130+ Casual Outfit Captions For Instagram

Hey friends, have you been looking for some cool captions for your Instagram pictures? You’re in luck! Here are some great captions to use while wearing a casual outfit.

Casual Outfit Captions For Instagram

  1. Everyday is the new casual outfit day.
  2. Looking for an easy and casual outfit? Here are some of my favorite looks!
  3. Fun, flirty and easy to wear, this casual look is perfect for a day out or even a night in.
  4. A cool and casual outfit is the perfect way to start your morning.
  5. A fun outfit for a casual night out.
  6. No matter what the occasion, a good jacket-and-jeans combo will always be smartly put together ? #casualoutfit
  7. A laid back casual outfit for the summer.
  8. It’s casual, it’s comfortable and it’s stylish.
  9. what to wear when you’re not sure what to wear? #casualoutfit
  10. Here’s to playing dress up and going with the flow. #casualoutfit
  11. It’s Friday and I’m loving this casual outfit. You? #FridayFeeling
  12. Keeping it simple and casual for my fall run-outfit ?
  13. The most casual outfit you can wear to work.
  14. I know that you’re a little nervous to post this outfit on Instagram, but don’t be. It’s casual, not boring ?
  15. Waking up made me realize how much I love a casual outfit, so I decided to wear it to work and show everyone how much I love my #casuallife.
  16. Throw on this outfit, grab your phone and go. #casualoutfit
  17. It’s easy to get dressed. It’s easy to fall in love with these casual pieces.
  18. When you wear these pants and the wind blows, you can’t help but smile. #staycasual
  19. A casual outfit is the perfect way to spice up your everyday look.
  20. The perfect casual outfit for this cooler weather.
  21. I’m taking a casual approach to this outfit but I do feel like it’s kind of classy ??
  22. Try on a couple of these casual looks and tag us in your photos if you’re inspired by them. We love seeing our followers’ outfits!
  23. This is the kind of outfit I’d love to wear to hike in. #staycasual
  24. A no-frills, casual look to make you feel effortlessly great.
  25. You’re so casual, you can take your clothes off anytime.
  26. Just a casual day at the beach. ?
  27. This is a casual outfit but still looking super cute ??
  28. A simple, casual look is the perfect way to transition from work to play ?
  29. Simple is beautiful, and that’s exactly what this outfit is all about. #staycasual
  30. You can have it all, a cute outfit, and a great attitude.
  31. Saturday’s here and it’s adorable. We’re here for you all week long so we hope you’re ready for some casual fun! ☀
  32. This is a perfect outfit for any day, to any place. And it’s just as comfortable and easy to wear as it looks!
  33. Our favorite outfits are the ones that are comfortable and easy to slip into for your day.
  34. In a snap. A casual look that’s on-trend, easy to style and ready to go.
  35. When you’re on a day off and in need of something new to wear. #casualoutfit
  36. We’re all about that casual shopping trip.
  37. It’s always a pleasure to be outside, especially when I’m wearing this casual outfit. ?
  38. There’s something about dressing up that makes you feel good. #staycasual ?
  39. No matter what’s going on, you can always count on these casual outfits for a killer look.
  40. The perfect outfit for the perfect day ☀?
  41. Hey there! It’s been a while but I’m back with a whole new collection of outfits. They’re all busy and casual but I love how they look so easy to wear!!
  42. Ready to take on the weekend? Save these quick and easy  casual outfits for later.
  43. This casual outfit is the perfect way to start your weekend.
  44. The cutest outfit for the weekend. #casualoutfit
  45. A laid back look that’s effortless and wearable all year long. #casualoutfit
  46. When you’re not feeling like working out and taking the stairs, but still want to look good, try this casual outfit. ??
  47. When you’re feeling laid-back but still looking good ? ? ? #casualoutfit
  48. Why settle for anything less than awesome. #casualoutfit
  49. We could all use a little boost of confidence and these  casual outfits will help you feel just that way!
  50. Here’s to living your best life in the most laid-back way.
  51. When you’re short on time, but want to look polished ?
  52. You don’t need to go too crazy with the color-scheme and foofy accessories, but you still want to look polished.
  53. When you’re so casual you don’t even realize you’re casual. ?
  54. You can always count on a new casual outfit to get you through any situation.
  55. I love a good casual outfit, but what really gets me is the way you wear it.
  56. In this casual outfit, I’m all over the place. From my bright shoes to my bright smile, I can’t wait to get going! ? ? ?
  57. In a casual outfit, you can take on the world. ?
  58. There’s nothing more comfortable than going out to a party in an outfit that you can feel good in. #STAYCASUAL
  59. There’s an art to dressing up in the morning. Find yours below! #casualoutfits
  60. Casual outfit is the new formal.
  61. It’s summertime and living is easy. So get out of your comfort zone, look good, stay casual and feel good.
  62. Keep it simple, but not too simple. #casual
  63. A cute outfit for the weekend, a drink and conversation with friends. #casualoutfit
  64. Getting ready for the day in our casual outfit. What are you wearing this fall? #fallfashion
  65. A casual outfit is the perfect way to roll out of bed, and into your day.
  66. What’s your go-to casual outfit for this time of year?
  67. The best outfit is when you can wear it all day, every day. #casualoutfit
  68. If you like to keep it simple, this is the outfit for you.
  69. The kind of outfit that says you’re ready for anything. #casualoutfit
  70. I feel like a ray of sunshine in this outfit ? #staycasual
