130+ Caption About Going To Church

I’ve compiled a list of captions about going to church. These captions are sure to inspire the times you’re feeling discontent with attending church. Enjoy!

Caption About Going To Church

  1. Life is a journey, but you can start by going to church.
  2. What’s a Sunday without some good ol’ church-going?
  3. Going to church. What a great way to start the week.
  4. I go to church. I might not believe in you, but I still go. #religion
  5. Church is where you find peace, refresh and recharge.
  6. Going to church is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your community.
  7. Going to church is a way of life. You’ll be blessed by the fellowship and uplifting messages you hear every week!
  8. The most powerful thing you can do for yourself is to go to church. It’s time to change your Sunday mornings ????
  9. Going to church is really cool. It’s about being with your best friends, the ones who make you smile even when you’re crying.
  10. Church is not just a place to pray and worship. It’s a place to meet friends, listen to music, get inspired, find community and make memories.
  11. Going to church is a little bit like going to the zoo. You’re a little nervous, you’re curious, and you wonder what’s going to happen next.
  12. Sundays are the best time to treat yourself. But by the end of the day I’m always glad I went to church, it just makes everything better ????.
  13. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday morning wherever you are.
  14. Walking into church is a bit like going to your best friend’s house for dinner. You know they’re waiting on you so show up and bring some snacks with you.
  15. It’s a beautiful day to go to church
  16. I can hear it now. “Hey! Hey! Hey, you! You wanna go to church with me?”
  17. Sometimes you just gotta go to church to keep your head right.
  18. Going to church was never this fun.
  19. Taking a break from my busy schedule at church.
  20. Ramen and church. What a great combo ????
  21. I’m going to church today. Because it’s Sunday, and I want to believe in something bigger than myself.
  22. I love going to church. It is like a giant surprise party every Sunday!
  23. Going to Church is something that we all do. To help you prepare for your Sunday worship service, here are some tips to make you more comfortable and at ease.
  24. I’m feeling great. It’s been such a beautiful day at church.
  25. Worshiping in the light.
  26. Church—it’s not just what you do on Sunday. It’s also what you do all week, every week.
  27. Church is more than a building. It’s a community filled with warmth, acceptance and encouragement.
  28. We’d like to remind you that God loves us and then forgives us.
  29. It’s an experience that can’t be put into words.
  30. I’m going to church. It’s a spiritual journey, ready or not.
  31. Have you been to church lately?
  32. One thing we can all relate to is “church” ????.
  33. Going to church is a good way to spend your time, relax and feel refreshed.
  34. It’s always a good day when we can get ready and go to church.
  35. There’s something cathartic about going to church. You see, you’re doing what you should be doing—you’re seeking God.
  36. Going to Church is a little bit more than your average Sunday. It’s a time to celebrate and enjoy God in all that we do.
  37. I’m going to church today. I’m so into my mission and I feel like there is so much power in the air.
  38. We go to church for the same reason we came here in the first place – because it’s important to be part of a community who loves and supports one another.????
  39. I guess I’m the exception. My church is right there in my living room.
  40. Worship is a beautiful thing.
  41. We got to church and the service was really intense. Afterwards, I felt like I needed a drink but there was no liquor in the house.
  42. What are you doing this Sunday?
  43. Sunday is a day to stop, remember that we are all a little imperfect and learn to forgive others.
  44. It’s about going to church every Sunday.
  45. When you’re going to church, it’s all about the people ????????
  46. I’m going to church today. This is a great way to start my Sunday, isn’t it?
  47. Church isn’t just a place where you go to hear the Word, but it’s a place where God works!
  48. Going to church is like going on vacation to an exotic location…but better. ????
  49. Church is where we come together with the people that make up our community, and it’s also the place where God gives us strength.
  50. When Sunday mornings come around, so do the best outfits.
  51. Sunday is for worship, so use it as a day to focus on the Lord and enjoy fellowship with your community.
  52. To live each day with God, you have to show up.
  53. Sunday morning is a time to reflect on how far you’ve come and how much God has blessed you.
  54. What’s your favorite part about church? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!
  55. Take a moment to reflect on your faith. What message would you like to share with others?
  56. I like to think of Sunday as a day of rest, but for me it’s really just the beginning of a new week.
  57. Just visiting? You’re not missing much. ????
  58. Still got time for Sunday brunch? ☕✌????
  59. Going to church can be a very rewarding experience.
  60. When you go to church, it’s like going home.
  61. Church is the most effective form of self-care
  62. Going to church is one of the most important things you can do for your community.
  63. We go to church every Sunday. It’s a good thing!
  64. If you’re looking for a spiritual uplift, there’s no better place than church.
  65. Going to church is one of the most important things I do every week.
  66. Going to church is a great activity that you can do with your family and friends.
  67. There’s a reason we all go to church every Sunday. It’s not just because we have to.
