120+ Captions For Selling Flowers

Selling fresh flowers online is really different from selling fresh flowers in a physical store. What are some captions for selling flowers? Here’s a list of captions to use when you’re trying to sell flowers in your business.

Captions For Selling Flowers

  1. Warm up your home this holiday season with fresh flowers from us! Shop our Florist today.
  2. Flowers can make any occasion brighter. Buy flowers for your loved ones and friends to convey the message of love, care, affection and friendship.
  3. Make someone smile with flowers. 😊
  4. Give someone the gift of flowers, delivered to their home or office.
  5. Flowers are a nice reminder of the beautiful things in life that make you smile.
  6. You can’t beat the feeling of fresh flowers 🌺 💐
  7. Perfect for any occasion, our beautiful hand-chosen flowers will brighten up any day.
  8. Our flowers are perfect for any occasion. Choose one of our natural, fresh flowers to make someone smile this weekend.
  9. Let your love grow and bloom with the perfect flower from us this Valentines Day.
  10. Let someone special know you’re thinking about them with a beautiful arrangement of flowers 🌸
  11. Flowers make everything feel right. #FlowerShop
  12. Keep your loved ones close with fresh flowers. 🌸✨
  13. The sweetest way to say “I’m thinking of you.” #Flowers
  14. The most beautiful moments are the ones that you’re not expecting. 🌸 🌺 🌳 🌼  #Flowers  #FlowerShop
  15. When you want to express your feelings, send flowers. And when you want to say thank you, send flowers. Whatever the reason may be, send flowers from Aloha Floral.
  16. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it at the Flower Center.
  17. Let them know you care with flowers from us.
  18. Flowers are a great way to surprise someone special with something they’ll love.
  19. A smiling flower is always the best way to send a smile.
  20. Make someone’s day with flowers 🌸 #FlowerShop
  21. Say “I do” to your favorite flowers, hand-picked by our expert florist.
  22. Got a special someone in your life? Let him or her know how much you care with these fresh flowers 🌺💋
  23. Let your sweetheart know that you’re thinking of her with these gorgeous #floralarrangments 🌸
  24. Let our flowers make you smile, every time. 🌸😍
  25. You don’t always need to get flowers. Sometimes, a cut of flowers is just the thing! #feelthelove
  26. Let us give you the perfect flowers for all the special occasions in your life.
  27. Let us be the ones to bring you a smile this season. 🌸 #flowers
  28. Send your sweetest wishes with flowers 💐 #FlowerShop
  29. Let’s brighten up your day and make you smile. 🎨 🌸 #FlowerShop
  30. You get to enjoy the beauty of flowers, and we get to make a little bit of money. What’s not to love?
  31. Flowers for any occasion! Say what you mean, with these fresh blooms.
  32. Are you in need of flowers to brighten up your day? Check out our collection!
  33. Flowers are a way to say “I love you” and make someone feel special. #FlowerShop
  34. Looking for flowers? We have a variety of flowers and arrangements, from simple to sophisticated.
  35. Need a little inspiration? Flowers are the perfect way to send someone you care about a quick message. #FlowerShop
  36. Send someone you love flowers this weekend. They’ll brighten up their day and make them smile! #FlowerShop
  37. Our flowers will make you smile and lift your spirits even on the most challenging days.
  38. Our beautiful flowers will brighten up your sunday.
  39. Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” more than our beautiful flowers 🌸💐
  40. Let us make your special day even more beautiful. Our fresh flowers are a 3-way win: they’re gorgeous, they smell great and they’re affordable!
  41. Flowers make everything better. 🌸☀️ #FlowerShop
  42. Nothing is more beautiful than the sight of springtime blooms—they say good things come in threes! #Flowers #FlowerShop
  43. Let me be the one to help make your day brighter. #Flowers
  44. Get your sweetie to smile with our special deals and discounts on fresh flowers.
  45. Want more than just a flower? Pick up a vase of flowers at our local flower shop.
  46. The way to a woman’s heart is through her flowers. #FlowerShop
  47. Put a smile on someone’s face this Valentine’s Day with fresh flowers! 🌸
  48. When you’re in the mood for fresh flowers, trust us. You’ll be happy you did. #BlossomsForJeeps
  49. Flowers are the best way to show someone you care. Treat them today!
  50. Flowers are always a welcome gift, especially when they come from friends and loved ones. #FlowerShop
  51. 🌷A flower for every occasion. #FlowerShop
  52. Let us help you express your love with fresh flowers 🌺 💗 🌸
  53. For the ladies who love to be pampered, have our flowers that reflects your style & personality.
  54. Flowers make everything better. So don’t hesitate to send them some love and create a bright spot in someone’s day. #FlowerShop
  55. Flowers are a great way to make someone smile.  Here’s to all of you who brighten our days! ❤️  #FlowerShop
  56. Tell your loved ones that you love them with our beautiful fresh flowers 🌺
  57. Flowers make the world go round. We know what you’re thinking: You need flowers! Get that order in before they run out.
  58. Get your flowers from our local flower shop to give your loved ones a fresh start this fall.
  59. Surprise someone special with a bouquet. Now’s the best time to send flowers because of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day deals!
  60. For a little more, you can enjoy the freshness of our flowers.
  61. Surprise your loved ones with a bouquet of fresh flowers. #FlowerShop
  62. Gorgeous blooms, delivered fresh 🌺 #FlowerShop
  63. We’re here to help you plan the perfect day! Let us know what flowers you’d like, and we’ll take care of everything else.
  64. Flowers are the perfect way to say I’m thinking of you. 😍 #FlowerShop
  65. When it comes to romance, flowers are the secret ingredient. 💛 #FlowerShop
  66. Here’s to you, flowers. You’re always there for me, reminding me to appreciate what I have and make the most of my days when they’re good. ❤ #FlowerShop
