130+ Captions About Big Forehead

There are a lot of captions out there that highlight how big foreheads are. Seriously, just take a look at these big forehead captions on the internet. Here are some of them for you to enjoy.

Captions About Big Forehead

  1. The Big Forehead is a big, bold and bold-faced look that’s perfect for anyone with a larger than average forehead.
  2. Hi, I’m Big Forehead and I’m a ???? ???? ????
  3. Hey, I have a big forehead. No, really. It’s huge.
  4. Big Forehead: I’m just saying…
  5. When you have a big forehead, everyone calls you “Big Forehead.” Use it to your advantage. ????
  6. The bigger the forehead, the better. ????
  7. If you’re looking for a big forehead, the new trend is this. ????
  8. I’m a big forehead. No, I don’t have a big forehead ????????‍♂️
  9. When you’re feeling down, just remember that we all have big foreheads. ????
  10. Did you know that the big forehead means you are a very good friend? ????????
  11. The big forehead is a classic feature of the man… who makes it their mission to rethink what it means to be a modern man.
  12. There is a tectonic shift happening. A new type of actor has emerged, one with a big forehead. We’re thrilled to see it happen.
  13. The Big Forehead is here, and he’s got all the answers.
  14. This guy is BIG. Not only is he a big dude, but also has a big forehead
  15. Hi! I’m the girl with the big forehead.
  16. The only thing that can stop me is a big forehead.
  17. Big Forehead is on the hunt for those who have a big forehead! We’re looking for people (male or female) with large forehead, thick eyebrows and short hair. Apply now!
  18. The only thing I know for sure about my big forehead is that it’s there.
  19. Hey! It’s ok, you’re not alone. Over a quarter of people have a “big forehead.”
  20. He has a big forehead, but he is a very sweet guy.
  21. Hey there! If you’re like me and have a big forehead, maybe you should get yourself a beanie.
  22. I’ve always been told that I have a big forehead, but in the context of this photo, I think it’s endearing. ????
  23. There’s a big difference between being optimistic and being a bummer. Find your happy place with Big Forehead.
  24. Big forehead—big personality.
  25. Hey, who’s got a big forehead?
  26. Stop what you’re doing, because this person probably has a big forehead.
  27. Big Forehead is a nickname for someone who has a big forehead. It’s usually used as an insult, but can also be seen as friendly.
  28. “Big Forehead” and the struggle for gender equality in the workplace.
  29. Big Forehead is the fun and friendly professional take on what it means to be a woman in a man’s world.
  30. I have a big forehead, but I’m not big headed ????
  31. You have a big forehead. But that’s okay, you’ve got a strong one. ????
  32. This girl’s got a big forehead. But overall she’s pretty cool ????
  33. Hey all. Just wanted to share some fun facts about my big forehead and how I’m crushing it! ????????
  34. We all have our own unique personality traits. That is, unless it’s your forehead. Then it’s just…big. ????
  35. I have a big forehead, I am sensitive and sensitive to other people’s feelings.
  36. You don’t need to be a mathematician to realize that the bigger your forehead, the more popular you are. ????
  37. What do you call a word that has a big forehead? Big Forehead!
  38. Big forehead, small heart.
  39. You know, the kind of forehead that makes people think you have a “big head?” ????
  40. The best way to get attention is to wear your heart on your sleeve. Or as this guy would say, “I got a big forehead.” ????
  41. Your forehead is your most important feature, so give it the attention it deserves.
  42. Let’s face it: Sometimes we all have big foreheads. But who cares? It means you are smart, creative and adventurous.
  43. He had a big forehead with semi long hair, his face will make you want to smile. Haha ????
  44. He’s a big forehead. He’s good at hustling. He loves to ride into the sunset with his lady love. He is the life of the party and always smiling.
  45. This is what happens when you’re given a newborn. ????
  46. The best things in life are big, like this big forehead.
  47. A big forehead is a unique feature—if not, it is simply what inspires people to say, “That’s Big Forehead!.”
  48. Big forehead big hair big personality big heart big smile.
  49. Big forehead, big personality. Happy Friday! ✌️????
  50. “There’s a big forehead on that guy, but he’s still cute.”
  51. This guy’s got a big forehead. But he’s really nice, too!
  52. I’ve got a big forehead and I’m pretty sure everyone else does too. ????????‍♂️
  53. Don’t let your giant forehead get in the way of a beautiful life.
  54. The “big forehead” is a facial feature that some people have. It is normal for adults to have this type of feature when they grow older.
  55. Smart, beautiful and brilliant. Big Forehead is the epitome of what it means to be a leader.
  56. A big forehead doesn’t mean you’re dumb. It just means you’re intelligent, kind and generous. So embrace it and get comfortable.
  57. So you think your big forehead is the end of the world? Nope, not at all. It’s just a small reminder that there is always more to learn and grow through life.
  58. Not sure what he was thinking.
  59. I know it’s a little bit of a stereotype but you know what? It’s kind of funny ????
  60. Even the big-minded and big-hearted need to make it home. ????
  61. This guy has a big forehead, but it’s pretty cool.
  62. Who needs a big forehead when you have a big heart.
  63. I have a big forehead. I wear it with pride ????
  64. The big forehead is pretty big so it’s better to choose light colors.
  65. When the only thing you have going for you is a big forehead, it’s time to become more beautiful. ????????
  66. Sometimes you need to laugh at yourself. ???? #BigForehead
