125+ Caption About Looking Away 

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Caption About Looking Away 

  1. I’m looking away because I don’t want to see you cry. 
  1. Not looking away from the views, but rather towards them. 
  1. I’m not looking away. I see you. 
  1. I’m looking away, because I can’t be bothered with everything that’s going on, but it’s okay to admit. 
  1. Sometimes it’s OK to look away from the screen, put down your phone and just be present. 
  1. Looking away when things get hard can be dangerous. But you have to remember that your love isn’t going anywhere. 
  1. It’s easier to just look away. But if we don’t face the crisis, it will keep repeating itself. 
  1. You’re not alone. Every day, I see so many beautiful faces that make me look away. And then there are the tears. ☺️ 
  1. A simple, yet powerful reminder: Be that person you want yourself to be. 
  1. When you look into the distance and see something beautiful, is it because you’re trying to find something? Or is it because you really saw it? 
  1. Sometimes the best thing about a sunset is looking at it, wondering if you’re still awake. 
  1. There are so many things I want to do, but I don’t want to do them right now. 
  1. Looking away, letting go. 
  1. When you are looking away, you are still looking at them. 
  1. Sometimes, you just have to look away. ???? 
  1. I’m not myself when I look away. 
  1. When you try to look away, but the world keeps pulling you back in. 
  1. When you can’t look at your phone. 
  1. When your eyes are looking away, you’re likely just thinking about the beauty in front of you.???? 
  1. Looking away can be a powerful tool. It’s okay to take a break sometimes and recharge, instead of checking your phone every 5 minutes. 
  1. Just for today, let’s look away from the hustle and bustle of our lives. 
  1. When you don’t want to face reality, but you know it’s time. 
  1. Looking away from my phone when suddenly I see a cute cat walk past. ???? 
  1. You can love the sun as much as I do, but you can’t look at it and not feel that burn. 
  1. This is difficult. This is hard. It’s worth it. 
  1. Sometimes you just have to look away. 
  1. Sometimes, we just need to look away. 
  1. When you’re looking away, it means we’ve been real. 
  1. To be honest, I’m a little afraid to look away. 
  1. When you need a little distance. 
  1. When the only thing you can see is you, but not for the reason you think. 
  1. The sun is shining. The world is fresh. There’s no better time to look away and find yourself. 
  1. When you can’t find the words to say what you really want to, but you know exactly what you mean. 
  1. We all know there are things we’d rather not see, but when it comes to the past, new and old, looking away doesn’t help. 
  1. Have you ever looked away from the face of someone you love? We have and we never want too again. 
  1. It’s OK to take a break from social media, even if you’re addicted. 
  1. When you’re in the dark, you can’t see the light. But it’s there, waiting for you. ???? 
  1. When the rest of the world disappears, there’s only you and me. 
  1. Sometimes it’s the quiet moments that make a day seem longer. #capturingmemories 
  1. Life is messy, but we can make it better by finding beauty in the struggle. 
  1. When you’re lost in the moment, look away. 
  1. Let’s take a moment to look away from the things that make us sad. 
  1. We know you’re looking at us, but we’re not looking back. 
  1. Sometimes we need to look away from the negative and focus on something positive. 
  1. Sometimes we just have to look away before we can see the beauty that surrounds us. ???? 
  1. When we are looking away from the pain, that is when it will hurt the most. 
  1. In a world full of distractions, it’s easy to get caught up in the noise. We can all use some looking away from time to time. 
  1. Ready to look away from our screens? We’re looking forward to it too. 
  1. Sometimes it’s hard to be present in the moment, but it’s important to look away and take some space. 
  1. I want to tell you a story. It’s about how sometimes when you look away, it’s okay to forget how much we love you. 
  1. Sometimes it’s good to look away from the world. Sometimes it’s hard to get away, though—especially with today’s technology at our fingertips. 
  1. Keeping an eye out for beauty in the small things. 
  1. I was looking away. I know it’s my fault that we’re not together anymore. But I’m still trying to find a way back to you. 
  1. I’m looking away because I don’t want to see what you’re doing. 
  1. Sometimes it’s good to look away. ???? 
  1. Looking away is an instinctive way to avoid uncomfortable, negative or stressful thoughts
  1. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop looking at it. 
  1. It’s all right to be a little scared, but the thing that will make you strong is making it okay to look away. 
  1. I want to be captivated by the beauty surrounding me, but I often find myself looking away. What do you do? 
  1. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s right in front of you, but when you look away, you can find your way again. ???? 
  1. They say, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. 
  1. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is look away. Now’s not always the right time to start something new, but it might just be the right time to slow down and take a breath. 
  1. When you end up in the same situation, you turn your back on it. But don’t forget where you came from and what got you here. 
  1. We all need a little time away. Whether by ourselves or with friends, we can use some solitude. 