  67. Don’t forget to include the recipient’s name in your vas of flowers! It’ll make them feel extra special. #FlowerShop
  68. Let them know you care with our flowers 💐
  69. You can’t pick a better time than spring to message that special someone how much you love them. 💐#flowershop
  70. Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion, but today is a good day to say “Merry Christmas.” 💐#flowershop
  71. It’s never too soon to start sending flowers. Get your arrangement today at our shop.
  72. When you’re in need of fresh flowers, why not send one off with a smile? Our flowers are always fresh and beautiful.
  73. Let us take care of your next big date, anniversary or special occasion by sending someone the most beautiful flowers!
  74. It’s hard to beat the perfect mix of freshness, beauty, and affordability. Add a smile to someone’s day with our range of cut-flower bouquets!
  75. We carry a wide variety of flowers, including these beautiful roses 🌹💐
  76. Because even our fresh flowers are beautiful and adorable.
  77. Surprise your love with fresh flowers 🌸 💐 🌳 🍰 #FlowerShop
  78. Let someone know how much you care by sending them our thoughtful fresh flowers.
  79. Let the sweet fragrance of our beautiful flowers uplift your spirit and make you feel inspired.
  80. Flowers are the perfect way to brighten up your day, and they can last for weeks! #FlowerShop
  81. Flowers are the simplest and most beautiful gifts you can give. Here’s to the happy couple! #FlowerShop
  82. Don’t forget to send flowers with your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary or graduation – it just makes them feel special! #FlowerShop
  83. With all the love in your heart, our flowers are the perfect way to say Happy Birthday and make someone smile!
  84. Every day is a good day to give someone a little sunshine. #Flowers #FlowerShop
  85. Whether you’re searching for an arrangement to cheer up someone on a stressful Monday or are celebrating an anniversary with your sweetie, we’ve got the perfect way to say “thank you.” #Flowers #FlowerShop
  86. Let’s make the world a little brighter this Valentine’s Day by sending flowers to your crush or BFF. 😍
  87. Make someone’s day with our fresh flowers!
  88. They say our fresh flowers can make anyone smile.
  89. When you miss a person, the only way to show them how much you care is with flowers.
  90. You can’t go wrong with our beautiful flowers #FlowerShop
  91. Flowers are a great way to say “I’m thinking about you.” #FlowerShop
  92. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy flowers 🌸 #FlowerShop
  93. Brighten up someone’s day with our fresh blooms 🌺 #FlowerShop
  94. Flowers are a great way to brighten up any occasion, so we’re helping you celebrate in style.
  95. Give your loved ones the gift of flowers. Make it more special by adding a handwritten note, some candy or chocolates, or a delicious homemade cake. #FlowerShop
  96. Got a special someone in your life that deserves a little bit of love? Flowers are always a great way to show your appreciation, especially when they’re delivered by our florists! #FlowerShop
  97. Can you believe it’s Mother’s Day? Flowers are always a good choice for sending a card of gratitude or happy birthday. We’ve got the flowers you need to make someone smile this Sunday!
  98. Flowers say a lot about your personality and who you are as a person. You’re someone who is kind, warm, and loving, so we thought it would be fitting to put together this little gift shop filled with all the things your friends and family have always wanted! 🌸🥗
  99. Life is better when you have something pretty to look at. #FlowerShop
  100. Provenance is not just a store, it’s an experience. Our flowers are airlifted straight from the farm, hand-picked and hand-delivered to you. We’re all about freshness and personality—let go of the ordinary and let us be your flower experts.
  101. Flowers are the sweetest. Add a little sweetness to your day with a bouquet from Anderson Florist. We provide fresh flowers in every color and style, from classic arrangements to something fancier for your big occasion.
  102. Why not send someone a flower? They’ll remind you that no matter what, the sun will come out tomorrow. #FlowerShop
  103. Hello dear flower lovers! Meetings, parties, dinners—we’ve got you covered when it comes to the perfect fresh flowers.
  104. You don’t have to say “I love you” in words, you can show it with flowers.  #FlowerShop
  105. A bouquet of flowers can add style, elegance and happiness to any occasion. #FlowerShop
  106. It’s that time of the year. 🌻🌺Whatever your holiday decorating style, you’re sure to sparkle with our flower arrangements. Available now at all Home Depot locations.
  107. A bouquet of flowers makes the perfect gift! Choose from thousands of beautiful blooms and let’s get your day started just right.
  108. Flowers are a great way to lift your spirits and make someone smile. Here’s to the little things that make life beautiful! ☀🌺 #FlowerShop
  109. When the whole world is a shade of gray, you can always count on our sunflowers to cheer you up. #FlowerShop
  110. Be a little more bold this season with these bold fresh flowers for everyone on your list. We can’t think of a better way to say “I love you” this holiday season.
  111. When you send flowers, they’ll stay fresh longer. #FlowerShop
  112. You will be amazed at how happy your loved ones will be when they see you with our flowers.
  113. Our flowers always make people happy, so give someone special in your life the gift of flowers.
  114. Perfect for any occasion, these flowers make all the difference. #FlowerShop
  115. The gift of flowers is always the best. #FlowerShop
  116. We’re here to help you surprise someone special this Valentine’s Day. #Flowers #FlowerShop
  117. Are you looking for the perfect way to express your love? Then let us help you with our flowers, they are always ready to give a smile on your face 😍
  118. Say I love you with flowers 💐 #FlowerShop
  119. Wishing a happy birthday with these beautiful red roses, carnations and daisies. 😍
  120. Don’t forget to send your mom a our fresh flowers this Mother’s day 👗
  121. Love is in the air. Make someone’s day with our flowers 🌺💐

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