150+ Caption About Looking At You

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Caption About Looking At You

  1. You are currently looking at me.
  2. I want to look at you, even when I don’t want to.
  3. I can’t stop looking at you.
  4. I’m looking at you, and I think you’re pretty.
  5. You’re so beautiful, I can’t look away.
  6. You’re looking at me. I’m looking at you, and I know that you’re totally thinking about the new delicious lipstick I just applied.
  7. The best thing about you is that when I look at you, I see my future.
  8. I’m looking at you, and all I can think is how much I love you.
  9. Looking at you is a privilege. Looking at pictures of you as a child, growing up and watching you grow up is an honor. A love that’s stronger than anything else in my life.
  10. I’d give anything to look into your eyes and get an eye contact
  11. Look at you. Where have you been all my life?
  12. We’re nothing like the rest. We don’t love ourselves in a selfie-post. We love you in all your realness.
  13. Now, what are you looking at me for?
  14. Looking at you with a smile on my face.
  15. When the world is looking at you, the only one who sees you is me.
  16. When you look at me, I feel like I’m looking back at myself.
  17. I love looking at you.
  18. I just want to look at you all day, every day and night.
  19. Looking at you, I can see the world in your eyes. You’re a reflection of me; with what I have and what I hope to be.
  20. I look at you and all I can see is a beautiful person, someone who inspires me to be better than I was yesterday.
  21. You’re the only one that I see.
  22. Your lovely smile is enough to make me melt
  23. When the sunlight hits your face, you look radiant . . . like the perfect blend of innocence and sophistication.
  24. I remember the moment I first noticed you. We were separated by a few chairs, but we looked at each other and smiled. I knew then that I liked you and we spent a lot of time together. And now, here we are.
  25. Looking at you and loving the way you look.
  26. I feel like we’re the same, like you’re looking at me
  27. I’m looking at you, because I can’t help it.
  28. Looking at you like I’ve never seen you before ????
  29. I want to look at you, I want to watch you. I like how your smile lights up my day.
  30. I am captivated by your eyes. ????
  31. I’m looking at you. You’re beautiful today.
  32. There’s always something beautiful when you look at someone—and it can be an amazing thing.
  33. Hey, girl! Looking good. #blackexcellence
  34. Being in the same room with you is like being under a rainbow made of smiles.
  35. You’re beautiful. You’re smart, and you deserve all the happiness in the world.
  36. I look at you and I wish to be a better person. You have taught me so much in such a short time, and I truly thank you for that.
  37. More than a pretty face, you have a heart of gold. Thanks for always making me smile.
  38. And this is me looking at you…
  39. You’re looking at me. #lovethatlook
  40. I look at you and I see the person I was meant to be.
  41. When I look at you, all the world is beautiful.
  42. I’m always looking at you from the corner of my eyes. And I’ll never stop.
  43. If you’re looking at me, it must be because I’m really good at something ????
  44. I’m looking at you. I mean, who wouldn’t? ????
  45. When we look at you, we see a million reasons why your life is better than ours.
  46. Looking at you through my camera lens I can’t help but smile, because you’re always so damn beautiful.
  47. The way you smile at me…it’s like I’ve always known you.
  48. You’re the sunshine in my sky, You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me
  49. You make me feel like the most beautiful human being on earth. Thank you for being you.
  50. You’re the light that guides me through life. I’m thankful you’re in my life.
  51. I want you to see how good I look at you.
  52. I’m looking at you, because I love the way you look.
  53. I can’t stop looking at you.
  54. I just wanna look at you for a minute.
  55. What a beautiful moment to be looking at you.
  56. Looking at you makes me smile.
  57. Does she look at you? Does she smile at you? Do you see the love in her eyes?
  58. I could stare at you all day.
  59. I think you’re so cute. I’m here to see you smile, every time.
  60. You’re such a pretty girl. I’m so glad we met.
  61. It’s always nice to be upstaged by someone who can look this good at that age.
  62. I see you, I see you looking right back at me.
  63. Looking at you, with love.
  64. When you look at me, I am your friend. When you see me, I see you.
  65. I want to look at you through your screen, like a dream.
  66. Looking at you, because you make my heart smile.
  67. I love looking at you, I really do.
  68. I have this weird compulsion to look at you, even when I’m not thinking about it. What is that about?
  69. As soon as I look at you, I can see everything is going to be alright.
  70. Sometimes, you don’t need to say a word. Just look at me and I’ll know you want to go for a run. ????
  71. You are seeing me through your eyes. You see me as I am, you know my heart better than I do. You see the best in me and you accept me for who I am.
  72. This is a caption about looking at you. You’ll be there for me, I’m here for you. Let’s stay connected!
  73. I can’t help but look at you.
