+130 Funny Glasses Captions For Instagram

Glasses are a fashion accessory like any other. They can make you look like an intellectual, or a geek. It’s up to how you wear them. Funny Glasses are an essential accessory for all Instagram users. Use these funny glasses captions to add some humor to your feed!

Funny Glasses Captions For Instagram

  1. Funny glasses selfies are the best type of selfie.
  2. These funny glasses are so cool, they make everything look like a movie.
  3. Are you a glasses wearer? Great. Now you can enjoy the benefits of not looking like a total tool.
  4. We all have a story to tell. So when you’re looking for a new pair of glasses, don’t look past ours.
  5. When you think about how cool it would be to wear glasses, but can’t afford them.  We are affordable #funnyglasses
  6. Hey, sometimes the things you say are funny, but the glasses are even funnier. ?
  7. Say it with style and smile!
  8. A photo is worth a thousand words, but we prefer one-liners. ??
  9. These are for when you don’t feel like being serious, but you still have to be. #funnyglasses?
  10. If you love to laugh and take pictures of laughing, these funny glasses are for you! ☆
  11. These funny glasses are sure to make you smile and crack you up!
  12. These funny glasses are all you need to slay your day.
  13. Did you know that funny glasses are actually very functional? They help you see better while also making you look cool.
  14. The perfect accessory for your fall outfit ? #funnyglasses
  15. We all need a little dose of humor, especially when we see our friends with these hilarious glasses ?
  16. We’ve got a pair of fun glasses to share with you. Have one? Tag a friend who needs one too!
  17. I can’t believe I wore these glasses for the past week and a half ? #GlassEyes
  18. These glasses are totally working for me. #funnyglasses
  19. It’s not easy being a social media star with this funny glass on,
  20. With these on, you’ll be the man of the hour. #funnyglasses
  21. Snap this filter, get a selfie and add these hilarious glasses to our account for some extra fun.
  22. These glasses are so funny. You should probably buy some too. ?
  23. Stay focused and read with these funny glasses ?
  24. Funny glasses are a great way to make sure your friends know you’re still alive.
  25. These glasses are the perfect complement to my personality. #truestory
  26. Our new glasses are on point ? #funnyglasses
  27. You’ll never see the world the same way again. These glasses are spectacular.
  28. Hahaha, you look so funny with your sunglasses on! #glasses
  29. Glasses to the brain! ? #funnyglasses
  30. We’re just here to make you laugh and make your day a little better with our funny glasses.
  31. Finally, the sunglasses that put a spring in your step. #coolcaptions
  32. Glasses are like the icing on the cake. If you’re wearing them, you’re cool ?
  33. You look like the perfect pair of glasses for me. #funnyglasses
  34. Don’t let your glasses be the least bit neglected. They’re the best companion you could ever have. #funnyglasses
  35. When life gives you lemons, pour them into these glasses and call it a day.
  36. When you’re wearing these, you’ll never be bored. ?? #funnyglasses
  37. If you’re not laughing, it’s time to change your glasses. ☕#funnyglasses
  38. Here’s to looking at the world through different kinds of glasses
  39. These glasses are for people who want to be a part of the joke. #wink
  40. Wear your sense of humor on your face with these funny sunglasses. ?
  41. Who doesn’t want to wear glasses that make them look like a pop culture icon?
  42. We know you’ve got a big night ahead of you, so why not wear the perfect pair of glasses to prepare for it? ?
  43. How many of these funny glasses should we post today? ???
  44. When you’re having a bad hair day and need to pick me up, just look at these funny glasses. ?
  45. You can always make someone laugh, especially if they have funny glasses on #laughingglasses
  46. These glasses are so funny, they make you look like you just woke up and discovered the internet in a brand new way.
  47. It’s not always pretty out there, but when you look through these funny glasses it makes even the worst days seem better.
  48. These glasses say it all. #funnyglasses
  49. Looks like these are the glasses that make everything you see look better. #funny
  50. We all have moments where we need a little more than our regular glasses to see. We are actually all superheroes. #funnyglasses
  51. The only thing better than being cool, is when you look like you’re cool with the funny glasses on ?
  52. If you’re looking for a pair of funny glasses, we have nineteen pairs for your prescription ☕️ #wearingthemon #funnyglasses
  53. You look like the kind of person who will have your picture taken with the moon with your funny glasses on.
  54. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Put on your funny glasses and let’s have a laugh. ?
  55. If you like to laugh, these are your kind of glasses.
  56. These glasses may not make you smarter, but they will certainly make you look like a genius. #funnyglasses
  57. These are the glasses I want to be wearing when I wake up in the morning. #funnyglasses
  58. Don’t try to act cool. You’ll just look like a dork with these #funnyglasses. ✌️
  59. It’s not the glasses that make me smarter, it’s the people I’m with.
  60. You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine. ? Get these funny glasses and make your days a little bit brighter.
  61. Cheers to the funny glasses. It’s time for you to get out there, be brave and start wearing those contacts.
  62. Glasses are like the person who’s always talking, but never listening.
  63. Seriously, eyewear is a must-have. Take it from us, you won’t look back. #funnyglasses♻️
  64. You’re not too old to be a kid at heart. You might want to check out our new lenses because they’re going to make you look so cool!
  65. These are the perfect gifts for your favorite selfie stick friends. #funny #glasses