  71. The perfect mix of versatility, comfort and versatility. #casualoutfit
  72. You can’t see me, but I swear I’m wearing a smile with my casual outfit.
  73. Sometimes the simplest things are the most versatile. #casualoutfit
  74. Brighten up your day with this casual outfit for a day out ☀?
  75. A simple, casual and comfortable outfit is always a great way to start your day.
  76. Casual-but-effortless style is super easy to pull off when your wardrobe is filled with pieces that make you feel like a million bucks.
  77. A cap for your outfit that completes the look and makes you feel like a million bucks and casual.
  78. When you’re feeling casual, but still look fashionable.
  79. You can’t go wrong with a laid back pant that is comfy and easy to wear. #casualoutfit
  80. There’s nothing like a little edge to your casual outfit.
  81. Don’t be afraid to go casual. ?
  82. Happiness is looking good in your favorite sweats. #staycasual
  83. Casual days are the best days with your casual outfits on.
  84. Getting ready in the morning is half of the battle, and these  casual outfits will help you with that. ?
  85. A splash of color and a little booty-shaking make this outfit too good. ? #staycasual
  86. Put together a smooth look that’s easy to throw on and go. #staycasual
  87. Looking to clown around this weekend? We’ve got the perfect casual outfit for you! ?
  88. When you’re feeling down, slip into a pair of these pants and remind yourself that it’s never too late to start over. #casualoutfit
  89. Going to a party in a casual outfit? ??
  90. Your casual outfit has to be perfect for a sunny day, who else is ready to go with us?
  91. We all know that feeling when you’re just sitting there and you realize how great your outfit is. #staycasual
  92. There’s nothing better than a good casual outfit.
  93. I’m not saying we all should dress like this all the time, but when the tank top, jeans, and boots all work together in a casual outfit, you’re good to go!
  94. This casual outfit is inspired by the season of peace and love.
  95. You’re my favorite kind of casual outfit.
  96. It’s the perfect mix of effortless and chic, perfect for casual Friday. #casualoutfit
  97. What you wear on the weekend says a lot about the person you are. And after sharing this casual outfit with you, that’s exactly what I hope it does.
  98. A crisp button down shirt, a pair of jeans, and some comfy sneakers  what else needs to be said? #staycasual
  99. It’s all about balance when it comes to style. #casualoutfit
  100. Here’s how to wear the perfect casual outfit for your pictures. ?
  101. These outfits had me feeling casual ?
  102. The default best outfit is just a casual one.
  103. What to wear on a casual Tuesday? shop now!
  104. Put your best #casualself forward ?#casuaoutfit
  105. A good outfit, a good mood and a good caption. Done deal! #casualoutfit
  106. Like, what a great casual outfit!?
  107. This is a casual outfit. It’s the easiest way to get comfy, but still look like you put some thought into it.
  108. There’s nothing like a crisp, casual outfit to take you from day to night. Tap the link in bio to shop this cute look and more ?
  109. Grab a coffee and get cozy with these easy outfits you can wear over and over again.
  110. You can’t beat the feeling of a cool breeze blowing through your hair and this outfit in the city. #casualoutfit
  111. If you are looking for casual outfits that are easy to put together and comfortable to wear all day long, then here is a list of clothes you can get from Amazon. Click on the link in this post to see the products I am talking about!
  112. A casual outfit captures the soul.
  113. You might not always be a fashionista, but you can always dress great and casual. ?
  114. The weather is warming up and we’re feeling ready for a change of pace. You can do the same in your casual outfits.
  115. Here’s to you and the casual days. #casualoutfit
  116. I’m in a casual zone and I want to be taken out of it. #casualoutfit
  117. Try something new and unique. #staycasual
  118. A casual outfit is a great way to get dressed up while staying comfy. ?
  119. Saturday is the best day of the week when it comes to casual outfits and you!
  120. When you’re feeling relaxed and comfortable in your clothes, you can elevate any look with a simple accessory. #casualoutfit
  121. When you reach for the perfect and casual outfit, you don’t have to go all out.
  122. If you dress up, you automatically look more put together.  #casualoutfit ?
  123. We’ve got some casual days in mind for you. Make them count! #casualoutfit ☀?
  124. Going casual is always the best way to feel on top of things.
  125. This casual outfit is perfect for catching up with friends, or just hanging out this weekend ☺️?
  126. Sometimes the most casual outfits can be the most comfortable. When it comes to dressing up, a little goes a long way. ?❤️
  127. A good and casual outfit can make all the difference in your day. Here’s to good looks and happy days ??
  128. Man, I love the fall. It’s so cozy and perfect for our casual style. ?
  129. We’re crushing this casual outfit in our favorite color.
  130. So excited to break out the denim but don’t have anything to wear it with? We’ve got you covered. #staycasual
  131. Casual chic. I’m just here to have fun, with no rules or expectations.
  132. You can’t be put in a box. That’s why I’m wearing this shirt today #casualoutfit
  133. This is how we roll at the end of a long week. #casualoutfit
  134. Ladies, I know that a good outfit can be hard to put together. But you can always count on these casual outfits for a great result every time.
  135. Looking for a fun way to spice up your day? Treat yourself with these cute casual outfits, perfect for every day! ?
  136. Life is too short to spend your time worrying about what you look like. ?#staycasual

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