120+ Caption About Long Flight

Travel can be exhausting, especially when you’re going to a different time zone and dealing with jet lag. Here are some captions to help you stay up and maintain productivity during your long flight.

Caption About Long Flight

  1. Long flight, long day. And then a long flight home.
  2. Long flight? Yes, please.
  3. Say hello to your new best friend — the long-haul flight.
  4. Traveling for business or pleasure, we’re with you on your long flight.
  5. It’s a long flight home, but it’s worth it.✈️☀
  6. It’s been a long flight, but I’m finally here.
  7. Something about a long flight makes us all want to binge watch Netflix.
  8. Long flights are better with
  9. friends—and a favorite book.
  10. It’s a long flight, but at least we have each other to keep us company. ????
  11. We’re working on making our long flight’s a little less long, but in the meantime, here’s your 30-second ride to the front of the line… ????
  12. We’re so excited to be back after a long flight. Let’s get this party started!
  13. Long flights can be pretty exhausting. But they’re also opportunities to do some soul-searching and self-reflection. Hope you find the time to recharge!
  14. We have a good flight ahead of us and we’re ready to get there. Cheers!
  15. To all the travelers out there, if you haven’t had enough time to read your favorite book yet on the flight, no worries. We have you covered!
  16. Just landed in Vegas and ready to blow off some steam.
  17. Long flight is a term used to describe one’s journey from the origin of an object or place to another.
  18. Long flight is rough, but it’s our new favorite #traveling combo
  19. Some things you don’t want to miss when you’re on a long flight.
  20. Flying long is always going to be an adventure.
  21. Long flights are rough. But the good news is, we’ve got you covered. ????
  22. There’s nothing like a long flight to make you appreciate the little things.
  23. The long flight from home to the airport, through the clouds and blue sky, all the way to your destination.
  24. The long flight home can be a good thing—it gives you time to recharge.
  25. Flying long? Here’s how to make this flight as smooth as possible. ????❤️
  26. Long flight? Don’t sweat it. These are the things you need to make sure your cosmetics will survive the trip.
  27. Don’t let long flights keep you from seeing where you want to go. We’ve got a little road trip in mind for you.
  28. Long flight? No problem. Always stay hydrated while you’re on the move with our lightweight personalized water bottles.
  29. Take a look at the sky and feel like you’re on top of the world.
  30. Good morning. It’s a long flight, but we’ll make it worthwhile.
  31. Getting ready for a long flight, but at least it’s on the ground for a short time. ????
  32. We’re on a flight that feels like it lasts forever. The view is pretty though. ????
  33. Long flight, long layover. But first, here’s some tea ☕️
  34. Nothing like a long flight to get your mind off the day-to-day worries, huh?
  35. On one of those long flights there was nothing to do but watch the clouds and wonder if there’s a secret code hidden in them.
  36. Long flight? Not when you’re in the sky with EaganAir! We’re your one-stop shop for travel and hospitality solutions.
  37. The view from my seat on the long flight to Tokyo was really nice.
  38. A long flight can be an opportunity to reflect, decompress and relax. But let’s not forget the essentials: snacks, drinks & music.
  39. I made it to the other side of this long flight with a smile on my face.
  40. When you travel for a long time and then have to wait in the airport, it’s nice to get a little bit of respite from the tedium.
  41. At least you’re thinking, “At least I’m not flying for a long time.”
  42. I’m going to have a long flight at the airport in a little while—how do I manage my anxiety?
  43. When you’re on the same plane with a beautiful stranger and you look over, and she’s staring at you like you’re the most interesting person in the world.
  44. It’s finally time to relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the new scenery.
  45. We’ve all had long flights, but this one takes the cake.
  46. A long flight can be tiring, but these snacks will keep you going. #longflight
  47. Get ready to fall asleep in a few hours…on a long flight. ????
  48. Hey there, long-distance air traffic controller! We’re on our way.
  49. Never underestimate the importance of stretching out on an airplane.
  50. Sky high: the feeling of being on a long flight, one that’s relieving but also a little daunting.
  51. Long flight, but worth it. Who’s ready for summer?
  52. There’s nothing like a long flight to make you appreciate all the good things in life.
  53. A long flight is always a lot more fun with a good book. ☀
  54. Long flights suck. But these finds are worth making your way through the airport for.
  55. For those long flights, here’s a list of ways to pass the time (even if it’s just sitting in one place).
  56. Long flights are never easy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t bring some work with you ✈️
  57. As much as we dread the flight, it always feels like the end of an era.
  58. Let’s be honest, any flight longer than an hour and a half is a long flight. ????
  59. If I could fly, this flight would be longer than any other.
  60. Your destination is right around the corner, and you’re going to be there in no time—but first: the long flight.
  61. Ready for a good long flight? We’ll be here, waiting for you when you land.
  62. Time to unwind with some snacks, movies and a long flight.
  63. When you have a long flight ahead of you, don’t worry. We’ve got your back.
  64. We’re so glad to be back from our long flight. #AirPanda
