our products are the perfect companions.
  112. Meet the newest family member. We had the greatest time with this adorable little guy.
  113. This little munchkin is all smiles today. What a delightful moment. ????
  114. She’s got that smile that makes you feel all warm inside.
  115. Happy baby is a cute little baby who always makes you feel happy and good.
  116. Baby smiles like he knows something you don’t.
  117. This little one is so happy. His smile melts our hearts!
  118. There’s a happy baby in all of us. Just don’t tell her. ????
  119. A baby is happiest when they are comfortable, safe, and well rested. With a comfortable crib mattress, your little one will sleep soundly all night long.
  120. The happiest baby on the planet. ????????
  121. Happy Baby is a little bundle of joy that brings happiness to all you encounter.
  122. You’re a happy little baby in this cute outfit. What a cutie!
  123. It’s a sunny day. Time to enjoy it with your happy baby inside.
  124. Happy Baby is here to make you feel like a kid again. What are you waiting for? Go get your Happy Baby now!
  125. Another happy day with my mini me!
  126. Life’s too short for sad baby faces. Be happy and smile more.
  127. It’s hard to imagine what you’ll become when your first smile falls on the world. But it’s easier to see that you are already so full of love, hope, and promise. Happy Baby!
  128. Baby is happy. Baby is cute. Baby is very cute, indeed.
  129. The cutest little baby you’ve ever seen is a happy baby.
  130. The cutest baby in a world full of pretty babies.
  131. When you see your baby smile, it melts your heart
  132. You’re dreaming, that’s what you are. Baby dreams of being happy. ????
  133. Babies are the happiest, most beautiful creatures we’ve ever seen. ????
  134. For baby and mommy, a peaceful place to rest.
  135. The most pure and sweet moments of a baby’s life are caught in these photographs.
  136. A happy baby smile can change the world.
  137. Happy Baby is about being happy, healthy, and free.
  138. Happy Baby smiles in the most adorable way! ☺
  139. The most adorable baby with a big smile and tiny hands waiting for his mother.
  140. We’re all about little ones who make us smile. ????
  141. When you feel like you’ve had a rough week, but your baby is smiling at you with a look that says everything is going to be ok.
  142. Here’s to the little ones who wait, and here’s to all the babies who got a rainbow for their first day of school. ☺???? #happybaby
  143. Happy baby, who’s got the biggest smile. ????????❤️
  144. A baby with a cheeky smile, full of joy and laughter.
  145. Happy baby is a joyous and adorable way to start your day!
  146. Well, this is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. ???? #happybaby
  147. Baby smiles at the world with a contented little face. Happiness is infectious and when you give that to someone, they will feel good about themselves.
  148. The only thing that matters is that your baby is happy and safe, so snuggle up to them all day. ❤
  149. The happiest baby is a baby that laughs and smiles!
  150. This adorable newborn baby is a happy little camper. ????
  151. She’s the happiest baby you’ll ever see. And she loves her family more than anything. ❤
  152. This little guy is so full of energy, it’s kind of ridiculous. #happybaby

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