  68. Taking their Sunday best to church this morning, our favorite church family! #SundayMorning
  69. You go to church, but you can’t fool God—Church is the only place where you and your kids can be together.
  70. There’s something about church, especially the way you feel when you walk out of it.
  71. When life is full of storms, it’s so comforting to know there’s a place where I can find peace.
  72. I’m always stoked when I get to spend time with God, and He has always been there for me.
  73. Going to church is like going back home.
  74. Going to church… no, all that is required is to show up.
  75. The best time of day is when you’re going to church. #WhatHappenedInTheChurch
  76. We all go to church on Sundays, don’t we? ????????‍♀️
  77. Sunday morning means going to church. Be sure to arrive on time—early bird special ????
  78. The best part of Sunday is the music. #GoToChurch
  79. Our purpose is to worship God.
  80. Sunday: you are invited to worship and live a brand new day.
  81. Gotta love how Jesus’s followers just get it. Don’t they?
  82. I’m not religious, but I know God is there. ????
  83. Worship, community and love. It’s a beautiful thing.
  84. Sunday morning is the best time of the week. ????
  85. As I’m sure you can tell, we love this Sunday. ????‍♂️
  86. It’s Sunday, and we’re ready for church.
  87. We all need to go to church sometimes.
  88. Going to church has never been so cool.
  89. We all need to go to church sometimes. ????
  90. This week I went to church. ????????‍♀️
  91. Are you going to church this morning? We’re excited to worship with you!
  92. The only thing better than going to church is going to church with my friends.
  93. Going to church isn’t just about listening to a sermon, it’s also about getting connected with people who are going through the same thing you are.
  94. We’ve got you covered with the best of both worlds: church and coffee! ????????
  95. Spreading a little love one Sunday morning.
  96. It’s Sunday morning and I can’t help but smile as I head to church for my weekly dose of worship.
  97. Going to church is like going to the beach. The vibe is always there, and when you get there, you’re surrounded by all your favorite people.
  98. To the giants, when I get there… You know who you are: Make way for my God-sized frame! #awkwardmoment
  99. Going to church is like going to the movies these days.
  100. It’s Sunday Funday! Get ready for a day of worship and fellowship.
  101. Church is a place where you can find community, support and comfort. So don’t be afraid to go—you’ll find it there!
  102. Going to Church is going to a place where God is more important than my worries, where I can trust that Jesus Christ died so I would have eternal life, and so much more.
  103. Church is the only place you can be yourself and still connect with others.
  104. I was at church today and this was on the bulletin board. I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but it made me think of you.
  105. Who needs a car when you can have God? At least he doesn’t have a scratch on his paint job.
  106. Going to church is like apple pie: no matter who makes it, it’s always good. ????
  107. It’s a Sunday morning and we’re all feeling the love. ☕
  108. I’m going to church, you are too.
  109. We go to church so that we may see and touch the hand of God.
  110. Going to church isn’t just a place to be, it’s a state of mind.
  111. Going to church has never felt so good. ????????
  112. I’m going to go to church this morning. I’m going to see Jesus and ask Him to save my life.
  113. It’s never too early to start the Sunday school curriculum.
  114. It’s not just a place of worship. It’s a place where our relationship with God is celebrated.
  115. Church is always a great excuse to hang out with friends, sing along and enjoy the good old fashion community.
  116. If you missed the Mass today, don’t worry. We’ll see you at church tomorrow!
  117. Have you ever been to church? I’m always surprised by how many people don’t go. I think it’s a good place for reflection and connectivity with others.
  118. Sunday morning is for worship, but it’s a great time to catch up with friends and family too!
  119. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Time to go to church.
  120. A little inspirational tone ???????? #church
  121. Church is a time to be uplifted and encouraged by the presence of God.
  122. What’s more fun than going to church? ????????
  123. It’s not about you. It’s about Jesus.
  124. Meeting God in the small moments of life.
  125. When Sunday morning rolls around and you’re fresh AF, and ready to rep the religion ????
  126. I’m a believer. I believe in God, and I believe he’s up there, looking down on us.
  127. We believe that no matter what the circumstances are, God can bring good out of them.
  128. You’re going to church. You’ll feel right at home.
  129. Be like little children going to church.
  130. Hey, you down for church?
  131. “Going to Church” is not a bad thing. It’s good to invest in community, connection and relationships.
  132. The best part about going to church is the fellowship.
  133. Going to church isn’t just about worshiping God, it’s about connecting with others who are also seeking to make their lives better.
  134. Going to church every Sunday is a blessing. And we’re grateful for the opportunity to worship with you.
  135. Sunday is just another day to worship my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  136. There’s something about a gathering of people who are passionate about Jesus, who want to love and serve one another.
  137. When life’s a drag, our Savior is always in the cross ????????.
  138. To see you each week, to share in the good things God has done, and to hear the comforting sounds of the people around you.

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