  65. Long flights are one of the worst things about traveling—especially when they’re over a long weekend.
  66. You don’t have to be on a long flight to feel anxious. The anticipation, the unknown and the need for a good night’s sleep can make anyone feel like they’re flying.
  67. A long trip is made better when your favorite movie is on the screen, and there’s plenty of leg room to stretch out.
  68. The long flight home gives us time to reflect on the past year, laugh at all the things that happened and look forward to what’s in store for us next.
  69. This is how you stay connected while traveling.
  70. Booking a long flight? You can get up to two free checked bags with our new partnership with @username. Stay tuned for more details!
  71. You’ve landed in good hands.
  72. We are all about looking forward to getting back on the road ????????
  73. It’s a long flight, but not as long as this.
  74. Relaxed vibes on a long flight
  75. The long flight to the place I once called home.
  76. Long flight, but it’s all good. We made it ????
  77. It’s not just the flight that’s long, it’s the anticipation as well.
  78. Long flight, good food and a great movie. That’s what we’re talking about this time of the year.
  79. There’s nothing like a long flight to make you think about the things that matter most.
  80. Sometimes, you just want to sit back, relax, and take a long flight. ✈️
  81. When you come home from a long flight…but it was definitely worth the wait ????
  82. The good thing about long flights is that you get to eat all the snacks you missed on the way. ????
  83. When you haven’t slept in 3 days and your body is ready for a nap but the flight attendants say no.
  84. What a long flight. We had to be at the airport super early to make sure we beat the crowds, but it was worth it!
  85. Take out your earbuds. Listen to the sweet sounds of LAX.
  86. We all need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  87. The long flight to the new job.
  88. It’s a long flight, but it’s worth it.
  89. Longest flight of my life, but it was well worth it.
  90. Hey, long flight ahead. It’s time to kick back and enjoy the view.
  91. A long flight takes a lot of preparation—but it’s worth it when you land in a place you’ve never been before.
  92. It’s a long way to the top of the world.
  93. The worst part about long flights is when you get stuck in the middle seat of an Airbus A380. #airbusoninstagram
  94. We’ve all been there. The long flight ahead of you. This is why we have the perfect mix for you: energy and inspiration to keep up with #SkyTango.
  95. There’s nothing like a long flight to make you appreciate how short the rest of life is. Plan ahead, pack light and enjoy every second.
  96. Being stuck on a long flight is never fun, but it’s even worse when your pet is in the same seat. ????
  97. Well, we made it. Great flight! Now let’s go enjoy the rest of our trip. ????
  98. Good news: We’re going to have a long flight tomorrow morning. Bad news: You’re going to have to deal with me for 24 hours.
  99. Long, languid days and sleepless nights. The things we do for you.
  100. The best part is that I get to have the whole plane for myself today. Thanks for flying Delta
  101. Long flight, but worth it ???? #Travel
  102. You’ll want to check out this TBT of a long flight ????
  103. It’s a long flight until the next time. ????
  104. Long flight? No problem, we’ve got you covered. ????
  105. No matter how many miles you have to travel, it’s always a long flight.
  106. Sometimes, a long flight can be the most exciting part of a trip.
  107. So many awesome things in store for this long flight! #lonelyplanet
  108. The journey is what makes the flight so worth it.
  109. You guys, it’s been a long flight ???? But I’m finally here!
  110. Long flights are the worst. But this mistral is the best.
  111. Watch out for that long flight home… we got nothing but love for you.
  112. Thank you for making me feel like a queen on this long flight ????????
  113. Just landed after a long flight, but what a great start to the day! Thanks for all the love. ???? ???? ????
  114. When you’re miles away from home and thousands of other humans.
  115. Long flight, short nap. #napsnotdiet
  116. Enjoy the long flight ???????? ????
  117. One of the most interesting things about long flights is being awake for days on end.
  118. This is what happens when you spend a long flight trying to get some sleep, and the flight crew decides it’s time to announce their presence.
  119. You know what’s great about long flights? You can’t even tell you’re on one.
  120. Long flight? We’ve got you covered with our new @username line. Coming soon to aisles near you ????
  121. Long flights can be rough. But with these tips from our flight experts, you’ll feel extra good when you land. ????
  122. Long flights are the perfect opportunity to close your eyes, put your headphones on, and zone out. ????
  123. Looking for something to occupy your time for the next few hours? This flight is going to be a lot easier than you think.
  124. You know you’ve flown a long time when… you’re not even sure which way is up.
  125. But after all the travel, we’re ready for the adventure ahead!
  126. This was the longest flight I’ve ever taken. I landed at 5 pm and had to be at work for 8 am—but it was totally worth it!
  127. You’re going to travel a long way, so bring your true self with you.
  128. We all want to be at our best when we arrive at our destination. So it’s important to take care of yourself during the flight ????
  129. Long flight, but one I’ll never forget. ???? ❤️
  130. Bring on the long flights. We’re a #teamflight to get you there and back.
  131. Long flight, good book, and Netflix. Definitely a good way to start the weekend.

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