140+ Boyfriend Sweater Captions

The best thing about boyfriend sweaters is that they can be worn by women of any size. That’s why they’re great. But every sweater comes with it’s own set of captions, and therefore its own special meaning if you pay attention to what’s being said. I’m going to tell you the 120+ best ones so you can get your grins today:

Boyfriend Sweater Captions

  1. Let your man know you love him with this cute boyfriend sweater…#huggles #cute
  2. My boyfriend is the best, my best friend, and my favorite sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  3. I’ll be the girl who loves you like a friend would, but still wears your sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  4. Your sweetheart sweater is the perfect way to show someone how much you care. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  5. I love you more than any other sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  6. My boyfriend is a sweater and I’m a sweatshirt ??? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  7. It’s the sweater that makes all other sweaters jealous. ?#MyBoyfriendSweater
  8. This sweater will keep you warm and look cute with any outfit. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  9. I’m not sure if it’s my new sweater or you but I’m feeling all warm and cozy.#MyBoyfriendSweater
  10. When your boyfriend says you are his everything. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  11. Just because I’m wearing this, doesn’t mean you have to dig it! ? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  12. I love you, but I’m sorry. You’re the best, but I like my sweater black.
  13. I love how you make everything look so easy ?? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  14. It’s not everyday you find someone who understands your love for his sweater.
  15. My Boyfriend sweater is the perfect way to show your love for your man.
  16. I believe that every man should own a sweater. It’s like your special little secret handshake ?
  17. The perfect complement to his sweater collection, this one’s for you. #1 BF
  18. Hey handsome, I’m wearing one of your sweaters.
  19. Bae, your sweater is looking pretty good. Did you know that you can write something cute on a sweater?
  20. Someone Who Likes To Be Warm And Cuddly #boyfriendsweater
  21. This sweater is better than anything you could buy for me. It’s mine! #sweater #believe
  22. It’s almost sweater season! ?
  23. My boyfriend sweater is always on point. ??
  24. If you like my idea of a date night sweater as much as I like yours, then you might love these boyfriend sweaters.
  25. This sweater is a reminder that your boyfriend is the best. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  26. This sweater could be my forever boyfriend.
  27. If you love me, don’t ever ask me to buy you a sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  28. I have a cute sweater… you better treat me right ? #BoyfriendSweater
  29. When you’re feeling like someone cute is watching you, but it’s just your boyfriend. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  30. He makes me feel like a BOSS even when I’m wearing his sweater ?
  31. Convinced you can’t have too many sweaters? ? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  32. You look cute when you’re happy, but you look even cuter when you’re wearing his sweater.
  33. I love my boyfriend so much. He’s a great guy, who I’m lucky to have in my life. I wish a lot of people were like him, so I hope the people reading this will date like he does and you will too! ? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  34. If you’re looking for a cozy companion that’s always there for you, look no further than this guy! #MyBoyfriendSweater
  35. You’re my everything. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  36. You can always count on this guy to look good, and also be there for you! ? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  37. When you can’t figure out what to say, just wear your boyfriend sweater. It always makes everything better.
  38. When you feel extra safe and cozy in this boyfriend sweater, you can just sit back and chill.
  39. I don’t know what I’d do without my #bff boyfriend sweater.❤
  40. My boyfriend sweater is what keeps me warm on the coldest days of the year and I love you for it. ?
  41. My boyfriend is the best. He makes me feel like a superhero when I wear this sweater.
  42. It’s a sweater, but it’s a shirt. It’s summertime, so get comfy in this boyfriend sweater.
  43. How do you feel about this sweater? I know it makes me look just like my boyfriend ?
  44. This sweater is a reminder that my boyfriend is everything to me. ❤
  45. I love this sweater because I get to wear it everyday with my boyfriend ???
  46. There are few sweaters that make me feel more confident than this one. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  47. This season’s sweater to keep ‘em warm but not too hot. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  48. I’m gonna be ready to snuggle up when you come home tonight. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  49. I love you. Thanks for always making me feel better when I’m down ❤️ #MyBoyfriendSweater
  50. Boyfriend sweater for your best friend
  51. A sweater that makes you feel like a real boyfriend.
  52. This boyfriend sweater is perfect for snuggling up to. ?
  53. The sweater that says “I’m so in love with you, my boyfriend”
  54. Your sweater’s too cute to hide. Let it be known that I love you. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  55. This sweater is the perfect way to show off your bae ? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  56. It’s not just the sweater, it’s you.  #MyBoyfriendSweater
  57. I’m always up for his sweater ❤️  #MyBoyfriendSweater
  58. My boyfriend is a keeper. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  59. I love the way you spend my money, I just wish you’d spend it with me. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  60. I can’t live without you. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  61. You’re all I need, but you can never take my sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  62. I’ll take you out in the cold. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  63. How I feel about my Boyfriend sweater after a long day at work.
  64. There are 2 kinds of girls: the girls who have boyfriend sweaters and the girls who don’t.
  65. ❤️?the best boyfriend sweater of all time
  66. Your sweater is my favorite accessory this fall. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  67. I’m sorry if I don’t say “I love you” enough. I think it’s my sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  68. When you’ve got a sweater to keep you warm, but your heart is already warm enough. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  69. It’s a cold day in NYC. Hug your boo. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  70. “I love you so much, and I don’t know how to say it.”? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  71. You are my best friend in the whole wide world and boy do I love you #MyBoyfriendSweater