  66. The biggest problem with these glasses is I can’t take them off right now. #truestory
  67. Hey, we’re wearing our glasses, let’s communicate better together.
  68. Glasses are a gift. They’re like a window into your soul, and they let people see how funny you are.
  69. Glasses are a way to show the world that you’re not afraid of being yourself.
  70. That’s why we made these funny glasses.
  71. I love my glasses, but I’m not sure how many more times I can say it. #funnyglasses
  72. Glasses the gateway to a more beautiful you. #funnyyou
  73. Funny Glasses make the world go round.
  74. Funny Glasses are the best.
  75. The funny  glasses I’m wearing right now are the only ones that can see your beauty.
  76. When you’re feeling a little too bright in your next life, these funny glasses will help you feel like you’re at home.
  77. These are not only the best glasses we’ve ever worn but our most comfortable. #GlassesAreLife
  78. These funny glasses are fun and all, but they don’t make me any smarter.
  79. Life is endless fun, but these glasses will make it even more so.
  80. You know you’re getting old, when you see an old man. #funnyglasses
  81. When you’re not sure if you should get a new pair or keep your old ones. #glasses
  82. If you love to laugh, these funny glasses are for you.
  83. Wear your funny glasses and take a selfie. It’ll make your face look so much better.
  84. The best way to make friends is to wear funny glasses, and the worst way to make friends is to tell other people you have funny glasses.
  85. This is the best week ever. I’m #glasseswaggin all over your feed, cause I’m one of those people who’s fine with just about every situation.
  86. These glasses will make you look like a hippie at a rave.
  87. When you see the world through our cute funny glasses, life is a little brighter.
  88. You’ve got a laugh, we’ve got a pair of funny glasses.
  89. Get ready to take a funny selfie with our funny glasses. ?
  90. When the glasses look good, but they just aren’t quite right #funnyglasses
  91. Sometimes the funniest things happen when you’re not looking with our funny glasses on.
  92. I’m always down for a laugh, especially if it happens on the fly! #funnyglasses
  93. Our new glasses are here. Let’s get you the perfect picture for your next selfie! ??
  94. These funny glasses will make you look so much smarter than you actually are.
  95. Hey, we’re makin’ these funny glasses. They’re gonna be so easy to wear, they might as well be comfortable too.
  96. These glasses will turn you into a morning person. ? #funnyglasses
  97. We’ve got the glasses to complete your look ?
  98. You can’t see me, but I’m right there. ? #funnyglasses
  99. Crafty, stylish, colorful and fun! The perfect pair of funny glasses for a day out on the town.
  100. Eye-catching and fun are just the right words to describe these glasses! ?
  101. We all need some witty glasses in our life.
  102. These glasses are for anyone who wants to laugh at themselves more often. #sunnies
  103. Everyone needs something funny in their life. Whether that be through some jokes, or eye-splitters, or even glasses ?
  104. These glasses are so bad they’re good.
  105. When you leave your glasses at home and the stars align and you get a new pair.
  106. When your highlighter is too strong for the light. ?
  107. When you’re too far away from a subject to get a good picture, but you still want it to look good with the funny glass on.
  108. Add a little humor to your selfies with these funny glasses.
  109. Hey, let’s face it, glasses are cool. We love them! These funny and creative glasses will make you smile, or just make you laugh out loud. ?
  110. If you’re liking the laughs and you love glasses, then check out our new collection of funny glasses. ??
  111. With these funny sunglasses we can both enjoy the sun and never get caught.
  112. A little bit of fun can turn into a lot of fun with these funny sunglasses ?
  113. Let’s be clear. These glasses aren’t just for looking cool, they’re also for making people laugh.
  114. These glasses aren’t just a pretty accessory but they are also the gateway to a new way of looking at things.
  115. The only thing that should be flying through this air is your thirst for life and laughter. #glassstems
  116. What happens when your glasses get lost in the sauce?
  117. These glasses are hilarious. They’re so funny that everybody wants to wear them ?
  118. We need more funny glasses in the world. Plus, they’re just plain fun to wear!
  119. Nothing says I’m having fun and being silly like a pair of funny glasses. ?
  120. Always wear your funny glasses, because you never know what you might see. ?
  121. These are the glasses that help you see the world in a new way.
  122. I’d say I’m feeling the love, but really I’m just doing the glasses thing
  123. We don’t all have to be perfect, just funny.?#funnyglasses
  124. What happens when you combine a selfie with a laugh with our funny glasses.
  125. How do you know it’s time to take a break? When your glasses start talking to you.
  126. We’re not sure which is the most important, your sense of humor or your vision. ?#funnyglasses
  127. We’re all just people who wear funny glasses and post pictures of ourselves on Instagram.
  128. When you’re feeling a little punchy, these funny glasses will make all your problems seem small ? #finstagram
  129. How do we make this look more comfortable, by adding funny glasses.
  130. It’s not that we’re looking for attention, but these new glasses will surely get a few people’s eyes on us. ☺️?
  131. If you can’t appreciate these glasses, then what kind of life do you have? #funnyglasses
  132. The best thing about these glasses is that they hide your bald spot. It’s a win-win! #funnyglasses
  133. Don’t have time to check out our entire catalog? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. ☕? #funnyglasses
  134. Don’t be afraid to try the funny glasses ??

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