130+ Oversized Sweater Captions

Everyone loves an oversized sweater! We also love Instagram captions! So why not combine the two! Here are 130+ hilarious Oversized Sweater Instagram captions for that extra large jammie you’re wearing.

Oversized Sweater Captions

  1. You can be a little bit more than perfect. Oversized sweaters are for the elite, not the rest of us.
  2. You are so cute and beautiful, you deserve this oversized sweater. ??
  3. Oversized sweaters are where it’s at.
  4. Sweater doesn’t have to be boring, just oversized.
  5. Keep it cozy and keep it comfy with today’s oversized sweater.
  6. You know that feeling when a sweater is too big for you, but not big enough to fit in?
  7. Oh, no. I’ve got myself a sweater that’s way too big.
  8. This sweater is cozy, warm, and oh-so-snuggly.
  9. I’m not really sure how I became this massive sweater, but I’ve made peace with it.
  10. The sweater that makes you look like you’re ready for some fall fun. ?
  11. This sweater will keep you company, warm and cozy. ☀?
  12. these oversized sweaters are my buddies
  13. Life is even sweeter in an oversized sweater.
  14. I’m headed out. Let this oversized sweater be your best friend.
  15. This sweater is oversized and comfortable AF, the perfect combo to throw on in the AM. #TBT
  16. The bigger the sweater, the better it is.
  17. If you love sweaters, this one’s for you. We hope it makes you feel cozy next to someone special.
  18. I didn’t get this sweater for fashion. I got it for warmth. #charcoal
  19. Put your favorite sweater on over a long-sleeve t-shirt to take your style game to the next level.
  20. It’s cold outside, but your cozy sweater keeps you warm no matter what.
  21. I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling that this sweater could be my new favorite.
  22. Your sweater is perfect, but your smile is better.
  23. The world can be a cold, scary place. But when you’re wearing this sweater, it’s always warm and cozy.
  24. Oversized sweaters make the best gifts for friends, family and coworkers.
  25. Open up the world of oversized sweaters with the most comfortable, cozy and cozy sweater ever.
  26. When you’re just not warm enough, but your sweater is. #oversizedsweater
  27. It’s not easy being a big sweater-motif. I told you I’d be right here waiting for you, but you didn’t believe me.
  28. I’m a big sweater. I’m comfortable in it. It’s oversized and pretty, and the sleeves are shaped just the way I like them.
  29. Stay cozy this winter with a soft and cozy oversized sweater. #sweatersthatfit
  30. It’s not winter without my oversized sweater.
  31. Bigger is always better, especially when it comes to sweaters.
  32. This sweater is just too big, but I keep wearing it anyway.
  33. The best way to spend a day off? In my oversized sweater, making snow angels in the sand.
  34. I don’t feel the cold, I just appreciate my oversized  sweaters.
  35. Sweater weather is here. Make the most of it this season with our oversized tech tee ?
  36. I feel like I’m staring at a Ralph Lauren ad when I wear my oversized sweater.
  37. When your oversized sweater makes you feel like an extra big, warm hug ? #overalls #sweater
  38. Oversized sweaters are here to stay.
  39. A sweater that says I’m okay with being a little bit larger than life.
  40. Something about this sweater sets it apart. It’s oversized, super soft, and the best part? You can wear it any day of the week.
  41. When you wear it, you feel like a giant. But when you put it down, it’s just another sweater.
  42. When it’s a chilly day and you need a little something extra to make you feel comfortable, grab this oversized sweater. It fits the bill perfectly.
  43. Perfect for wearing to brunch, this oversized sweater is sure to keep you comfy in the fall and winter months ahead.
  44. This oversized sweater is the only thing you need. It doesn’t get much better than this.
  45. Super soft and cozy, this oversized cardigan is a favorite of mine. ??
  46. I’m a little obsessed with my Oversized Sweater.
  47. Your new favorite sweater for fall, Oversized, lightweight and cozy.
  48. I’m like a big ol’ sweater with your name on it.
  49. Look at this oversized sweater, I feel like a million dollars in it. ?
  50. This oversized sweater is way too cozy for the office ?.
  51. This sweater has the perfect amount of snug to make you feel like a million bucks.
  52. This oversized sweater is such a cozy piece to add to your fall wardrobe. It’s super soft, too.?
  53. I’m trying to be a better person, but I have a hard time when I wear this sweater.
  54. You’re gonna need this sweater to keep warm and all your friends in it ?
  55. The best sweaters are the ones you can wear forever.
  56. It’s a cold day. Let’s be cozy.
  57. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words and sometimes, it’s just too nice to be true.
  58. There’s something about oversized sweaters that makes you feel good about yourself.
  59. This sweater is so big and cozy, I’m gonna need to buy a new one for every day of the rest of my life.
  60. It’s a good thing this sweater is oversized, because it’s all I want to wear.
  61. “It’s not a sweater, it’s cozy.” ?
  62. This sweater is so oversized, it’s almost comical. But we promise you – it’s not.?
  63. I’m in a love over with this oversized sweater ?
  64. This sweater is the perfect mix of cozy and casual.?
  65. I don’t have time to describe my sweater. Just wear it and you’ll know what I mean. #27inches
  66. I got a little coffee and an oversized sweater addiction.
  67. This sweater is way too big for me. But I’m pretty sure it will still keep me warm this winter. ?
  68. This sweater is so oversized that it’s actually too big.
  69. This sweater is so oversized and comfy that you can’t help but feel happy.
  70. You can’t go wrong with an oversized sweater. Comfort is key, and this one has a definite chill factor. #SweaterGoals
