130+ Frizzy Hair Captions For Instagram

This is a list of captions for all your frizzy hair pictures. There are some cute, some funny and even some insulting frizzy hair captions. Ha! This is just a fun article for all the people who love taking pictures of their frizzy hair moments.

Frizzy Hair Captions For Instagram

  1. “I’m just a girl with frizzy hair, trying to stay cool.”
  2. If you or someone you know is suffering from frizzy hair, these products can help.
  3. Frizzy hair is not always just a bad hair day, it’s a part of us.
  4. Wanna get your frizz on? Find out how to style your hair the right way.
  5. No matter how many times I tried to tame my frizz, no matter how hard I tried to keep it under control, it always comes back. Have a great weekend everyone!! ?
  6. “i can’t believe my hair is this frizzy. what kind of shampoo do i need?”
  7. Having hair like this is way more fun than it is a hassle! ?
  8. Buns, bows, and curls: these are the first three things that come to mind when I think of this chick’s hair. ??
  9. Sometimes I wish I could just go back in time and tell my younger self to stop trying to style my hair. But then I remember how much better it looks like that!
  10. We’re here for you if you need a hair day.
  11. ??? you know what I’m talking about. ??
  12. It’s not the humidity, it’s you. ?
  13. Here she is: the girl that makes the perfect quaff. She even has a name, this one’s called “Buffy.”
  14. Wanna see my frizzy hair do’in’ tricks? ??‍♀️
  15. Hey guys! It’s Friday. And I love how we’re gonna get through this long weekend with some hair styles ?‍♀️ ?
  16. Does it matter if your hair is frizzy? No, it doesn’t. #FrizzFreeFriday
  17. Frizz Fade Away got you itchin’ for a new look?
  18. We know your hair has no filter, but we’re here for you with some frizz-fighting tips for when your waves are ready to take over the world.
  19. Hello, frizz! How are you today? ☀
  20. What’s your favorite way to slay your fave hair day?
  21. Life goals, a mop of curly-matted frizz.
  22. Wouldn’t be stuck in a hair rut without you ?
  23. No matter what your hair type is, you can get sleek and straight with the right products.
  24. I’m so in love with my #curltrends.
  25. Don’t laugh, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who’d caption this. ?
  26. Better to just let it air dry?
  27. I know it comes back to my roots and all, but I didn’t realize it was still this bad.
  28. When you have a frizzy head of hair ? and realize that’s what the style should be.
  29. Frizz-free hair is the new black. ?
  30. Frizz-free hair has never been so fun!
  31. Our life is the better when we curly girl. We love your frizzies, curly friends  ?
  32. Frizzy hair is the worst. What do you guys do to tame the beast?
  33. Frizz-free hair days are here, friends.
  34. I am in a stage of life, where frizz is becoming a part of living. But I don’t mind!
  35. Frizz free, frizz free. I’m so smooth.
  36. When your hair looks like this, you don’t have to worry about frizz.
  37. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to tame your frizz, try these products!
  38. You’ve been overworked, underpaid and underappreciated all week. But on Friday, you can be whoever you want to be. #FrizzFriday
  39. It’s time to get those tresses ready for the weekend.
  40. Hello frizz, hello.
  41. Being a curly girl isn’t always easy. But it’s always worth it!
  42. Life is like a box of chocolates: sometimes you get the kind you want and sometimes you don’t. ?
  43. Frizzy hair is so ??‍♀️ and I love it! Still trying to get the hang of it though.
  44. No matter what you’re doing, frizzy hair is always there to ruin it.?
  45. Frizzy hair = cute. Frizzy hair = not so cute. Frizzy hair = a must-do.
  46. Hey there! I’m that girl with the frizzy hair who loves to bake.
  47. Frizz Free Friday. I’m just one of those people that has to have the right amount of moisture in my hair. I use coconut oil and a gentle heat-protectant for heat styling and when I don’t.
  48. Hey, there are days when even the best hair product in the world can’t tame your frizzy tresses. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered ?
  49. Frizz-free friends, never be ashamed of your hair. We are all in this together.
  50. Frizzy hair is the bane of my existence.
  51. Frizzy hair, that’s a thing.
  52. Bummed out because my hair is so frizzy? I’ve got you covered.
  53. When your hair is a mess, you blame the wind. When nobody can see you, you blame the camera. ?
  54. Sometimes you just need a little help with your hair.
  55. My hair is not perfect but I like it that way.
  56. My hair’s like, whoa!
  57. It’s so much fun to be a fly on the wall when you get to be here with me.
  58. It’s frizzy hair season. Get a grip on the things that matter most when trying to tame those crazy curls ?
  59. Don’t give up on your frizzy hair just yet. There are plenty of ways to try and tame it so you can feel like yourself again ?
  60. Frizzy hair? Don’t despair. Here are a few tips for taming that frizz ??
  61. Frizz, we got you ??
  62. Frizzy-haired friends, you’re not alone. We’re here to make your life a little better and a whole lot easier. ?
  63. We’ve got your frizz covered this week ??
  64. The messy and frizzy days are here. ?
  65. Frizz Free Friday!
  66. I’ve got the frizzies and I don’t even care.
  67. Hey, your hair is beautiful.
  68. Frizzy and proud of it.
  69. Okay so I’m not exactly sure what happened here but I’m going to guess that my hair was begging for attention, that’s a thing, right?
  70. There’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned hair day.
  71. A day that starts with a smile is a day I’m already looking forward to.
