125+ Caption About Newborn Baby

Not sure what to caption a photo of your newborn baby? We’ve got you covered. Check out these captions for that perfect prelude to Instagram baby pictures. Press Tab to write more…

Caption About Newborn Baby

  1. Mommy’s little bundle of joy.
  2. Watch this little baby’s big smile.
  3. Little baby ????just smiling, eyes wide and full of wonder.
  4. When you’re a newborn baby, everything is new and exciting.
  5. You know a baby is born when they first smile at you.
  6. New parents, newborn baby, and the first year of parenthood. How is your new adventure?
  7. Meet our new baby, Luca. He’s a tough little guy who loves to smile and laugh loud!
  8. This little guy’s eyes are already looking around, he may be a little fussy at this point but he’s so sweet and good-natured. ????
  9. Meet our newest little one and her mommy, Harriet. They both were super cute and I am in love with the outfits they wore.
  10. I’m not a newborn baby, but according to my mom I kind of look like one. I love the way you can’t tell what I am from just looking at me!
  11. You are so small. But so perfect. You are growing and changing so fast!
  12. We are so lucky to be the parents of a beautiful baby girl. Welcome to our family, our world has turned upside down.
  13. We love this little one so much, we can’t help but get a little excited when they look at us with those big eyes. ????
  14. From sleeping through the night to growing up quick, your new world can be stressful. How will you cope?
  15. Newborn baby is so tiny and adorable!
  16. Baby’s first photo shoot, our newborn babe is a natural!
  17. Meet our little guy.
  18. Meet your little one. Born on April 22nd, our new arrival is a little miracle! ❤
  19. I can’t get over how much my little one is growing.
  20. First smile. First step. First word. So many firsts with a new baby!
  21. This baby boy was born this week, and his mom couldn’t be more in love. ????
  22. A fresh new addition to the family and all she wants to do is eat!
  23. Welcome to the world, little one. We’re so excited to watch you grow!
  24. You little one is full of love, just like your mom. ????
  25. This little guy is just so precious. Thank you for the sweet snap!
  26. Meet our little one, {Name}. She’s the perfect mix of everything we love—happy, healthy and adorable ????????
  27. The most precious person in the world. ❤
  28. There’s no better feeling than seeing your baby smiling up at you. Welcome home, little one❤️
  29. Stop everything and watch this baby’s face ????
  30. The sweetest, most precious baby we’ve ever seen.
  31. The cutest newborn baby is all smiles and giggles! What a precious little angel!
  32. This little guy is the cutest. ????
  33. The cutest thing in the world is right here.
  34. Look at this little guy! He’s still so tiny, but already loved by his mommy and daddy.
  35. When it’s time to celebrate, celebrate your baby! ????
  36. Baby girl and mommy enjoying the first break together.
  37. This little guy is ready to roll. ????????????
  38. A tiny little warrior.
  39. It’s a boy! Meet your baby brother. We’re so excited to welcome him into the world tomorrow morning.
  40. So cute! A photo posted by Life is full of moments like this.
  41. Baby’s first day home is a big moment. Here’s to the little ones who have made it this far! ????
  42. You see that tiny nose and those tiny hands? That little smile is all yours, baby.
  43. She has been a joy from the beginning.
  44. Meet your new little sister or brother ????
  45. Meet the newest member of our family: a bundle of joy we are so excited to call ours.
  46. Newborns are the sweetest.
  47. The cuteness level is cranked to 11.
  48. We’re so excited to welcome this sweet little baby into the world. Both mom and dad are doing well, and we’ll be sure to update you on the newest member of our family!
  49. When your baby is born, you realize it’s not just a newborn, it’s also an opportunity to celebrate the love of your life.
  50. Born July 29, 2023… This little lady was the love of our life.
  51. When you see your newborn baby for the first time, it’s pure joy. And when he wakes up smiling, it makes you smile all the more. ❤
  52. You’ve probably heard that newborn babies don’t understand pain. But they do feel it, and they need your help. Here are some strategies to help them cope:
  53. New life begins when you don’t have to sleep in a bed anymore.????
  54. Meet my little buddy, the newest addition to our family. He’s here for his first week and I’m so excited for all of the laughs we’re going to have together!
  55. She’s a little spitfire, but she’s worth waiting for.
  56. Newborn babies are so cute!
  57. Your little one is an adventurer. Explore this life with them by taking in the sights and sounds of the world around you. #NewbornBaby
  58. The cutest newborn baby ever! So tiny and snuggly. I can’t stop staring! ????
  59. Growing up so fast. Already 2 months old!
  60. A newborn baby is a delicate, precious thing. Be gentle with them. ????
  61. Newborn babies are so precious. They’re so tiny and they can’t do anything by themselves.
  62. Welcome to this world, little baby. You’re so precious and beautiful.
  63. Cute! Newborn babies are just so precious and it’s a fun time to capture them.
  64. Oh look at this little guy! He’s so precious and he makes me laugh ????????
  65. Congratulations! You’ve just become the newest member of our family. Welcome to the world, sweet little one.
  66. What are the first few moments of your baby’s life like?
  67. We’re lucky to have our little baby boy in our lives.
  68. Welcome to the world, little one. We’re so excited to watch you grow and learn this year.
  69. The sweetest little baby you’ll ever see.
  70. This baby girl is so adorable ????
  71. Who ordered a baby? He or she is the cutest thing you’ll see all day.