  71. This oversized sweater makes me feel like I’m in a carefree movie.
  72. Throw on this oversized sweater to keep you warm during the cooler seasons
  73. Get ready for fall with this oversized sweater. It’s a cozy fit and super soft.
  74. It’s getting cold out. Put on this oversized sweater and you won’t have to worry about the weather. ❄️
  75. The power behind this oversized  sweater is you. It’s a reminder that you are strong, capable, and beautiful just the way you are.
  76. The sweater is a symbol of my comfort zone. I wear it as my armor, to keep me cozy and confident at all times. It’s the one item that will keep me warm even when the temperature drops below zero.
  77. I wore this to the office today and got some weird looks ??‍♂️?
  78. It’s always good to have a little extra. ?
  79. I’m all about the oversize sweaters this season.
  80. Oh, you’re so much more than just a sweater. You’re an oversized sweater with personality and warmth.
  81. When you’re eating a bowl of cereal and need to cover your entire body in an extra-large sweater.
  82. You can never go wrong with an oversized sweater. It’s like wearing a blanket in the middle of summer ?
  83. You’ll love this oversized sweater! It’s so soft, lightweight and cool. It will look great on all outfits from casual to business suits.
  84. We don’t do ordinary things. We are oversized and comfortable.
  85. Who said that cozy sweaters only go great with a glass of wine?
  86. This sweater is oversized, and the weather is just getting better. ??
  87. It’s not just an oversized sweater, it’s a statement.
  88. I wish I could pull this oversized  sweater over my head and wear it all day. ?
  89. Oversized sweaters are the most stylish way to keep warm.
  90. We’re all about the oversized sweaters and graphic tees, because they make you feel like a youthful fashionista.
  91. There’s nothing like an oversized sweater to keep you cozy and warm this fall.
  92. When you’re the biggest sweater in the house, it’s too cold to wear anything else.
  93. I’m wearing this sweater because it’s oversized and cozy and I can wear it without feeling like an idiot.
  94. An oversized sweater is perfect for layering. It’s big enough to wear over anything, including your favorite dress and a pair of heels.
  95. This sweater is so big and cozy, it’s like a hug for me.
  96. This sweater is oversized and soft, but the design still looks sharp! ??
  97. This oversized  sweater is too cozy to resist.
  98. This sweater is so cute and warm, it makes me want to cuddle up with my best friend.
  99. The oversized sweater is a Fall staple you can’t live without.
  100. Overgrown sweater: the best way to hide your flaws and prove you’re perfect.
  101. It’s sweater weather, so let’s all stay warm and cozy with this oversized sweater.
  102. Ahhhh. A sweater so big and soft, you’ll never want to take it off ❤️
  103. Warm and cozy, this oversized sweater is a comfy addition to your fall wardrobe ?
  104. It’s hard to stay warm while chasing squirrels and climbing trees. But this sweater keeps me cozy whether I’m chillin’ on the couch or exploring the city ?
  105. You’re going to love this sweater. You’re going to love it even more when you wear it with everything else in your closet #ootd
  106. Life is better in oversized sweaters. Wear one today and get ready for the weekend ?
  107. Our Oversized Sweaters are the go-to outerwear for all of your upcoming adventures.
  108. I’m all warmed up in my oversized sweater.
  109. Nothing makes me happier than wearing oversized sweaters with a full face of makeup and strutting around the streets ☀?
  110. It’s time to embrace your inner Diva. Get cozy in this oversized sweater that you can wear with leggings, jeans or even a skirt.
  111. You’ve got an oversized sweater like this, now go find somebody to wear it with.
  112. Say yes to a cozy  oversized sweater that’s as versatile as it is comfortable.
  113. If you can’t find an outfit that’s just right, throw on a cozy oversized sweater. It will make your outfit complete.
  114. Bigger is better.
  115. When you’re in a mood for some nostalgia, oversized sweaters are your best friends.
  116. This sweater is oversized, has a classic fit and is so cozy, #oversizedsweater
  117. Everyone loves a cozy sweater, especially when it comes in a size that says “I’m here to stay.”
  118. This sweater is so oversized it could fit two people. ??
  119. I’m always looking for an excuse to wear this oversized sweater.
  120. You don’t need a lot of words to tell this sweater story.
  121. Classic and cozy, this oversized sweater is the perfect layer for fall.
  122. I just want to wear this sweater all fall and all winter without being cold, even though it is huge.
  123. This is a sweater that can be worn in the fall, winter, spring and summer. It’s oversized, but not too bulky to wear over your workout clothes.
  124. When you need a cozy and warm sweater to keep you warm, but you don’t want to sacrifice on style.
  125. When you’re wearing a sweater that makes you look like a giant, we call it oversized.
  126. Our Oversized Sweater is the perfect cozy sweater to pair with jeans, leggings or just on its own.
  127. You need this oversized sweater to be the best version of yourself.
  128. The oversized sweater is the perfect way to add an unexpected layer to your outfit.
  129. No matter how big or small your sweater is, it will always be oversized.
  130. Feel like you’re right on trend in this oversized sweater. From fashion to comfort, we have it all.
  131. The sweater that says, “I’m not afraid to wear this sweater and be seen in public.”
  132. You’re on your way to a chill winter evening with this oversized sweater.
  133. This oversized sweater is just the perfect thing to wear on a cold winter day.
  134. I’m so excited to wear this sweater tonight. It’s so big, it almost doesn’t fit, but I love it. #sadbuttrue

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