120+ Instagram Captions For Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Who doesn’t love an ugly Christmas sweater? Here are some funny, inspirational and cool Instagram captions to inspire you on getting your ugly Christmas sweater ready for the holidays.

Instagram Captions For Ugly Christmas Sweaters

  1. It’s tough out there this holiday season. But don’t give up on your Ugly Christmas Sweater! ?☃?
  2. You’re a beautiful, special person. We hope you see that in our ugly Christmas sweaters.
  3. We have all the ugly Christmas sweaters. #uglychristmawear
  4. Our holiday sweaters are so ugly, we want to keep them forever. #uglychristmassweater
  5. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take a picture of your ugly Christmas sweater.
  6. Let’s be real, nobody looks good in an ugly Christmas sweater. But we believe there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the season. So, make yourself happy and pick one up!
  7. Those sweaters with little to no redeeming qualities are in full force this holiday season. It’s time to take down the Christmas sweater wars, stat.
  8. I’m seeing a lot of ugly Christmas sweaters. What should I say?
  9. It’s like the holidays, but uglier. ?
  10. It’s ugly Christmas sweater day (or at least for me).
  11. Nothing says ugly sweaters like telling the world of your fandom.
  12. We hate ugly sweaters, too. They’re like the thing you’re expected to have on at any event that is slightly more formal than a holiday party but doesn’t require a tuxedo. It’s just one more thing you can make fun of when you are wearing something so mundane, but then again there is always someone out there that thinks it’s cute.
  13. Ugly Christmas Sweater Bingo No more excuses for not wearing your favorite sweater. Just post a photo of it with the hashtag #uglychristmassweater and you’re in the game!
  14. When you think of ugly Christmas sweaters, the first thing that comes to mind? ?
  15. Don’t be afraid to show your ugly Christmas sweater off. ?
  16. Let the ugly Christmas sweaters cover their shame and let us cover them with love and warmness.
  17. Let the holiday cheer begin with our ugly Christmas sweaters.
  18. It’s time to break out the ugly holiday sweaters and say hello to your new best friend. ?
  19. You can make ugly Christmas sweaters into beautiful holiday decorations. Here are our favorite ways to up your level of holiday cheer:
  20. The perfect ugly Christmas sweater for the holidays, it’s also a perfectly good Christmas sweater.
  21. We’re not saying these ugly sweaters are ugly, just that they look great on you. ?
  22. No matter how ugly your Christmas sweater is, it can always be worn with pride.
  23. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, again. ??
  24. When you’re ready to give up on the sweater, just remember there’s always gonna be more ugly sweaters out there.
  25. It’s not Christmas without an ugly sweater and with these designs, you’ll be sure to stick out from the crowd.
  26. Ugly Christmas sweaters make the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for Ugly Xmas Sweater Day. ?
  27. Here’s to ugly Christmas sweaters and the little girls who wear them with pride ?
  28. We’re all in on ugly Christmas sweaters this year!
  29. Ugly Christmas sweaters don’t have to be ugly. With a little creativity, anything is possible.
  30. Everyone knows that ugly sweaters make the best holiday gifts, just ask Santa.
  31. We’re all in on the ugly holiday sweater trend, but we’d like to think that this one is an exception. ?
  32. No one is judging you for wearing this ugly sweater. Those who do, are just jealous of your #holidaycheer
  33. No matter how ugly your sweater is, it’s going to be even more adorable after you give it to someone who really needs it. Merry Christmas!
  34. I’m not sure what to do with my ugly Christmas sweater. So, I’m going to learn how to knit.
  35. The feeling of giving someone a gift they’ll love and need on a cold day ?
  36. A sweater that is so ugly it’s beautiful. ??
  37. It’s the most wonderful time of year. You can never go wrong with a little Christmas Spirit!
  38. You gotta laugh at yourself once in a while.
  39. You’re a little bit over the holiday sweater and festive decorations, but we think you should still wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater anyways. Because the holidays are all about being merry, and rocking the sweetest Ugly Christmas Sweater is definitely a part of that.
