140+ Simple Glasses Captions For Instagram

Whether you’re a simple glasses-wearing guy, or you just enjoy Instagramming a pair of cool frames, you can use captions to write something clever. We’ve compiled the best ones here.

Simple Glasses Captions For Instagram

  1. These glasses are so simple, yet so elegant.
  2. Let your eyes do the talking with these simple and stylish glasses.
  3. New glasses are cool. New selfies are great. You’re welcome. ?
  4. Our glasses are super comfortable, totally secure and stylish. So what’s not to love?
  5. Say it with glasses. ?
  6. These are the glasses to get this summer.
  7. We’ve got some good news: you can wear glasses without them looking like you’re trying to be someone else.
  8. I love a good pair of sunglasses and these are my fave.
  9. A little bit of style is never a bad thing.
  10. We are here to make your life easier, so you can do more. #simpleglasses
  11. It’s not complicated, but it’s art. #simpleglasses
  12. Looking good is a simple thing. It’s all about the glasses and how they make you feel good ??
  13. Say it with style, say it with our glasses – a simple yet elegant way to express yourself.
  14. For the brightest and boldest selfie, pair these classic frames with any outfit.
  15. What’s better than something simple and stylish? Something super simple and stylish.
  16. Get ready to take on the world with our new shades ?
  17. Life is all about the glass, and you really need to see through it.
  18. It’s all about being yourself. Wear whatever you like and let everyone know how great life is.
  19. A little something to brighten your day.
  20. In case you haven’t seen the sun for a while.
  21. Cheers to a new you. Cheers to being yourself. Cheers to being who you are.
  22. The only thing better than sitting down is looking up.
  23. If you’re looking for a stylish way to show off your eyes, look no further than our simple glasses.
  24. These glasses are so simple, yet stylish. They have a classic and timeless look that can be worn by anyone.
  25. Looking good is always a must. But now you can look even better with our new glasses.
  26. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got up these glasses ☕️
  27. Ready for the weekend. These glasses are perfect for this time of day.
  28. The best way to transmit a message is through words. But what if you don’t have any? Let your glasses do the talking for you. ?
  29. With these glasses on, it’s hard to see a world full of possibilities.
  30. It’s a beautiful world, through new lenses.
  31. A little dose of glamour is never a bad thing. #simpleglases
  32. Every day, we’re reminded of the small things. Keep it simple and stylish with these glasses from @username.
  33. Get your hands on a pair of these alluring glasses for a playful and cheeky look that’s perfect for an Instagram selfie. ☀️
  34. I’m loving these glasses. They’re so classic and so me.
  35. When your glasses are cute, but you still wear them.
  36. Catch those summer rays and make those golden hours fly by in style with our latest collection of sunglasses.
  37. These are the glasses you’re looking for.
  38. The best thing about these is that they are so comfortable to wear, you can forget they’re there. They’re versatile, stylish and stylishly versatile
  39. Keep your eyes on the prize.
  40. The world sees more than meets the eye.
  41. Stay classy, stay cool.
  42. Sometimes all you need is a splash of color and a little bit of happiness.
  43. Your day deserves a little silliness.?
  44. These Glasses are not just for looking at Instagram. They’re for being with friends and family.
  45. If you’re on the hunt for a pair of glasses that complement your style and your fierce personality, you’ve come to the right place.
  46. Glasses are cool. My favorite kind of glasses are these ones because they’re simple and can go with any style.
  47. These simple glasses are a perfect addition to any outfit.
  48. Like the sun, simple glasses have the ability to make anything more beautiful.
  49. The perfect pair of glasses for your Instagram feed!
  50. You can never go wrong with a pair of shades ?
  51. These are the easiest things to make and wear. They’re mostly just plastic lenses, screws, and a few other things. ☀
  52. When you want to look good and be your best self, here’s how to pair your new glasses with some killer outfits ?
  53. These pretty glasses are just the thing to complete your outfit and make you look like a million bucks.
  54. These are the glasses that make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.
  55. The best way to improve your social media presence is to make it fun and memorable. These simple glass lenses are perfect for any occasion!
  56. These glasses are just so hip. How else are you supposed to look cool at the gym? #framedbyflorescentlight
  57. Putting my #glasses in a new perspective ?
  58. These are the glasses that make you see the world in a new way.
  59. Looking good is an art and these glasses help you create your own style.
  60. I’m so happy to be able to share the best features of my new glasses with you. ?
  61. Getting your chill on #summer before the fall in a pair of shades that can take on any look.
  62. Everyone needs a pair of stylish, high-quality sunglasses to make their day go by smoothly.
  63. In need of some glasses inspo? We got you.
  64. Stay on trend with these new fresh styles ? ? ?
  65. A pair of sunglasses or a pair of glasses is just another accessory to add to your outfit.
  66. The most powerful people in the world are always wearing glasses.
  67. What’s the difference between a glass of wine and a glass of wine? Who cares. ☀
  68. It’s not just about looking smart. It’s about feeling smart too.
  69. Life is better with a pair of shades ? #tbt
  70. Your eyes are better than any pair of glasses.
  71. Making it easier to see and do it all.
  72. We’re gonna need these in our lives.