  67. Big Forehead is a masculine fragrance for the one who loves to live life on the edge.
  68. What’s your favorite part about having a big forehead?
  69. We’ve all been told to smile more, but can you believe that the biggest forehead in the history of the world is from a giant?!
  70. Here at @username, we’ve been known to have some bigger foreheads. But whatever you do, don’t call us ????????
  71. I think I’m going to phase out the big forehead emoji.
  72. I don’t think anyone would have predicted that big foreheads would be the new “it” this season. Don’t be afraid to wear it!
  73. Meet the man with the biggest forehead in the world.
  74. Your Forehead Is Big enough to Smile, But Nicely Composed Enough to Smile At You
  75. Have you ever noticed a big forehead? ????
  76. My Big Forehead is the perfect compliment to my Curls ????
  77. The bigger your forehead, the more handsome you look. ????
  78. On a day when you feel like someone has added an extra layer of gray to your hair, remember the power of the Big Forehead. #BigForehead
  79. If you see a big forehead, don’t be afraid. It’s just another part of your beauty.
  80. When you have a big forehead but you still don’t believe in yourself.
  81. I have a big forehead and that’s normal. And now I think I have a big ass too…
  82. We asked our friends “big forehead” for their most memorable moment, and here’s what they had to say.
  83. Nothing says I’m a big kid like wearing a plastic shovel cap ????
  84. His head may look big, but he’s one of the most dependable guys on campus. ????
  85. They’re not just rare, they’re unique.
  86. We’ve got a new nickname for you: Big Forehead
  87. Do you know someone with a big forehead?
  88. The Big Forehead: a nickname for someone with a prominent forehead, generally to describe their dominant personality.
  89. It’s not a big forehead. It’s a BIG personality ????
  90. Big Forehead is the best way to remember your friends’ names.
  91. See what happens when your brows are too big for your face.
  92. If you’re going to have a big forehead, might as well go for some NBA-worthy style.
  93. I’ve been told I have a big forehead. It’s not that bad, right?
  94. If you have a big forehead, don’t worry! You’re still beautiful.
  95. You can’t always stop the storms, but you can always clean off those big foreheads sweat marks.
  96. You’ve been rooting for the underdog since you were in grade school, but today you’ve got a new champion. #BigForehead
  97. Big Forehead is a full-service optical shop located in downtown Sacramento. We provide state-of-the-art eye care to our customers.
  98. You’re having a big forehead day.
  99. We love you, “Big Forehead.” You’re so handsome.
  100. Got a big forehead? We did it!
  101. When someone has a big forehead, you can’t help but notice ????
  102. When people say they don’t notice your forehead, they just mean it’s big ????????
  103. “Hey, I have a big forehead. But it’s all good because people tell me I’m attractive.”
  104. The big forehead, the big smile and a big heart ????????
  105. A big forehead means big hair and a big personality, so embrace yours with confidence.
  106. Big Forehead got the attitude of a boss but the heart of a big kid. ????
  107. Oh, you have a big forehead? No need to worry. It’s just another way of saying how much you love your face! ????
  108. No matter how big your forehead is, there’s always someone out there who loves you for it.
  109. I think I have a big forehead but no one else seems to notice. ????
  110. Meet “Big Forehead”, the Internet’s newest and most mysterious friend. We’ve heard a lot about him, but we’re still no closer to figuring out who he really is.
  111. When you’re hungover, you look like “Big Forehead” (the owner of the coffee shop in the movie) and feel bad about everything. #heybae
  112. We all have that person in our lives who’s just awkward.
  113. There’s a big forehead and then there’s a BIG forehead. You know which one we mean.
  114. No matter what, you can always count on a big forehead.
  115. It’s not about the size of your head, it’s about the size of your heart. #bigforehead
  116. No, but I have a big forehead.
  117. When you have a big forehead, sometimes people think that you’re bigger than you are.
  118. Heyyyy! If you’ve noticed my big forehead, let me tell you why it’s there:
  119. I just have this thing about big foreheads. ????????‍♀️
  120. I’ve got a big forehead. But I’ve also got bigger things on my mind.
  121. Those with big foreheads are often called “big-headed”. They possess qualities that allow them to stand out in a crowd, take risks, and encourage others to do the same.
  122. It’s not just the size of my forehead that makes me different, it’s what I’m doing with it that makes me unique.
  123. What do you see in your future? You can’t see it now, but with confidence in God and his word you can see the big, beautiful forehead you’ve always wanted.
  124. We’ve all been there. It’s okay to admit it. ????
  125. Meet the real life version of Ralph Wiggum: Big Forehead ???? ???? ????
  126. He’s a big forehead, but he’s got the heart of an angel.
  127. We love our big foreheads, but it’s not all good. Sometimes we get the nickname “The Big Head.” ????
  128. Thanks for the comments on my big forehead! ????????
  129. What’s the best way to describe someone with a big forehead?
  130. I know everyone says “big forehead”, but my forehead is big. And I have thoughts about it. #BigForehead
  131. If you’re not big on smiling, don’t worry. We get you. ???? #BigForehead
  132. It’s not a big deal that I have a big forehead. It is what it is, and I like it.
  133. When you’re tired of smiling, and your face can’t hide it.
  134. I always knew you had this one coming.
  135. Every girl’s got one! ????
  136. Always remember to laugh off the little things in life, so you don’t take them too seriously.

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