160+ Weekend Vibes Captions For Instagram

It’s the weekend. You have time to yourself, and you want to set yourself up for success. Here are some of my favorite captions to use on your IG post.

Weekend Vibes Captions For Instagram

  1. When you’re looking for that perfect weekend vibes shot, be sure to check out our new collection.
  2. Weekend vibes are the best kind of vibes.
  3. We all need to escape this week, and weekend vibes do that. Hope you have a good one ?☀️ #weekendvibes
  4. Weekend vibes. What are you up to? ?
  5. Take me away. Weekend vibes are something to treasure.
  6. Weekend vibes are in full effect. ??
  7. Weekend vibes are always in style.
  8. Weekend vibes: you can’t not smile so don’t even try.
  9. weekend vibes: the feeling you get when you know it’s gonna be a good one.
  10. A weekend filled with good vibes ? ? ?
  11. The weekend has arrived and we are ready to take on the weekend with fresh vibes!
  12. Vacay vibes every day of the week.
  13. The weekend is here and we’re ready. ? ??
  14. A weekend filled with fun, friends and family laughter is a great way to start the weekend.
  15. The feeling of love, magic and happiness that only comes once a week.
  16. Weekend vibes are always on ?
  17. Weekend vibes are everything. And these weekends will be so much better if you get over to a bar, dive bar, or pub for some drinks with friends.
  18. Weekend vibes all the way. We hope you’ve enjoyed this week so far, and are ready to get into some weekend fun! Stay chill and enjoy ?
  19. Weekend vibes are in the air! Let’s get to it. ?
  20. Weekend vibes, what’s yours?
  21. The weekend is here and I’m ready to dive into the weekend vibes ?
  22. It’s time for a little weekend vibes. What are you looking forward to this week?
  23. Saturday vibes on a Monday morning.
  24. The weekend’s here and so are the vibes.
  25. It’s Friday, it’s the weekend, and we’re all ready to get out of here! ? ? #TGIF
  26. Feeling a little more relaxed and ready for this weekend.
  27. Packing my bags and ready for the weekend.
  28. Weekend vibes are on ?
  29. Weekend vibes are the best kind of vibes. ??
  30. Weekend vibes are the best way to start a new week.
  31. Weekend vibes at the beach. ☀
  32. Weekend vibes are on the rise. What are you gonna do to celebrate this weekend?
  33. Weekend vibes are about to be cranked up a notch.
  34. Let the weekend vibes begin.
  35. Happy weekend vibes. Ready for what the future holds?
  36. The weekend is here and you’re ready for it! Time to relax and do what makes you happy. This is the life of a weekend warrior.
  37. The weekend is here, but you’re stuck at work. What’s a girl to do? Well, the answer might surprise you ?
  38. The weekend must go on. ?‍♀️?
  39. Feeling ??‼️ and looking ?? in this week’s outfit ?
  40. No matter what happens this weekend, enjoy it. ☀
  41. Waiting for the weekend. ?
  42. It’s Friday! You know what that means? It’s time for a little Throwback Thursday, because this day is all about the past and its memories.
  43. Weekend vibes? We’re all in for some chill and relaxing. Just get it done, do what makes you happy and stay warm while we catch a few rays of sunshine ☀️
  44. Weekend vibes ??
  45. Weekend vibes are in the air! Time to take a breather and enjoy life.
  46. Weekend vibes ??
  47. Weekend vibes: coffee, cozy blanket and my best friends.
  48. Weekend vibes: you know it’s a good one when you feel like a kid again.
  49. We’re not talking about a weekend getaway or even #vibes. We’re talking about the kind of vibes that make you feel like it’s a great day, even when it’s raining.