  72. Your sweet little miracle is here.
  73. What a bundle of joy! ????
  74. You don’t have to be born a baby to be one now.
  75. So sweet, so tiny and already so loved. That’s why we’re celebrating newborn babies today! ????
  76. Hello! It’s been a while since you’ve been born. Welcome to the world!
  77. This little one is full of character, and we can’t wait to see how she grows.
  78. Your baby has grown from a tiny size to the size of a peanut in just 9 months.
  79. He’s sleeping and his little fingers are wrapped around mommy’s finger.
  80. She’s so, so beautiful!!
  81. This little one is growing so fast! Keep up with their growth by following us on Instagram and Twitter. ????
  82. As the days go by, it’s amazing to see how much this little guy grows. ???????? We love you and can’t wait to meet you!
  83. Meet your new baby.
  84. Meet little (name) the newest member of our family!
  85. We’re so excited to introduce you to your baby! ????
  86. The cutest babies ever!
  87. This little guy is so adorable! Welcome to the world.
  88. Hey, everyone! Meet our little newborn baby girl. She’s so tiny and perfect ????????
  89. This little guy is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen!
  90. Meet this adorable baby girl everyone’s talking about. She’s a sweetheart with a ton of personality ????
  91. This little guy is all smiles.
  92. A new family member is here! This tiny little ball of joy is a true miracle, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. ????
  93. This little one is still learning so many things. But most importantly, he loves to snuggle with his mama ????
  94. Life is sweet—so let’s do it together. #BabyOnBoard
  95. What a beautiful little thing you are. Our hearts are bursting with joy for your life and the adventure it has in store for you.
  96. Our little guy is growing up! We love these tiny moments and can’t wait to see what else he can do with the rest of his life. ????
  97. A newborn baby is a bundle of joy that makes everyone smile.
  98. What a cutie! Meet our newest member of the family, born last week.
  99. This little one is so precious. Who needs a nap when you have a baby?
  100. The smile on this baby’s face is contagious. ????????
  101. It’s amazing to watch your baby grow and discover the world around them.
  102. Just like a newborn baby, my newest creation is still wriggling, squirming and all around adorable.????????‍♀️
  103. Hello little one! Welcome to the world, we love you already. ????
  104. Surprise! You’re a new mommy now. And you’ll need a little help getting used to your new life.
  105. She’s the most beautiful little thing in the world ????
  106. This little bundle of joy is the perfect reminder that life is sweet and it’s made even sweeter by a parent’s love. #HappyLiteracyDay
  107. Beau’s so tiny and perfect he’s hard to believe he’s a real person.
  108. The first days can be tough. But the good news is, baby’s so cute and tiny, your heart will never truly hurt when things get tough.
  109. The world’s cutest newborn baby.
  110. How cute are these newborn babies?
  111. It’s a little bundle of joy.
  112. Newborn baby is only 1 pound, but he’s got a lot of love to give.
  113. The most important time of your life is when your child enters the world.
  114. Every day is a new beginning. Welcome to the world, baby girl!
  115. The most beautiful moment in a newborn’s life is when it first comes out, looking all green and squishy.
  116. She’s on the way! Here’s to little #1.
  117. Newborn babies are so tiny that it may be hard to believe how much they grow in the first few months. But they’re just as adorable when they’re all smiles and giggles!
  118. Meet your newest little buddy, born this week. The first few days in the world are always an adventure, but think of all the possibilities…how fun it’ll be to watch him grow!
  119. No matter how small or how big your family is, a newborn baby is an important time for all of us.
  120. Newborn babies are so precious and tiny that it’s hard to imagine them growing up. But they will!
  121. Surprise, little one! You’re here ☺️
  122. Meet my little guy—he’s sleeping beautifully through the night, thanks to the love and care of his family & friends. ????
  123. When you are expecting a baby, everything feels so big. But when they come out the other end, everything feels so small.
  124. Newborn baby is the cutest thing you will ever see (I’m not talking Instagram worthy.)
  125. A new chapter begins when a baby is born, and today we celebrate the day a tiny human was born and got to have a laugh ????
  126. Newborn babies are so cute and innocent, even though they’re not one yet ????
  127. Everyone’s favorite newborn is here and ready to make you smile every day. ????????
  128. We’re so excited that this little thing is growing up so fast!
  129. A whole new world in pictures to get you excited for all the wonderful things your baby will grow into.
  130. A new baby is a gift to everyone. It’s so nice to see how hard this baby boy is smiling and  looking at the world with his eyes wide open.
  131. You’re a brand new baby and you’ll never be the same again. No matter what happens, always remember that you’re so special and make the most of your life.
  132. This little guy is our newest little man, we love you to the moon and back.
  133. He’ll grow up to be a big tough daddy.
  134. I love you, little one. You are the light of my life.
  135. She’s got tiny hands and tiny feet. And she loves to look at herself in the mirror.
  136. Wake up and touch your toes! You’re a wonderful human being and we’re so excited for you to be on this earth!
  137. Sleeping beauty you sure do look peaceful. Thank you for being here and making us feel so blessed!

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