  72. He loves to make me smile. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  73. I will never forget the time we spent together; it was my favorite summer. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  74. You’re my love, my heart and my life. Happy Valentine’s Day #MyBoyfriendSweater
  75. I can’t believe how much our relationship has changed since we got together. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  76. The struggle is real, but I’m happy to support you through it. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  77. Be my valentine, my angel, and my life. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  78. My boyfriend would love this sweater. #boyfriendsweater
  79. Sweet sweater for your sweet boyfriend.
  80. You’re my sweater. My arms are your sleeves. And we’ll go wherever you want us to go. I love you so much, Sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  81. You will never find a more perfect sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  82. I always have the right sweater for any occasion. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  83. His sweater is so cute and cozy, I can wear it all day long! ? ? ? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  84. His sweater is everything I need in my life right now. ❤️
  85. I’m a little bit old and a little bit new. The sweaters that I like, you’ll find in my closet. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  86. I see a lot of your sweaters, but I haven’t seen you in a long time. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  87. What’s your favorite sweater? Mine is this one because it makes me feel warm and cozy. ? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  88. My boyfriend makes me smile. ♥️ #MyBoyfriendSweater
  89. My guy is my world. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  90. When you’re the only man in town who can make a girl feel this good. ☀? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  91. Every day I’m looking forward to seeing you, because that makes me so happy. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  92. I don’t know how to feel about the fact you’re wearing this sweater, but it looks good on you.
  93. Hey! This sweater is for the one who makes me feel like the world is a better place to be.
  94. I’m half-cute, half-awesome. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  95. Because he’s watching you . . . he knows what you want. ? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  96. I just love him so much, I could eat him. ☝? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  97. Your face when I put this on for the first time… ?? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  98. Take me as I am, or take me as I was. Either way, I will always be yours. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  99. It’s never too early to wear a boyfriend sweater.
  100. When you’re ready to be a little more daring in the cold weather, grab this boyfriend sweater.
  101. “I want you to see my favorite sweater. I love it so much that I wear it even when I’m not cold. It’s also kinda cute because it says, ‘My boyfriend rocks my world’”
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  103. It’s not a sweater, it’s our love story.
  104. Hey, it’s a great sweater with a perfect cami and jeans. I’m your girlfriend.
  105. Tell me what’s more romantic than this sweater??
  106. It’s not everyday you get to wear a sweater that says “I love you.”
  107. I think you’re super cute, but also I want to wear this sweater all the time.
  108. I love you more than your sweater I’m wearing right now.
  109. My Boyfriend’s sweater is my everything, and he knows it. ?
  110. I don’t have time to explain why I’m #allthethings in this sweater. ?
  111. My boyfriend is always telling me I look “chill, but hot” in his sweater ??
  112. Hey, I’m your best friend. You’re my boyfriend. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  113. Sometimes we need a little bit of cuteness to make us happy. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  114. The best thing about winter is your boyfriend sweater.
  115. Your sweater says a lot about who you are, so it’s important to take a minute to tell the world about your guy.
  116. This sweater is perfect for a cute date or just hanging out with the boyfriend.
  117. Hey, I’m wearing his sweater. Let’s make out in it. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  118. When you wear the right sweater, everything else is just details. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  119. The sweater you don’t want to take off. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  120. This sweater is a total gift and I’m totally wearing it. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  121. What’s better than snuggles in a sweater? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  122. When he’s gone, I wear him like a sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  123. Life is too short to wear boring sweaters. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  124. “I love you babe. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and I want you to keep being the best person I can possibly be, because I need your strength, trust, and love.” #MyBoyfriendSweater
  125. I’m wearing this sweater because every time I see you, I think of how much I love you.
  126. My favorite thing about fall is waking up next to you and falling back to sleep with a movie. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  127. The best part about being a girlfriend is that you always get to wear his sweater… no matter what the weather.
  128. You can’t say no to a sweater that says “I love you” ? #MyBoyfriendSweater
  129. Hey, his sweater is cute. I think you need it more than me.
  130. I’m not sure who looks cooler in this sweater but I know he’s hot.
  131. Even when the weather drops, you can stay warm with your bf in this cozy sweater.
  132. I don’t have any words to describe how much I love his sweater, just know that it’s everything and more than you hoped for.
  133. Love you, sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  134. My favorite sweater is the one I’m wearing. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  135. Sleeves up for the season of sweater weather, because it’s time to snuggle up. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  136. His sweater is giving us life.
  137. I don’t wear a ton of clothes, but when I do, this is my go-to. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  138. You can’t go wrong with a classic. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  139. He’s always on my side. #MyBoyfriendSweater
  140. This boyfriend sweater is a daily reminder that he knows my heart beats for him.
  141. Sweater weather is here, and this boyfriend sweater is ready to capture the season’s mood.
  142. His sweater. My love. He’s just so cute! #MyBoyfriendSweater
  143. Just say “I love you” with a sweater. #MyBoyfriendSweater

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