130+ Trendy Hair Captions For Instagram

Let’s be honest, hair isn’t always the best topic to talk about. But when you’ve got a good GIF of your best ‘do, it’s not only funny, but also a good way to show how much you love your look. So here are our favourite Trendy Hair Captions For Instagram, and don’t worry, we’ve got some hair-based inspiration for you too.

Trendy Hair Captions For Instagram

  1. If you’re looking for a new way to get your hair photographed, check out our Instagram account and see what we’ve got in store!
  2. Have you ever wondered what your hair stylist’s Instagram Stories are like? We thought so. ?
  3. ??‍♀️The best hair tip is to always be ready for trends because there are always new ones coming.
  4. If you have hair. It’s time to go to the bathroom, because your hair is so cool that it has its own hashtag.
  5. We all have the best intentions with our hair. But sometimes, we don’t realize how much time and effort is needed to get the perfect look ? ?‍♀️
  6. We all want to feel like a million bucks, but we don’t always have the time, patience or budget for a hair makeover. That’s why I’m here to tell you about my favorite new product that will change your life for good: The Hair Sprayer. ??
  7. The only thing cooler than a hairstyle this season is how you’re going to rock it.
  8. It’s all about the hair.?
  9. It’s not just about the hair. It’s about the journey we all go on together.
  10. When your hair is on point, you’re ready for anything.
  11. The journey of a thousand cuts. ??‍♀️
  12. A chic hair style for your everyday life
  13. You’ve got the prettiest hair, girl. ?
  14. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Keep your hair looking good! ?
  15. We know your hair may be a little on the wild side, but we promise to tame it ??‍♂️
  16. With a fresh twist on the classic “wash and go”, we’ve got you covered with this week’s top hair style.
  17. The hair is a reflection of who you are. It’s not just a surface. It’s an extension of your being that tells the world a story about you.
  18. I’ve got my hair big, I’ve got it long, but I can’t wait to show you a side-by-side.
  19. When your hair breaks the rules, so will we.
  20. While we wait for the sun to rise, here’s a quote to keep busy wit ??
  21. It’s about the little things. #thelittlethings
  22. There’s a reason we’ve been gathering inspiration all day.
  23. It’s time to pick up the volume, put down the drama and feel like a new you.
  24. It’s time to take yourself out of your comfort zone, because the world is waiting for you to grow.
  25. We’re so excited to see you rocking the latest hair trend!
  26. Here’s a little secret: You can make your hair look short even if it’s not. Here are some top trends to do just that.
  27. Trying out a new hairstyle? Let us know how it goes!
  28. A little bit of pink and so much attitude for your hair.
  29. This new season, let your hair be your guide.
  30. You don’t need a hair stylist to tell you what your hair is doing.
  31. Sorry, haters. You don’t have to be a hair icon to rock a #baldhead.
  32. The best hair day is the one where I say “Yes” to all the new things you want me to do to my hair.
  33. Your crowning glory should make a statement, so do your hair and nails. #gorgeous
  34. The most important thing is to have fun with your hair.
  35. You’re never too old to have a bad hair day.
  36. This is our new mantra: ✨??✨
  37. You’re the light in my hair.
  38. Here’s to the times when you feel like you can try anything.
  39. Hair doesn’t have to be boring. The right hair can make a picture look even better! ?
  40. With our trendy hair, you can be ready for anything and everything. ?
  41. I always wanted to grow my hair long and free, but I was afraid of what people would think. Now, after being on the @curlyhairtrend for 6 months and loving it, I’ve learned that it’s ok to be you and your curls are beautiful! #lovemycurls
  42. This is a great example of the #moderndaygirl hair style. If you want to copy this look, I recommend searching for a simple high ponytail, then wrapping it into a low bun with your hair as in the picture above.
  43. Who knew you could wear your hair in so many different ways? ??
  44. Sometimes the simplest hairstyles can make a big impact. Find your favorite one in our latest hair collection now.
  45. Don’t miss these gorgeous hairstyles that will have you reaching for your hair tools!
  46. Life’s too short to have boring hair. ??
  47. There are so many ways to wear your hair. The possibilities are endless.
  48. There’s no such thing as too many curls. ??
  49. Let’s talk about your super pretty hair.
  50. Hair, it’s a topic we can all relate to. ??
  51. Love your hair and the compliments you get.
  52. The life of a hair stylist is never dull. Watch these behind-the-scenes clips to get an insight into our daily routines.
  53. It’s important to give the hair some love, especially when you’re feeling beautiful.
  54. I think you look like a million bucks. ?
  55. Our Hair is serious business.
  56. Because sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get your day started ?
  57. Never stop being beautiful.
  58. This summer, let your hair take you on a journey of different styles and colors. We’ve got the styles you need to do just that, and they’re all easy to do yourself! ??
  59. Hey, hey! It’s time to stop feeling old and start thinking young. Follow us for the latest in hair inspiration.
  60. Your hair is your best accessory.
  61. I need a hair cut, stat.
  62. Feathered look for fall. #JustWannaBeCool
  63. If you’re serious about getting a buzz on, follow our IG. We’ll tell you how.
  64. A low key this weekend, but don’t let the look fool you. I’m all about bright and bold this fall!