  72. Step away from the frizz and into an Instagram post that will make your hair look smooth as a baby’s bottom.
  73. “Who says you can’t have a day without frizzy hair? ??
  74. #FrizzyHair I’m laughing at myself, but not really. My hair is really just a big frizzy mess right now.
  75. It’s hair-related. It’s life-riddled. It’s frizzy hair.
  76. Frizzy hair is like the best friend of your hair. ☝?
  77. If you’re like us and have frizzy hair, your caption will probably be something along these lines: “I’m an idiot and I don’t know what to do about my hair” ??
  78. How does a girl feel when she has frizz? ????
  79. Frizzy hair is the worst. But we’ve got your back when it comes to dealing with it. From saying no to styling, here’s how you can shake it off and make the most of your natural texture.
  80. When your hair is on fleek, you don’t mind when its frizzy. ?
  81. My hair was so frizzy today ??
  82. Frizz. No fear! We’ve got your back with these smoothie smoothie hacks to help you tame those crazy hair days. ??
  83. ☁️☃️☂️Lovely, naturally curly hair. A girl’s best friend. ?
  84. Let’s face it, frizz is a bummer. The only way to stop it? Deep conditioning and a heat protectant!
  85. We’ve all got #Frizz, but we can also get #Flaunt!
  86. There’s a special place in my heart for curly hair. It’s one of the most luxurious and beautiful things on the planet.
  87. Hey there! My hair is frizzing out of control, but I’m trying not to stress.
  88. Let’s go together through this wild ride. ?
  89. It’s all about the frizzies when it comes to this hair ?
  90. Frizzy hair is the worst, right? So let us be your new best friend by keeping your hair tamed and under control.
  91. When your hair is frizzing, you can’t help but smile. ?
  92. Frizzy hair: not a thing you can control, but totally manageable.
  93. Hey love. It’s a little frizzy, but I still think you’re pretty.
  94. Chances are, you’ve got pretty good hair. But if you find yourself needing a little help to tame your frizz, we’ve got some tips on how to tame frizz and keep it tamed.
  95. Frizz-free and feeling good. #FrizzFreeWednesday
  96. I wish my hair was like yours ?
  97. Hey world, we know it’s been a hot minute since we’ve posted but we’ve been working hard on our hair game. We’re ready to bring you back that natural, fresh feeling hair that you love us for ?
  98. This is how my hair looks like after a bad hair day ?
  99. You’ve got the hair, you’ve got the attitude. What more do you need to get where you want to go?
  100. I’m going to need a drink to get through this photo ?
  101. I’m on top of my game today, I just made it through the rain.
  102. Frizz-free hair has never looked so good! ?
  103. Frizzy Hair? Our hair stylists are ready to slay with a customized look that’s perfect for you.
  104. Frizz-free hair is my obsession
  105. A little frizz is good, a lot of frizz is bad. ??
  106. You know that feeling of when you wake up and your hair is all frizzy and tangled? I feel like this every day.
  107. Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, your hair went frizzy.
  108. Frizz is our middle name. But we’re here to help you get it under control with a few easy steps, so you can be back in the game and ready to slay.
  109. Frizz-freaking gang.
  110. What do you love about my hair today?
  111. Your hair just wants to be free.
  112. Hey @curly_girl you do looks like I’m on the right track and I’ll look back on this post with a smile!
  113. Hey, guys! Check out what I’m up to today. ☀
  114. The fact that I can’t touch my hair without getting so much static is a sign of how much better summer is going to be.
  115. The moment you wake up, roll out of bed and take a hot shower to wash away the night’s sleep, that’s when it starts.
  116. Don’t be scared to take the chance, even if you’re questioning yourself. You can always change your mind.
  117. When life gives you frizzy hair, fake it ’til you make it. ??‍♀️
  118. We love your frizz. The kind that makes us smile and laugh.
  119. Frizz-free hair is really a heads up for you.
  120. Life is too short to sit around with hair that looks like this. #FrizzNoMore
  121. Frizz Free is my middle name. #stayfrizzfree
  122. When your hair is frizzy and wild, but you try to be patient with it.
  123. Hey there, babe. Your hair is making me crazy ? I hope you got some more clips in that bra.
  124. I’ve been saying to myself, “Hair, you’re lookin’ good.” ?
  125. Not the hair type for the beach? No worries. We’ve got you covered with this summer fix:
  126. Sometimes the best hair day happens when you have no idea what your doing and then you wake up and go to bed with the smell of fresh coffee in your hair.
  127. Our hair is on fire!!! ?
  128. I just woke up like ?☀️✨
  129. Looking at my reflection. ???
  130. Let’s have a chat about my hair. It’s?#FrizzyHair
  131. Frizzy hair is in. The weather is fickle and so are you ? So stay warm, dry your hair with these frizz-control products that will do the trick!
  132. How do you feel when your frizzy hair is happy? Good. It should be that way, because your hair is loved.  ♥️
  133. If you have any problems with frizzy hair, this is the post for you.
  134. Hair that’s frizzy is like pizza with extra cheese ? ?
  135. Same old, same old. Frizz-free hair is a state of mind. ?
  136. You know that moment when the wind blows your hair straight and frizzy? ??
  137. Frizz? No problem! These hair care products will help you tame the unruly tresses.
  138. You can’t beat a quick run in the rain to help tame your frizz ?
  139. A little bit of frizz can go a long way ? ?‍♀️.

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