130+ Caption About Music Video

If you are looking for some great captions about music videos, it’s right here. Captions are extremely important to place at the top which can attract the attention of the viewers and make your website/ post more popular.

Caption About Music Video

  1. Getting ready to shoot my next Music Video.????
  2. Capturing the magic of music in a video is like giving life to an idea.
  3. What better way to spend your weekend than with a music video!
  4. When you’re feeling down, watch a music video. When you’re feeling good, watch a music video.
  5. This music video is sooo good and makes me smile, how do you feel about it? ????????
  6. The world is a beautiful place. The music in this video captures that essence, putting us in a state of awe and wonder. ✨????
  7. This song is for the people who get me ????????☔
  8. In the words of my favorite rapper: “This beats anything you could hear.”
  9. We’re living for this music video. Share your favorite line of dialogue, can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!
  10. I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s my favorite thing in the world, and I’ve been singing it for years.
  11. There’s a whole lotta love in the air tonight.
  12. Stay motivated and inspired with our latest music vid.
  13. We’re not sure what’s happening in that video, but we love it. Keep up the good work! ????
  14. “Sneaking out of work to shoot this new video and catch up on last week’s posts!
  15. “Life is like a music video. Just when you think it’s over, there’s always another verse.”
  16. Sometimes you just need silence to listen to your favorite song ????
  17. What’s a better way to spend your Friday than with a little music? ????
  18. The music video for our latest single. Hope you enjoy it!
  19. Selfies and Snapchats are good but don’t forget the music video.
  20. Here’s a little slice of my world ???? ???? ????????… #musicvideo
  21. A video to get your day started right.
  22. Guys, we’re not trying to sell you on the new music video. We just really like it.
  23. It’s funny how sometimes, the simplest things are the most powerful. The music video for this song is so simple, but it’s amazing!
  24. Music video by @username featuring @username, live on the tour stop at @username
  25. This is what the stars sound like when they sing together.
  26. Bring on the weekend with our new music video for “Salsa” featuring @username
  27. The best place to go when you’re feeling blue.
  28. We’re here for all you music lovers, we’ll always be there for you!
  29. When the song you’re listening to inspires you to dance in your kitchen.
  30. Our favorite thing in the world is to spend time creating music and video. Let’s make some more together!
  31. Can’t quite figure out what this song is about? We can’t either… but we love it anyway. ????
  32. The best way to start your day is with a smile, a song and a cup of coffee. What’s your morning routine? ????
  33. A music video is a dramatic or stylized piece of music that accompanies, often without words, a film, film trailer or television program.
  34. A music video to a song that you can’t get out of your head.
  35. This is how we make our day. #MusicVideo
  36. We made a music video for our song The Future is Now. Check it out!
  37. We’re in the studio, mixing our second single, ‘Music Video’.
  38. Just got a shiny new video ready to share!
  39. Think you’re ready for a night out? Check out our music video to see if its your thing.
  40. You can’t be too old to dance, and that’s what this video is all about.
  41. There’s a lot to be said about this song, but I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
  42. A jam for your day. A song for your mood. Let it be everything.
  43. Grab a friend and get ready for a wild ride.
  44. Just a few months into 2023, we’re already feeling so inspired by our music videos. We hope you enjoy ours as much as we love making them.
  45. The weekend is coming, let’s have some fun.
  46. When you need to feel the party but only have a moment to spare.
  47. Music video by our favorite band.
  48. A new music video from @username ????????
  49. It’s only a music video—get over it.
  50. We made a music video for our latest single “What Do You Want”. Check it out and let us know what you think!
  51. One of our favorite song of the year ????????
  52. Clap along if you know this song!????
  53. This music video is about a girl falling in love with an artist who’s not that into her. It’s like they have this intense chemistry and they just can’t ignore it.
  54. We’ve been working to make this video for months. We’re finally ready to share it with you.
  55. The perfect song to listen to while you’re at the beach or by the lake. ☀
  56. How did we miss the days of being in love with a song?
  57. Writing a song can be a struggle but making a music video is like writing a book. All the parts are there, you just have to put them together.
  58. We are not just about the music, we are about the people who make it and share it with you. Have a wonderful day!
  59. Listen, my friends. You have to go out and find your own Sunday morning soundtrack.
  60. We’re inspired by all the beats, moves, and grooves we see in this video. We can’t wait to see what you discover in your own creative process.
  61. A music video for the song “Seduce” by @username????
  62. Music video for the song “Lullaby” by @username.
  63. “Music Video” is a lovely pop song to dance and groove to. Enjoy!
  64. This is what happens when you get the band to the studio for a new video.
  65. It’s a beautiful day, stay open to see what happens next. #MusicVideo
  66. A little bit of everything—from a full day to a one-minute long song. Explore the world of music videos from all over the web.