  65. I wish I had a bigger closet so all the looks I have in my head could be put together.
  66. There’s no such thing as bad hair days, unless you’re wearing it. ??
  67. Don’t be afraid to let go of the rules and just have fun with your hair ?
  68. What’s more stylish than a good hair day? Perfectly imperfect styles.
  69. Thirsty for some inspiration? Check out our best line-up of hair  to inspire you to get creative and get styling! ?
  70. Leave the heavy hair crowns and pouffs, and embrace the new way of wearing your hair.
  71. Best hair day ever!?
  72. With a little help from the hair gods we’re able to steer you in the right direction for your next hair adventure. # HairByMe
  73. No matter what your hair goals are, we’re here to help you achieve them ??
  74. You know what they say? The best things in life are when you’re rocking a cool haircut. ?
  75. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair! Even if you mess it up and need to fix it, do it with a smile!”
  76. You’re my style inspiration. ? ?
  77. Let’s talk hair. The best way to get a haircut is to ask your stylist what they think looks good on you, and then letting them cut it.
  78. Life is like a hair ribbon: it’s best to let it flow.
  79. What better way to spend your Sunday than with a fresh new ‘do?
  80. Don’t worry, you’re doing great. Keep up the good work ??
  81. If looks could kill, we’d all be hanging out in jail. ?
  82. Your hair is ready for the fall season.
  83. Life is short, so you should get your hair done every day.
  84. That moment when you take the time to put some effort into your hair and get it just right.
  85. The New Year is always full of new beginnings. Hair up and ready to go ??‍♀️#wintersweat #newyearinthemoment
  86. Aside from being a beautiful thing, hair has been used as an artistic medium for centuries. This is why we are here to help you find the perfect font for your hair selfie!
  87. From top to bottom, these are the cutest hairdos you’ve ever seen!
  88. A hair style that celebrates your individuality is the only way to go.
  89. You’ve got the look, now show us how you style it. ?
  90. We don’t just want hair, we want to be styled.
  91. It’s not about the length and it’s not about the volume. It’s all about the cute ?
  92. You’re beautiful, not just on the outside but also on the inside. #healtheartinside
  93. Let’s get to know each other. Like a cup of coffee, I’m warm and welcoming on the inside, but hard to crack when you first meet me ?
  94. You’re in a mood to do something fun, adventurous and different. You are feeling happy and excited about some new things in life and you don’t have any idea where to start.
  95. The best part of the weekend is getting ready for it.
  96. Life is all about the little moments.
  97. Girls, we’re going to meet at the top of this next hill.
  98. Caught up in the moment, in a bubble and ready to go. This is what it’s like when you’re rocking a caption like this ?
  99. There is nothing better than a good hair day.
  100. My hair deserves a little love and admiration.
  101. This look is a classic, but it’s still fresh.
  102. If a picture is worth 1000 words, then this is worth at least 20,000 #hairgoal.
  103. Your short hair is a trendsetter and your bravery is inspiring.
  104. Our hair is a reflection of our personalities, so let’s make it the star of your feed.
  105. No need to be a sheep, go with the flow, and show off your style. You are the trendsetter! (Tag a friend)
  106. “Let your hair down, let it breathe and feel free to go with the flow.”
  107. The hair I have in my bio is the hair I have had my whole life. The one thing you can always depend on with me, is that I’ll keep it looking good, no matter where I am.
  108. Tag your best friend to get on their ? selfie list.
  109. Hair is the mirror of our soul! I love my curls, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.
  110. Coffee and hair, two things you can’t live without. ?
  111. Forget about the routine. Stop chasing perfection, and start chasing #style ?
  112. Your hair is the best.
  113. We’re feeling this look!
  114. These hair will have you looking like a cool cat, who is just the kind of cool that is attractive and attractive.
  115. Style your hair with these trendy style that will make it pop!
  116. Recapturing the essence of this season’s hottest looks, the Insta-perfect haircuts we can’t get enough of.
  117. Let your hair tell you what to say ?
  118. A little dose of #hairgoals ??
  119. Dreamt of a haircut that is so much fun to look at, and even more fun to wear. ?
  120. Keep your hair looking fresh and stylish by following these easy steps.
  121. Who says you can’t have both a colorful and natural hair color?
  122. Hey there! I’m trying to keep up with this hair game. What are you guys doing?
  123. We are living for this weekend trend.
  124. When you want to look your best, but not spend hours in the morning.
  125. Your hair is your crown, so rock it.
  126. The best way to get a good hair day is to schedule a pre-blowout appointment.
  127. The best way to be brave, is to try something new.
  128. You know you’re a beauty queen when  ?.
  129. This is what a girl does when she’s on vacation, she grabs her @trademarkhair and goes to town. ?
  130. When you’re on vacation, have a girl’s day doing something that makes you feel like a brand new person – treat yourself to the @trademarkhair.
  131. When you’re away from home, you won’t want to leave your trademark hair at home.
  132. My trademark hair is your vacation from the everyday.
  133. If you’re looking for a tropical escape, there’s no better place than the Caribbean. Carpe diem and make the most of your trip! Hair down!
  134. hair got us through this week.

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