  50. When you’re out enjoying the weekend, it feels like you’re at your best. So capture it and share it with the world!
  51. I’m ready for a weekend filled with coffee, snacks, and good vibes.
  52. Here’s to the weekend: always a time for good vibes, happy people and great memories.
  53. It’s the weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. You can do anything for just two days. ?? ?
  54. It’s the weekend! What are your plans? ?
  55. You know what’s better than being inside? ? ? ? ? ? ?☀️
  56. The weekend is just around the corner. Make it count—and get out of this place.
  57. Weekend vibes to keep you inspired and happy all weekend long. #WeekendVibes
  58. Weekend vibes are all about the laid back, easy and breezy. And these pictures say it all!
  59. Weekend vibes, weekend plans.
  60. We’re getting a little weekend vibes from that shot of you and your friends at the beach this weekend. ❤️?
  61. Saturday vibes. ??
  62. The weekend is here, and so are your v-day plans. Stay hydrated, get out and enjoy the day! ??
  63. ☀ Saturday mornings are the best—but they’re also the most unpredictable. So to get you in a good mood for the weekend ahead, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite products and services for your next few hours spent lounging around & watching Netflix…
  64. The weekend is almost here—but we won’t be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Let’s enjoy the short amount of free time we have left before our weekday routine kicks in again. ??
  65. It’s the weekend. Let’s spend it together, sharing the things we love in life.
  66. The weekend is here and I am ready for some fun!
  67. The weekend is almost here, so snap the keys and grab your friends.
  68. Whistling on the weekend.
  69. Weekend vibes are always in season.
  70. Weekend vibes all day, every day. We’re here for it… ☕
  71. Put on your dancing shoes, because it’s time for weekend vibes. ?☀
  72. Weekend vibes? You bet! Grab a cup of coffee, find your favorite chair and get ready for the most relaxing weekend of your life.