  40. Don’t let your ugly Christmas sweater get you down. We want to wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2022! #HolidayHoops
  41. If you thought ugly Christmas sweaters were bad enough, imagine them in a festive holiday sweater. ?
  42. It’s not ugly. It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater season!
  43. We all know that ugly Christmas sweaters are just a cover up to our true feelings.
  44. You can never go wrong with a classic ugly Christmas sweater. ⭐?
  45. Feeling extra ugly this Christmas? Wear it well with this ugly sweater.
  46. You already know that it’s ugly. This year, let’s be honest about it. ?
  47. It’s been cold, but at least we’re wearing ugly sweaters ?
  48. These sweaters are ugly, but so cute. ??
  49. The sweaters are ugly, but we’re having a really fun time with them. ?
  50. Hello Christmas sweater weather! ☃?
  51. The ugly sweater costume is so much more fun when you add a little bit of glitter to your outfit.
  52. Your sweater may be a little lumpy, but we’re sure it’s going to look good on you. ?
  53. Happy Holidays! We all love our ugly Christmas sweaters, right? Don’t forget to include it in your Instagram ?
  54. Ugly Christmas sweaters? We’re all about it.
  55. You can’t buy Christmas. It’s not for sale, but you can buy the Ugly Christmas Sweater. ?
  56. You know what they say, the Ugly Christmas Sweater is the best gift. ?
  57. Nothing says ugly Christmas sweaters like something fierce.
  58. If you don’t have a really ugly Christmas sweater, consider this day to be your first!
  59. You know what doesn’t stink? a cute dog wearing an ugly Christmas sweater ?
  60. Winter isn’t so bad when you get to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. ?
  61. It’s always better with friends, especially if you got a few extra ugly sweaters.
  62. Are you feeling a little “Urgh, Christmas sweater” today? Don’t worry! We’re here for you. ?
  63. What’s more festive than a sweater you love? ? ?
  64. You can’t be a Grinch without the right costume.
  65. You know, they’re not all pretty, but they’re definitely warm and fuzzy. ??
  66. When ugly Christmas sweaters look like #fashion.
  67. If you’re on the hunt for the best ugly Christmas sweater, #GrabbyXmasSweater has you covered.
  68. Actually, we’re pretty sure ugly Christmas sweaters are the best kind of ugly.
  69. Ugly Christmas sweaters are so much more fun when you’re inside them. ❤
  70. Here’s to the Ugly Christmas Sweater. The sweater that might just make your holiday season a little more memorable.
  71. It’s sweater season, so when you see someone in a Ugly Christmas Sweater, don’t say a word. Just smile and say “Ugly Christmas Sweater, Ugly.”
  72. Your ugly Christmas sweater is the one thing that makes these holidays bearable.
  73. We’ve got all your ugly Christmas sweater needs covered.
  74. With a bit of festive spirit, you can pull off wearing one of these ugly Christmas sweaters with pride.
  75. Not everyone is a fan of ugly sweaters, but we love them anyway. ?
  76. It’s not ugly. It’s ugly sweater season. ?
  77. It’s not ugly when you wear it.
  78. Don’t be afraid to wear a sweater that doesn’t quite fit the mold. ?
  79. I love this sweater. It makes me feel like I’m in the Alps.
  80. You’ve spent all year knitting and crocheting this sweater, it’s time to see it off!
  81. We all love Ugly Christmas Sweaters. But we especially love this one.
  82. It’s the holidays, so Ditch the Sh*t and pick a Ugly Christmas Sweater. It’s December, people. Get festive.
  83. If you’re too tight to wear your ugly Christmas sweater, why not post an image of yourself in one? ?
  84. Ugly Christmas sweaters. ?We’ve got you covered!
  85. Be careful what you wish for. The Ugly Christmas Sweater will make people smile ☺?
  86. It’s a sweater world ?? #uglychristmassweater
  87. We have ugly Christmas sweaters. We don’t need any ugly holiday cards.
  88. Can’t believe we have to share our ugly Christmas sweaters with the entire world, but here we are. So ready for presents!