  67. I guess this is the part where I tell you that it’s not just a song, but an experience.
  68. Who can resist this song??
  69. Sometimes all you need is a little music to make your day.
  70. We have a new music video for you today. It’s about this time of year, and we can tell you’re ready to get back to work. And aren’t we all?
  71. We’re not gonna sugar coat it. This is a fun song to dance to, but it’s also about going out there and doing something with your life.
  72. This is what happens when you combine our family, friends and love of music.
  73. We’re feeling this groove. ????????
  74. We’re going to be playing this song for the rest of our lives…
  75. You’re in for a treat with this music video.
  76. The beautiful art of music videos is making a comeback.
  77. Listen to the song, watch the video, and tell us what you thought about it!
  78. We took our time creating this video, but we know you’ll love it. #MusicVideo
  79. This music video is so simple, yet so effective. The choreography, the music and the wardrobe are what makes this video pop!
  80. This is the perfect song to get your groove on with.
  81. Our new music video for “I’ll Be There” has finally arrived. We’ve been hard at work on it for a while and we can’t wait to see you all share it.
  82. The perfect song for every day.
  83. If you’ve ever been in a bad mood, here’s a music video that will change your entire day.
  84. The song that got you through a long day, or is making you dance to the beat of your own drum.
  85. This is the music video for “Love Pop” by BandoYoko. The song is about feeling free and happy because you love someone, even when they’re not there with you.
  86. This is the age of music – and it’s been a wild ride. We can’t wait to see what’s next. ????????
  87. See you on the dance floor, featuring music from our new album and special guest @username???? ???? ????
  88. Music Video is a platform where we make the best music videos for your business.
  89. Music video where we do what we love and experience what makes us happy
  90. Music videos are the music industry’s best kept secret.
  91. This is the most chill music video of all time.
  92. Music is life, and we are the soundtrack.
  93. We’re so proud of this awesome music video! Check it out, and let us know what you think. #FernandOlivier
  94. We’re a little obsessed with this music video. Hope you are too!
  95. In the name of music, friendship and happiness.
  96. When you’re just SUPPOSED to fall in love with a song. ????
  97. The music was made to capture the feeling of being alone but not really.
  98. The song that got me through a breakup, a stressful exam, and my first interview. This is the kind of music video that doesn’t make you feel alone.
  99. This music video was not shot in a studio. We used only natural elements and the people of Baltimore ⚡️
  100. Still got that boom boom, my friend.
  101. A music video for the song “Music Video” by @username
  102. I’m feeling a little #MusicVideo right now.????
  103. Think you have what it takes to be a music video star? ????????
  104. This is what I’m listening to right now.
  105. Music Videos are a great way to enjoy yourself, and we’ve got the best one to help you get in the mood. ????
  106. This new music video is the definition of summer. Bright, happy and inspiring.
  107. When we find a song that makes us want to do something? ????????
  108. Featuring a range of styles and instruments, this song is uniquely yours.
  109. We enjoyed making this music video with you. Hope you love it as much as we do!
  110. A song that makes you want to tell your friends about, a song that you could listen to all day. That’s what music is for, right?
  111. When you watch this, it’ll make your day. ????????
  112. The perfect way to end your week ????
  113. ???? ???? ???? ???? We’re so grateful to collaborate with such an awesome artist and these are the songs that will soundtrack our lives this summer. Enjoy!
  114. It’s hard to tell if it’s the tunes or this guy who has my heart. Either way, I’m not complaining.
  115. Here’s to creating a positive vibe and having a lot of fun along the way. ????????
  116. A music video? Yes please. ????
  117. A new music video from @username. Check it out!
  118. Summer is the perfect time for a music video.
  119. This music video is a journey through the power of love and what it can do for you.
  120. It’s such a pleasure to premiere our new tune ‘Music Video’. This track is off of our upcoming album, which we’re releasing next month. Stay tuned!
  121. Want to feel alive this weekend? We’ve got your tickets to a fun, dancey music video from The 1975. Watch below:
  122. This is how we do it. #MyMVIsHere
  123. It’s a beautiful thing when you find a song that resonates with you, but it’s even better when the music video captures some of those sentiments in all their “beautiful” glory.
  124. The best moment of my day is when I find myself humming his music to myself. #MusicVideo
  125. This is my new favorite song by @username????
  126. All the things you love about summer, wrapped up in one great song.
  127. This song is a reflection of how I feel when I’m on the road and missing home.
  128. A little something to give you a lift while you’re working. ????
  129. This weekend, let’s all turn up to the sweet sounds of summer. “How Sweet It Is” by Marvin Gaye
  130. This is the music video to our new single, “I Miss You”. Check it out!
  131. This music video just made me cry.
  132. These days, we’re all about that feel-good music video. ????
  133. Share the video if you have listened to this song and if you like it.
  134. Turn up the volume and get ready to #DANCE! ????????

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