  73. She gets her eyes on the prize.
  74. There’s nothing quite like seeing the world through a pair of stylish glasses.
  75. These are the glasses that you can’t help but smile when you see them.
  76. Let’s face it, we need some fresh new glasses.
  77. In which we’re all just trying to figure out how to live life while secretly thinking, “I wish I could take a picture of this moment.”
  78. When life gets busy, you can always count on these to keep you looking and feeling great.
  79. When your important, but you’re not too important. ?
  80. Make it a great day with these fresh and cool glasses.
  81. Glasses on, let’s get this party started. ?
  82. We’re all about these classic, understated frames that are dressed up and down with outfits.
  83. These glasses are so clearly ready to see the world.
  84. A little dose of motivation for when you’re looking for that special style and need a little inspiration.
  85. The only thing you’re missing is a good pair of shades.
  86. Get inspired by the best of what’s out there.
  87. There are so many ways to look at the world. Let’s see yours through a pair of ??
  88. Our favorite #summertime accessory is these cute glasses. Easy to slip on and off, so you can enjoy your weekend for all its worth. ?
  89. These glasses are so simple I wear them everyday.
  90. We’re not saying you need to be a professional photographer, but we are saying these glasses are pretty badass. ?
  91. There’s a feeling of timelessness and simplicity that comes with wearing glasses.
  92. When you’re feeling like you could use a little extra brightness, these simple glasses will help.
  93. These are the glasses that make you feel like you’re with your friends all day and night.
  94. You know it’s casual Friday when you get to wear your favorite pair of glasses. ?
  95. I’m so glad I found these glasses. They make me feel like a boss ?
  96. With the right pair of glasses, you can look like anyone. So, switch it up and see who you really are.
  97. Life’s too short to wear boring glasses. Get your shades here!
  98. Our simple, clean lines are made to make you look good.
  99. A pair of glasses can change your life, and whether you’re in the market for new frames or just looking to improve your style, Olivers will have what you’re looking for.
  100. It’s never too late to start having fun with your style. #FollowYourHeart
  101. Why the simple accessory that pairs perfectly with your outfit is so important to your look.
  102. Life is better with a pair of sunglasses ?
  103. These are the glasses that anyone can wear and pull off with confidence.
  104. “I used to think that getting glasses was the scariest thing I’d ever do. Turns out, it was the easiest.” -Rob Lowe
  105. Simple and classic.?
  106. You can’t see the forest for the trees, but with these sunglasses, you don’t have to worry about your eyesight.
  107. Life is better with the right pair of glasses on.
  108. Throw on your shades and get ready to see the world in a whole new way.
  109. Don’t let the sun go down on you without your favorite pair of shades.
  110. Hey there! These are my new glasses. I’ve been trying to get them to look just right, but these aren’t really that good.
  111. If you want to see from a different perspective, go ahead and wear your glasses.
  112. We want to keep it simple and make you look good.
  113. Don’t forget to wear your sport glasses, because we’re only here to see who can catch that ball.
  114. We are all made of light, and we are the same. Enjoy your day! ❤
  115. Wearing simple glasses to the beach ??
  116. Glasses are the best accessory to carry your heart around with in this crazy world.
  117. You can never be too cool to wear glasses.
  118. Hey there! ? I’m a stylish glasses wearer, so you can expect to see some of my favorite styles from time to time.
  119. Make a statement with these simple, stackable frames.
  120. Let your eyes do the talking.
  121. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I’m ready to go out. Meet me at the bar.
  122. It’s a little later than we’d like, but who’s ready to get on board with the weekend? That’s right, me and my aviators.
  123. You don’t have to be a genius, just let us do the legwork.
  124. Life is better when you can see it.
  125. Glasses are a timeless accessory that never goes out of style.
  126. Hey friend! Let’s face it, we’re all looking for something to brighten up our days. And these simple glasses are just what we need!
  127. The best thing about being 10? You can wear these glasses.
  128. Let’s wear what we like. And share that style with the world. You are never too young to look cool, and never too old to have a sense of humor.
  129. The best selfies are the ones you don’t take.
  130. We’re just here for the good vibes and positivity.
  131. The best way to see the world is through fresh, clear eyes.
  132. Wherever you go, there are eyes on you. Make sure they are yours.
  133. When styling your home, remember that a clean desk is a happy mind.
  134. Good times are ahead, it’s a beautiful day. #happyday
  135. Gotta be cool, but also gotta keep your eyes on the road and your ears tuned to what’s happening around you.
  136. I hope you enjoy your adventure today.
  137. These are the simple glasses for your life.
  138. “These are the glasses that make all days a little bit better.”
  139. When you need a little more eyecandy in your feed, these glasses are for you!
  140. Uplifting your style, whether it’s with a pair of glasses or not.
  141. I wear glasses because I love being able to see things as they are. But I also wear them because they make me look different and unique.
  142. These are the kind of glasses I wear when I’m at my best.
  143. If you’re feeling a little sad today, we’ve got a cure: fresh pair of shades, lit with your favorite smiley face.

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