  74. Watch your posture, my friend. You’re looking at me.
  75. I can’t stop looking at you.
  76. I’m so glad I get to look at you.
  77. Just look at you. So happy and full of life, I can’t believe I get to wake up beside you every morning.
  78. I always think the best way to say how much I love you is to look at you.
  79. Hey there. I’m looking at you and thinking “I’d like to know more about you.”
  80. I see everything you do.
  81. When I look at you, I see the world through a different lens.
  82. I’m looking at you with my eyes wide open and can see you. You make me so happy to be in your company.
  83. Sometimes, you don’t even have to say a word. You just have to look at me with those eyes and I know that you see the same things I do.
  84. I love watching you, how you move and how you smile. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  85. I got to see you today and I hope it’s not the last time.
  86. When you’re looking at me, it’s like I’m looking at myself.
  87. I’m loving the way you look at me.
  88. Looking at you makes me smile ????
  89. Hey, world. Hey, u-ready. I’m looking at you. ????
  90. I feel very happy looking at you.
  91. I like looking at you. I like looking at you from the inside out. I like looking at you from the outside in. I like looking at your face, your eyes, your lips, your smile. I especially like the way you look when I’m with you . . .
  92. Seeing you makes me feel good all over.
  93. I’m a sucker for handsome men. ????
  94. You are something beautiful to me. I’m so happy I’m with you.
  95. Looking at you…
  96. I can’t stop staring at you.
  97. I can’t stop looking at you.
  98. I’m looking at you, and I love what I see.
  99. I’m looking at you, smiling back.
  100. It’s hard to look away when you’re captivating.
  101. Looking at you every day and smiling.
  102. Look how amazing you are, I’m so in love with you.
  103. Yes. When I look at you, I see something beautiful.
  104. There’s so much to love about you. But today, I’m just looking at you…
  105. When I see you, it’s like all my cares are gone. When I look at you, I can’t even feel my feet.
  106. ???? I see you. ????
  107. Captured moments like this one remind me how grateful I am for the small things. ????
  108. I just wanted to say that your eyes are the color of the sea and they remind me of my first summer at the beach when I was 8 years old. Thanks for being you, girl.
  109. Capturing the moment. Capturing you.
  110. When you look at me, I want to see you.Let’s see each other.
  111. When you’re looking at someone, who are you really looking at?
  112. Nothing says “I love you” like looking at you. ????????
  113. Looking at you and thinking, “You’re going to be fine. I’m here if you need me.”
  114. I can’t help but look at you. I’m drawn to your smile and your eyes, the way they always smile back at me.
  115. I look at you and it’s like I don’t want to wake up.
  116. Captured in the moment when I look at you and smile, I love your smile and I think of you every day.
  117. I love you. Now I know why. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, and I’m glad to be your friend.
  118. Hey, how are you doing? I’m looking at you.
  119. I’m looking at you, and the reflection in your eyes.
  120. When you look at me, I want to see the real you.
  121. Just watching you.
  122. I’m looking at you, but I know you’re looking at me.”
  123. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking at you.
  124. I’m not sure what it is …. but I like your face.
  125. I can’t take my eyes off you. You’re such a beautiful sight in this world.
  126. I can see you’re thinking about me.
  127. The best part of our day is looking at you.
  128. There is no better feeling than when someone looks at you with their eyes and smiles.
  129. Looking at you, it’s hard to believe that we got here together.
  130. I look at you and smile. Some people are beautiful to me, but you are my favorite.
  131. You’re the light of my life and the reason I smile. Happy Anniversary!
  132. Looking at you makes me smile. You’re like my morning coffee ☕
  133. Who are you looking at? I’m looking at you.
  134. Looking at you, always looking at you. How about that?
  135. You’re kinda looking at me, aren’t you?
  136. I’m looking at you, because I can’t look away.
  137. Looking at you—looking at all of me????
  138. I love how you look at me. Even when I’m not being myself, you still see me.
  139. I see your face. I want to smile at you. But it is not the right time. So keep looking at me, like that.
  140. It’s a feeling that I’ve never felt before. For once, I don’t want to hide the way I look at you.
  141. Always a pleasure to see you.
  142. Hey there. I’m always looking at you.
  143. I want to look at you forever.
  144. How I love looking at you.
  145. Looking at you like.. ????????
  146. That smile, those eyes, everything about you is captivating.
  147. I love looking at you… (awkward pause) ????
  148. I’m looking at you, and I can’t stop smiling.
  149. I wish I could look at you like this all the time.
  150. I can’t stop looking at you—your face, your eyes. I love your smile.
  151. When you look at me, I feel so loved. When you look at me like that, all I want to do is show you just how much I love you.

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