  1. The beautiful part of the weekend is when you can look away from work and just relax. 
  1. The best things in life are right in front of you. The ones that feel like they’re slipping away, it’s time to reach for them. 
  1. Sometimes it’s best to look away. 
  1. When you look away, you miss the best view of your life. 
  1. This is how we feel when we’re not looking. #lookingaway 
  1. Sometimes you just have to look away. ???? 
  1. I’m looking away. I can’t see what you’re doing, but I know it’s not well. 
  1. Looking away from the chaos and into your own head. 
  1. But it’s okay to look away sometimes. ???? 
  1. Sometimes, the best way to deal with something is to look away and not think about it. 
  1. You’ll never see what you want to see if you keep looking away. 
  1. We all need a reminder to keep looking forward. 
  1. I’ve got my eyes on you. 
  1. A look across the room, over your shoulder and into your eyes. The only thing I see is you. 
  1. That’s what we do when we try to look away: We’re the ones who fall down. 
  1. The world is beautiful, but we’re so very lucky to live in it, so let’s look away from the insanity and enjoy our everyday lives. 
  1. This is what happens when you look away. 
  1. When your mind wanders, just look away. 
  1. Sometimes the best moments are when you’re looking away. 
  1. Looking away can be a good thing, if it leads you to a better place. ???? 
  1. Looking away from the bad things in life and finding happiness in a different place. 
  1. Looking away is the hardest thing to do when you want someone to notice you. And if someone doesn’t notice you, well…that’s probably because they don’t know how to look at you. 
  1. We spend so much time looking away, we forget how beautiful the world is. 
  1. I’m always looking away. From the outside, everything looks great. But in my heart – there’s something missing. 
  1. Sometimes looking away can help you see more clearly, and sometimes it only changes the way you look at things. It’s up to you. 
  1. I am often too busy looking around, to see what’s right in front of me. 
  1. When the world gets too much, sometimes we need to look away and let things happen naturally. 
  1. When you’ve got your best friend, you don’t need to look away. 
  1. As we grow older and face new challenges, we often look away from the things that could help us. We need to face the hard stuff head on and keep pushing forward. 
  1. We all need a break. Be kind to yourself and take time out to recharge. 
  1. I looked away and I missed it. 
  1. I’ve got your back, but I’m not looking at you. 
  1. Don’t look away but keep going. We’re here. 
  1. The world is a beautiful place but sometimes it’s easier to look away. 
  1. We look away sometimes. But if you keep staring at me, I’m going to have to look away back. 
  1. I can’t look away from you #fun 
  1. Sometimes you need to look away from the crazy world and just get lost in your own little bubble. 
  1. Does it make you uncomfortable to look away, when someone else is looking at you? 
  1. Feeling a little lost in the fog. 
  1. You never know what is going on behind your eyes. 
  1. Let’s talk about looking away. ???? 
  1. Looking away is just as bad as looking at it. 
  1. When life is too dark, look away. 
  1. I’m okay with looking away so that you can see what you are doing. 
  1. When we’re too focused on what to pay attention to, it might be time to turn and look away. 
  1. When it comes to the people who love you, there’s one thing you can always count on. Looking away. 
  1. All the pretty things in life are not worth looking at. 
  1. Looking away from the world that surrounds us, or pretending we don’t see it. We can’t change what we don’t face. 
  1. It’s okay to look away and, sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay. But don’t forget that you’re always someone’s light—even when you turn your face away. 
  1. Let’s not look away. Sometimes, our worst is all we see. So, look at it. Smile back. 
  1. I am looking away. I am not here to make you feel better. I am here to make myself feel better, I was the one hit on me first and it hurts more than you could imagine. 
  1. You can’t always find the good in a bad situation, but you can always find the good in yourself. 
  1. Let’s be honest, sometimes life feels like a hurricane. But we can’t stop going forward and looking forward to the day when it’s all gone away. 
  1. When you have nothing to say, look away. 
  1. “Looking away from the future is just looking away from the glory.” 
  1. Sometimes a simple look away can change the whole story. 
  1. I’m trying to look away, but I can’t. 
  1. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I’m looking away a lot right now. I do this because it’s the easiest way to hide the fact that my heart is breaking. ???? 
  1. Looking Away is a photo series taken over the course of one year. It documents my transition from being an active Instagrammer to being an inactive one. 
  1. We’ve all been there. The last thing you want to do is face your problems head on. So, why not turn away? 
  1. It’s easy to look away from the beauty of someone else. Be appreciative of their creation, and appreciate the work that goes into keeping them looking good ???? ???? 
  1. I’m still here. You can look back and see me, but it’s no longer necessary. 
  1. You don’t have to be brave. You must be bold and vulnerable and open, to show up in life. 
  1. Better to look away than stare. 
  1. Who needs a reason to look away? ???? 
  1. I’m sorry. I’m not looking at you right now. 
  1. It’s hard to look away when you know they’re staring. 

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