  73. Weekend vibes everywhere.
  74. Weekend vibes and more!
  75. Weekend vibes are always in style. What’s yours? Tag us in a post using the hashtag #howtodothursday.
  76. Weekend vibes, here we go…
  77. It’s the weekend. Time to unwind and enjoy some time away from our busy lives.
  78. A weekend spent with friends, a book, and Netflix ?
  79. I’m so ready to disconnect ??
  80. I feel like we all need a weekend binge watch. Which one are you going to do?
  81. I woke up this weekend with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.
  82. It’s Friday. What are you doing?
  83. Happy weekend everyone! See you over this week.
  84. Weekend vibes, don’t try. Be happy doing what makes you smile. #weekendvibescaptions
  85. Weekend vibes. Weekend plans. Weekend goals. Weekend Laughter! #WeekendVibes
  86. Weekend vibes are the best kind of vibes ??
  87. Weekend vibes are all about the right people, right place and right time.
  88. Weekend vibes are a must in this house.
  89. Weekend vibes! What are you up to this weekend?
  90. Weekend vibes are here and we commend you for coming through with some heavy-hitting captioning.
  91. Weekend vibes and a glass of red to make all of your problems fade away. ? ? ?
  92. The weekend vibes are off to a great start.?
  93. Good vibes galore. Weekend vibes leading up to a big week ahead.
  94. We all need these kinds of vibes in our lives.
  95. It’s Friday, and you know what that means? ? ? ? ? #TGIF
  96. Who’s ready for this weekend to be gone already? ?
  97. Feeling like a weekend warrior, ready for adventure. #LiveLife
  98. Weekend vibes are the best when you have a crew ? ? ?
  99. Weekend vibes are in the air! Capture these moments with our easy to use stickers.
  100. We love the feeling of weekend vibes.
  101. Weekend vibes are the best.
  102. We’re living for these weekend vibes. How about you?
  103. Saturday vibes captured.
  104. What a great weekend the weekend vibes express themselves.
  105. Weekend vibes! You’re here, so we’re going to catch up on some childhood memories. ☀?
  106. Feeling like a weekend classic ?☀️
  107. We’re going to have a little weekend fun ? ??
  108. It’s the weekend, y’all. Let’s do this. ?
  109. Take it easy this weekend and enjoy the peace, love and happiness.
  110. Hey weekend, we’re here. Let’s have some fun!
  111. What a weekend. ?
  112. Weekend vibes, weekend plans. Time to elevate your Sundays.
  113. Weekend vibes for your weekend vibes.
  114. Weekend vibes are in the air.☀️
  115. For those long days where you just want to escape. #WeekendVibes
  116. Weekend vibes are here, and we’re ready to get down.
  117. Weekend vibes are here, we hope you’re ready to enjoy it ☀?
  118. Weekend Vibes: Getting ready for that weekend with a fresh mix.
  119. Ready for a weekend that feels more like a day off? ?☀️
  120. It’s the weekend. ??
  121. We know a good weekend plan when we see one ??
  122. This weekend we’re all about embracing our inner space goddess.
  123. Say yes to the weekend.
  124. It’s a great time to be alive—and not just because the weather is sunny and warm. We’re feeling confident, entertained, and excited about life! ?
  125. Weekend vibes are the best. It’s all about the weekend, ☀?
  126. Weekend vibes are in the air! ?
  127. Weekend vibes are never a bad thing. ?
  128. A weekend vibes and enough plans to last a lifetime. ?
  129. Weekend vibes and what’s yours?
  130. What’s your weekend vibe? For me it’s all about good food, some chill vibes and good company.
  131. What’s your weekend vibe? We hope it’s as good as ours.
  132. Vibes are key when it comes to making the most of the weekend. ? ?
  133. It’s the weekend, so put on your favorite jams and enjoy ? ? ?
  134. A weekend just isn’t a weekend without a good morning coffee and some fresh air.
  135. Snow is falling and so are the smiles. ??☕
  136. This weekend is all about you and your people.
  137. A weekend vibe for you. Brought to you by the Weekend Vibes App ?
  138. Weekend vibes are the best. ☀?
  139. Weekend vibes are the best kind of vibes.
  140. Weekend vibes are here, and it’s time to slow down and enjoy the weekend. Here’s to good times with your friends and family ?
  141. Weekend vibes from this weekend. How was your weekend?
  142. Weekend vibes! This is beautiful.
  143. Weekend vibes, partying at night and waking up ready for more.
  144. ??If life’s a beach, then this weekend is the perfect way to spend it. ☀?
  145. a weekend away, with the people you love while being outside.
  146. On the weekend, we like to ride the waves of life. And you know what? That’s OK. We’re all right there with you.
  147. Don’t you know that good things come to those who wait?
  148. Weekend vibes. The feeling you get when you’re ready to let loose and have fun ?
  149. Weekend vibes are all about distractions. Take the time to enjoy yourself, relax and recharge.
  150. Weekend vibes ?? Get ready to take some ? ? ? ? ? ??
  151. We’re all about the weekend vibes?
  152. Weekend vibes are as good as it gets in life. You got this.
  153. Weekend vibes are feeling good.?
  154. Enjoying the weekend vibes ☀?
  155. Weekend vibes are here, and they’re making us feel good.
  156. One of my favorite things to do is spend time with the people I love, so here’s to weekend vibes ?
  157. Weekend vibes indeed.
  158. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, get your weekend started with these delicious recipes for breakfast and lunch.
  159. Who says you must be at work on Friday? ☀
  160. Man, this weekend is gonna be fly. I’m pumped!
  161. Let’s do this weekend right.
  162. Weekend vibes everywhere. Shot on iPhone 5S, edited in Instagram video by @username.
  163. Weekend vibes are the best kinds of vibes. ??
  164. Weekend vibes are all about relaxing and getting out of your comfort zone. What are you doing this weekend?
  165. Weekend vibes all the way and this weekend in particular.
  166. Weekend vibes and a coffee to go with them! ☕?
  167. #Weekendvibes, ready for you.
  168. Good vibes all around this weekend. ??
  169. This weekend I had the best time with my friends. We all laughed and smiled, we ate? and drank ?. It was a perfect weekend!

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