  89. Gotta love the holidays if you’re going to wear an ugly Christmas sweater.
  90. There’s something magical about ugly Christmas sweaters. Put on your favorite outfit and be ready to snap some shots with a #uglychristmassyarny !
  91. We want to see your ugly Christmas sweaters! Tag us on Instagram #uglychristmascards
  92. Ugly Christmas sweaters are the best. Tag a friend who loves ugly Christmas sweaters and get them some love.
  93. The best way to get over the holiday blues? Chill with ugly Christmas sweaters.
  94. Don’t let ugly Christmas sweaters make you feel bad about yourself. We’re just as thrilled to wear them as you are to see others in them.
  95. It’s not ugly, it’s ugly sweater day. #UglyChristmasSweaterDay
  96. Ugly Christmas sweaters are the best kind of ugly.
  97. If your ugly Christmas sweater is looking a little worse for wear, we’ve got you covered.
  98. I’m definitely not #ugly, I’m actually pretty handsome. But when it’s ugly sweater season, you kind of have to let your freak flag fly.?
  99. If ugly and uncomfortable Christmas sweaters aren’t your thing, skip the scarf and go for a sweater vest instead!
  100. The worst kind of ugly Christmas sweater is one that makes you feel good about yourself.
  101. We are not sure anyone could pull off an ugly Christmas sweater, but we’re sure that everyone will try.
  102. This ugly sweater is the perfect gift for someone you love. ?
  103. Because we are not the kind of people who say no to a good ugly sweater.
  104. This sweater is so ugly that you can’t even wear it. But we love it anyway.
  105. These aren’t your average ugly sweaters. These one’s, they’re a little bit ugly and a little bit cute.
  106. We know there’s nothing worse than ugly sweaters, but we have a couple of tricks to help you make them look less so. ?
  107. We’ve found a sweater that looks like it got all the ugly Christmas sweaters on the same day.
  108. Just in time for ugly sweater season.
  109. I have a sweater that makes me look like a gingerbread man. No thank you, I’m good.
  110. We’re all in on this ugly Christmas sweater trend now. #blameitontheradar
  111. These ugly Christmas sweaters are pretty cute, if you’re into that sort of thing. ?
  112. Merry Christmas from ugly Christmas sweaters. ?
  113. Ugly Christmas sweaters are a classic for good reason: they’re festive and fun. We know how hard it is to find that special sweater that goes with everything, but we’ve got you covered this holiday season!
  114. You’re not alone in your ugly Christmas sweater. Here are some of our favorite posts that feature the “uglier” of sweaters this year.
  115. Gotta love a ugly Christmas sweater, especially if it’s your favorite store brand ?
  116. So ugly, you might be tempted to wear them every day. But maybe just once a year? ?‍♀️
  117. This ugly Christmas sweater is just right for a fun night out with friends! ??
  118. Costumes are not the only way to get into the spirit of the holidays. You can express your hellos and goodbyes with a little Christmas cheer, too. ?
  119. The only Christmas sweater that I actually want to see under the mistletoe ?
  120. When you’re feeling a little lumpy in your sweater, but who cares because it gives you so much warmth.
  121. Sweater game strong ?.
  122. Some people are just too good to be true.
  123. You might not be representing a Christmas sweater company, but we already think you’re the cutest. #UglyChristmasSweater
  124. Ugly Christmas Sweaters are the best. Especially when they’re worn by someone as cute as you!❄️ #uglychristmas sweater
  125. Ugly Christmas Sweaters are the best kind of ugly. ??
  126. We’re not saying ugly Christmas sweaters are bad, but you’re probably going to want to make them a little more festive.
  127. We may all be a little bit ugly this Christmas, but we’ll always have our sweaters.

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